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  1. That blows... I would have MUCH prefered a Screamin' Swing in that spot. Or better yet, how about a few nice new slides or some shady bits for the Grove? Maybe even turning that slab of concrete into a nice eat-n-sit spot. Windseekers, from what I hear, are AWFUL from a maintainence standpoint. And honestly, how many 300 ft+ attractions do we need at KD? This would put us at 4... kind of an eye sore if you ask me. It makes sense from a business standpoint, but I am not liking it.
  2. Dollywood Six Flags America Six Flags New England Dorney Park Kings Dominion Lake Compounce Cyclone@Coney Island Not too shabby
  3. I unfortunately did NOT get any night rides on B Dash... You lucky devil!
  4. None exists... Logic just shouts "Ground is shaking... Shut the ride down!"
  5. Boulder Dashhhhhhhhh And yes, I realize I already said this. It's just worth saying again. El Toro is great, but all you Toro lovers need to visit Lake Compounce. Just sayin'
  6. With my Netflix trial I have watched Pulp Fiction, Food Inc., Full Metal Jacket, Momento and Bowling For Columbine. What a weekend!
  7. Someome walked up to me and demanded details on the new KD Coaster for 2012: "It's gonna go all the way around the park" they claimed, they obviously did not know who they were talking to I congratulated a Supervisor on Iron Wolf and followed up with "Let's hope you get new trains!" She looked at me in astonishment, like I had just said Voldemort or something. I then said "Yeeeaaahhhh I'm part of the Six Flags Secret Society" and she chuckled and gave me a high-five.
  8. Typically, we rarely close rides down for more then an hour (for rain). Lightning is the real culprit (as you probably already know). You should be fine, unless it decides to hurricane in Doswell like last week. Lines should be fine. My advice: Head straight to Volcano, Flight of Fear and Intimidator 305. After those, head to Anaconda (grab some asperin! ) By then, Backlot and Avalanche should be open. Hit those, then head to Shockwave, Rebel Yell (Only one side ) Ricochet and Hurler. With all the disappointment out of the way, hit up Grizzly and loop around to Dominator! All that should be left is Ghoster Coaster and Taxi Jam!
  9. SFA does NOT need more rides... Their lineup with IW is very 'complete' if you ask me. What they need to do is take a season off and fix the place up. Fire the whole damn staff, bring in new policies about efficiency and STOP wasting money on "new" rides. If you have the same slow crews, then is the park really anything different then now? Simple, small fixes like MF trains for ROAR and new paint for their rides will go a LONG way. This park also needs better shade, and a wider food selection. I mean look at the fading signs they have for Batwing:
  10. Oh and fun fact... every coaster in the park was running two trains but JJ and S:RoS... WTF?
  11. Part 2! Enjoy! I think yes! Vekoma #2! Batwaaaaaaaaang! The front was awesome! Quite a headrush though! Robin attempts to calm me down... Paint me!!! Flippy banking bit! Sa-weet! Seriously, PAINT ME. I'm like a Maxim model in baggy sweats and an extra large hooters tee-shirt!!!!! Cool sign Time for some fun pictures! Hilarious! Someone might wanna pick that up HE STOLE MY POLLY-O STRING CHEESE!!!!!! GET HIM!!!! I'm pretty sure my neighbor owns one of these Green. What do I win!?! Someone needs to check their gate! Here at Six Flags America, we hope that our minimum wage security officers take all of your weapons. We SERIOUSLY hope. My attempt at looking like a tiki mask. A solid effort. So we're heading out and this shows up... Ladies and gentlemen, this is not Ginger Ale. Clank! Howwwwwwwlllllllllll! Supervisor on Duty: Chicka And one last money shot of S:RoS!
  12. Hey everyone! Here's my first TR (of many to come in the future, fingers crossed) Today I visited Six Flags America. I went back in 2004, and it was my first amusement park trip outside of my home park. For only 11 years old, I had a blast! Yet at that point, I didn't notice things like operations, theming and all that. I have heard things about the recent workings of the park (mostly that things are turning around) and I decided to put it to the test. Needless to say, I was sorely disappointed by every aspect of the park minus the rides. Operations were TERRIBLE, with footdragging and lazy restraint taps galore. The staff was less then friendly, minus the full-timers with shirts and ties. I even missed a few "All Clear" messages before dispatching. Oi... The park was moderately dirty, with trash all over the queues for Superman and ROAR. The strange thing is, there were at least 20 trashcans within view from anywhere. WTF? The other aspects of the park were subpar, the park's layout was full of dead-ends (Mind Eraser, Wild One and Batwing were dead stops...) The merchandise selection was TERRIBLE. There were literally 2 Superman shirts and not a SINGLE other ride had a shirt. WTF? Overall, the park was fine. Nothing more then a few credits. My advice: Just look down at your map, ride, then leave. Picture time!!!!! Here we are! First stop: The Great Chase. My only missed credit from my last trip. Needless to say, it was a one and done cred. Good stuff! The Carousel had some sad looking animals on the side! Sad Tiger! Can it be?! Next up: Wild One! The surprise! I LOVE this ad! Clever! Part of the double-up (And double down!) The other part! Great airtime! I spy some GCI goodness! Here comes the train! The trains that were NOT MF trains! Huh?! Noone's here! Maybe that's a good thing? Next up... (Hi Kevin!) Flight of... ...Joker's Jinx! HaHaHAhaHa! Twisted headchoppy goodness! Too bad they only had one train... Where the hell is my hand?!?!? Who knew?! This next bit I would like to call: Why we came here. The ride itself was great in the front. Insane ejector over the second half of the ride, and still very smooth. This was taken from about where Gotham City starts... This thing is sweet!
  13. WHite Water Canyon ALWAYS gets me and everyone else soaked. While not the "best" rapids ride, definitely the wettest!
  14. Walking from Grizzly to Action Theater... Dad: "Let's go to the Screamin Eagles!" Kid: "No Dad, they are the Swingin' Eagles!" Double Facepalm
  15. No news on our 2012 attraction yet, even from the "inside" My boss spoke to Pat Jones the other day and said she was unsure as to what's coming in. I'm still banking on a Screamin' Swing right next to 3 Point Challenge!
  16. having a Gerstlauer spinning coaster stop spinning What's worse then realizing Virginia has not a single good woodie within 4 hours?
  17. Millennium Force. Hands down. I was very pleased that I rerode other coasters when I visited instead of MF.
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