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  1. i cannot thank everyone who was there, the staff at both Knotts and SFMM for an amazing experience. Six flags was educational as hell, both on the idiocy of its own policies to rides i take for granted it being my home park. Knotts, well the last time i was at knotts Windjammer was still fresh, so it was quite an experience seeing how the park has changed. Also was nice to see the new planters, fouantians fixed up and generally the park making strides to open up the concrete and asphalt wasteland it has become. The log ride is still a classic, including the Lowes run of old christmas trees as theming for the mtn its on. I ended up getting all my credits (including timberline twister, shut up i know im a credit whore) and some flats (la revolution over by Monte was amazingly fun). And for everyone who closed the night marathoning Monte, thank you for some of the best laughs on a ride ive had.
  2. call it iceman! (for those younger readers, watch the movie Top Gun, it has a Maverick, Iceman, and theres even a gertrude shoutout!)
  3. wow. in one night this thread went from a complicated ball joke from me into insanity. Im sorry Robb. I still hold that we need a intamin multi-launch, cheetah hunt-esque. And since its SFMM, it needs a tunnel.
  4. and seriously, does it really matter what its called. Doesnt it really matter how it rides, and seeing as how the trains are just getting delivered and it hasnt made a first run we can only guess on that, but no mater what its a pretty beast and one we should all be excited to experience eventually.
  5. To everyone: This cannot be said enough. If your male, empty your pockets before you ride, no keys, no phone, no nothing in your front pockets. Sit in the seat, and when the restraint comes down, take your elbows and push the lapbar into your thighs. It will be uncomfortable, but your testes will thank you. This has been a Buckaroo service announcement
  6. What your actually seeing in the center of the track are anti-rollback devices. All of His works use brakes on the sides (similar to MF/Expedition Geforce). The anti-rollbacks are for when the block is triggered and the brakes have to stop the train, when the brakes release it doesnt go backward and valley. The only thing thats been changed, or 'trimmed' is the braking program. The PLC for revolution hits the train with more braking force than it was designed to have, effectively trimming the ride. Its ok tho, i made the same mistake when i went to safety the ride (looked like quite the dumbass)
  7. Barring any other acts of forgetful stoner stupidity from me, i should have a room at the Knotts hotel tomorrow, so if any poor drunken soul needs a floor (or couch, or other bed. unsure of how big/small the rooms are) let me know.
  8. stupid having to work tonight, i always miss the disaster movies chat.
  9. I got 18 as well. And this thing just keeps looking amazing.
  10. i heard a mere rumor of this happening and bought my tickets the first day in case it was true. Praise be to Anton!
  11. this is looking better and better bro. I cannot wait to see it fully done.
  12. So i was messing around trying to re-learn RCT2's legit physics vs RCT3's BS physics, and this happened. I don't know if its any good, but it serves my parks' needs as a capacity monster. SCR1.BMP I guess it's a Schwarzkopf inspired coaster SCR2.BMP SCR7.BMP Also played around with a shuttle loop.
  13. those rails can be used for anything. They are like the modifier rails on an M16, you can put trims, sensors, or whatever else fit to bolt to it. My guess will be sensors, its in a spot where speed is going to be monitored, and as insane as this thing is going to be i would bet good money if its going too fast on a repeatable basis trims may be bolted to that in the future. Its all about putting in the infasturcture now so they are not having to weld it on later.
  14. Bought my tickets, dunno when im getting my season pass so bought with the non season pass Six Flags price. Its only a 10 dollar difference. Kinda stoked to see whos gonna be there tho, popping my TPR event cherry.
  15. when i go on viper i just expect to get beat up. but i still love it. Call me what you want, but i have low standards (shut it RD)
  16. about the drink wristbands. The colors change. Every day. And every month they rotate what color is on what day. So you got a gold wristband on a saturday. On sunday you will get a yellow one. Also they may only check to see that you have a wristband, but they will deny you if the thing looks super beat up, or check the date again on it. When i was doing inspections on batman we bought wrist bands (it was summer, the park was open) and cuz we were working they got beat up, and the people at the drink stands checked the dates cuz they looked like i may have worn it for a week to get the same day. Which means sure you can get some, but its kinda gross. But who knows. Teenagers do stranger things for 'free' stuff 99 cents, water is free
  17. so we can all say its inspired by, so why do we talk about how its inspired by and talk about how freaking awesome that turn into a hill with nothing below you but dirt and water will be instead of listening to you fanboys go OMGZ LIKEZ TOTALLY RIPPED OF I305
  18. HOLY VIRGINAL MARY SHOOTING OUT JESUS!!!! was Skyrush inspired by I305, probally. Just in the way some artists are insprired and borrow from other artists and the same artists previous work. Does the existance of I305 diminish or accentuate Skyrush as a ride, no. Skyrush will stand on its own, the train and terain hugging of this ride define it. So all you I305 fanboys, go masturbate in private and let us people who dont want to hear you be.
  19. Kids these days i swear! Also this is looking amazing, i cannot wait to get to canada to ride this beast.
  20. I feel like many vekomas overpromise and underdeliver. They rush rides and concepts out the door without checking them through all the way. but they know that and price accordingly. I do have to say i am a fan of many of their rides (except most SLC's). I was in love with Deja Vu before it was paved, and have had alot of fun on the mine trains. Also kinda have a hardon for BSG, just gotta see how the redesign works out. Overall vekoma is what it needs to be, and as parks get bigger they work with them less.
  21. went to the park today, was fairly dead. walked on to almost everything, longest lines in the park were for tatsu, green lantern and X2 (the usuals). Also for future refrence the pizza at Six Flags is not hangover friendly food. just throwing that out there
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