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  1. It probably has to do something with the door effect in the beginning. Exactly right, there is a big thick chain and a big eletric motor and some gearing stuff that moves the room around on its axis for the door effect.
  2. So I may or may not have printed this out to make my own. I'll post pics in a minute.
  3. So i decided to stop by Knotts last sunday (4-15) since i was in buena park for a meeting anyway. Got to the park around 1:30, and managed to hit everything i wanted to hit. got 3 rides on Xcellerator, including a dusk ride. Got silver bullet, and even subjected myself to the shitstorm that is Ghostrider. Also, it would not be a trip to Knotts if i did not pay respect to His work. On to a patented Buckaroo Hit and Run PTR! a quick ride on His Work. it is sunday afterall these Chance Revolutions are seriously fun. I got 2 rides on it. Time for my Masochist streak to come out. MMMMM twisty. This is my favorite section as a nerd, so much support in so little area. that turn is so nice. Who is a happy top hat (addendum, i suck at taking pics with the train, as it was already in the turn by the time my camera snapped this) Hi Larry! (i saw this was needed a while back, if its not ignore, if it is there you go!) Naughty boy didnt open all day. But thats ok. it gave me time to do Monte in the rear. I lost track of time and ended up riding it till it closed. So much joy caused by this little red catch. Off they go, into the night. To come back, they must let Anton do his best to them, shove them on their backs scream for more! And i leave you with what i always leave a knotts trip report with, me and Highroller whoring Timberline Twister at WCB
  4. i think what makes Fuji Q so infuriating is we as enthusiats see parks with so much less do so much more with it. Think about of Knobels had that ride collection, just what the attitude and love for entertaining people could do with a park like that. Or Holiday World or any number of the great small parks that do so much with so little. Or even for bigger parks, what a Hershey or Lagoon style management could do. Fuji Q has the resources and the rides to be a great park, but it seems like they go out of the way to make sure they have horrible operations and have rides with shit capacity. And as enthusiasts that infuriates us, because we know for a fact that a rapids ride can seat 8 per boat, or that suspended coasters can have longer trains, or that a mouse can seat 4, or that trains can be dispached in half the time they take. If we knew less, were general idiot people and went there like so many go to a six flags park, i dont think the park would infuriate us to the degree it does. At least thats been my experience.
  5. i pronounce it the way it was pronounced in farscape (the show with the living ship, from a race called leviathans).
  6. shouldnt the tower theming be under construction before they do the envelope testing, or has that been dropped from the plans?
  7. wait, didnt yall go to fuji-q and then tokyo disney? why would you not allow your scottish sense of humor loose on those parks?
  8. the park looks amazing. i wish i could do half of what your acomplishing in RCT3
  9. i honestly did not realize carnival was THAT bad. Ive been on 2 cruises in my life, one on princess and the other on royal Caribbean. It looks like ill be sticking to those from now on.
  10. new paint job looks really nice. Gotta say this is lookin real good.
  11. If it's that close to the hotel, it's most likely not preparations for a new attraction. And seeing all the ways the new GM has been improving and upgrading the park and its surroundings, it's most likely just infastructure work. dont use logic in stopping our discussions of a 500 foot tall intamin aquatrax
  12. i tend to only be able to get down to Knotts on weekends, but if the rides are walk ons on weekends i cant see it being that bad during the week. One train ops on most rides is the norm so thats what i would expect.
  13. So on sunday i decided since it had been a week, id go and see if all the changes at WCB had been just for us enthusiats to give the park good free advertising or if they are real. And i have good news: Yeah the music still sucks. Other then that, the park is still awesome. Silver bullet was down to one train, looks like 2 rows were torn apart, and with ghostie, xcellerator and sierra sidewinder still running 1 train, all the big coasters were 1 train ops. But still good crews were cycling through fairly fast. We had a 3 train wait on bullet, 4 train wait for front car on xcell, 2 train for back car, no wait for monte, no wait for the rapids. Otherwise it was just like WCB, clean, friendly service, and strange music. I still dont understand the reasons behind the music decision but i am with gregg, the rest of the park is really doing well, and in such a sharp contrast to the park to the north that im willing to let it slide for a bit.
  14. Based on what im looking at is we have a case of the restraint unlocking (dont intamin second gens have seatbelts as a backup?) and a girl flying out.
  15. suitcases? i fit all my clothes, toothbrush toothpaste and mouthwash as well as 3 days of gym clothes in my gym bag #guyftw
  16. heres to hope on greezed lightnin, another flywheel shuttle loop = happiness.
  17. Based on the presentation at WCB, the construction of LL:DoD will go incredibly fast, once the stairs are finished being moved.
  18. I do want to put it out there that there were emails exchanged where I specifically asked for Apocalypse to be added to the night ERT line-up, among other things. While I personally didn't mind not having "All Coaster ERT" this year, I felt that another 2-3 coasters would have dramatically increased the offering for night ERT. I had put in a request for Apocalypse, Riddler's, and Green Lantern for night ERT. Apoc and Riddler's as they weren't on either ERT schedule, and Green Lantern as it was the "new coaster", I figured people may want to have as much opportunity to ride it as possible. (Had no idea the single rider line would be opening that day.) I also asked about other things, like the water challenge that had been done at SFOG and SFDK, any kind of backstage tour, even if it was standing in a dirt lot like we have done before, and if there were any "re-themes" that could be done to any of the rides as they were done in the past. While the park DID honor my request of having a season passholder price this year, which we did not have last year, I too felt that the night ERT line-up just didn't quite stack up to years past, and I most certainly voiced my concern. On the other hand, Knott's not only said yes to everything I suggested (double the Xcel ERT, all the tours, etc) they kept throwing in ideas of their own to make the event even better! In fact, there were even a few ideas that we simply couldn't do this year, and I'm hoping we can put into the event next year. I hear that everyone did have a great time at SFMM, but I hope for next year's WCB, they listen to what the group wants, and can do their best to accommodate. After all, we brought well over 500 people to the park, the majority of them being full price, non-season passholders, and I don't think that adding one or two more coasters for the evening was too much to ask for. Let's hope for a better WCB in 2013! And to those of you who didn't go to Knott's this year, I hope you make that a priority for next year! --Robb I can vouch for Robb...we tried so hard with SFMM, but they really just didn't seem as into it this year as in years past. Even when we showed them examples of events we've done this past year at their sister parks like Deep South Bash at SFoG and Bizarro Bash at SFNE, they just couldn't match that level or quality of event. We have other parks asking for us to host bashes and would love for us to bring them 500 members, hopefully next year SFMM will be more into it or we'll see a San Diego/Orange County Bash or back to a good ole Bay Area Bash! As much as it pains me to say this with SFMM as my home park, but sea world/legoland/knotts as a bash or in some form, leaving SFMM out completly, or treating USH to some love next year with Transformers opening. I guess we will have to see what SFMM does. Im also mostly just pissed about the add on dinner that gave me food poisoning, although it did introduce me to some awesome people.
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