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  1. Am I the only one who wants to see a jackknifing Flying Turns test video?
  2. It really depends. I know KD has a "list" of specialists that they hire for each season. They need plumbers, mechanics, electricians etc, etc. But "Wayne," the head of Maintainance, has worked there for a LONG time and has "earned" his position. That's one way of going about things. If you want to design coasters, I would think a structural engineer is the most fitting degree "route". In that case, you will most likely work for Intamin, B&M, GCI etc, etc... If you want to be on the "selection" committee for a specific theme park, I would think business management would be the best degree. You would most likely intern there for a while then move into the HR department, then general park management, then move up and up and up etc... Oh and pretty much all those positions, will make you enough to live on your own Hope that helps.
  3. People ask me if I can point them to Diamond Falls... and I politely say that it was torn out years ago... yeah...
  4. You could just get your Platinum Pass at KD I suppose, I know we are processing passes now at Guest Services.
  5. New Beastie Boys for all you 90's babies! This is sick!
  6. SFA is generally garbage... I went there in 2003, and nothing has changed coaster-wise. Actually IIRC, they took out a coaster (Two-face) which I never got to ride in the first place Superman is sick though
  7. Hey guys! I'm Tyler, a "newer" enthusiast. I am currently up to 84 for my coaster count, but should hit 100 by the end of the summer! I also work for Kings Dominion, so if anyone is planning on stopping by let me know and we may be able to meet up somewhere! Obviously, one of my favorite coasters is Thunderhead at Dollywood, and I dare to say that it was better then El Toro :O I just returned from Dollywood this past week and had a complete blast. I have been to Kings Dominion, BGE, SFA, SFDK, SFOT, SFGAdv, Carowinds, Hershey Park and Cedar Point! I also plan on a fantastic Dorney Park, Lake Compounce and SFNE trip for this June! Thanks!
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