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  1. This makes no sense. So what if that train messes up? Are they just down until Premier ships them a new one?
  2. We can all dream..... I would personally prefer a decent woodie before anymore steel... CGI, I'm beggin you!
  3. The realistic ones: The Voyage, New Texas Giant, Ravine Flyer II, Prowler, Goliath (SFoG), Manta The fantasies: Desperado (Buffalo Bill's), Balder, Dragon Khan, Saw: The Ride
  4. I normally give a general announcement, then if the problem persists I will approach the guest directly and ask politely. But let's say, for example, there's somebody out of reach from an op, we are allowed to say "Sir with the blue shirt, please hop down. Thank you."That's about it.
  5. Ah Dorney... It's one of those "corporate" parks that still has some charm. It's certainly not a thrill park, but maybe that's why I enjoyed my stay. It's just relaxed. I didn't feel like I had to haul ass to get all my creds before the park closed. IMO, some shady spots, another woodie (GCI, I'm on my knees. Hear my call.) and this park would really blossom.
  6. Shockwave (KD) before they painted it. It looked like it was done in RCT2
  7. ^It depends on the ride. At KD, the ride ops do NOT have control of the audio at I305. It plays every. single. train. I believe it's the same case for FoF and Backlot. But on the contrary, the water geysers at White Water Canyon are op controlled along with the fire at Volcano. I can offer no explanation of WHY this is, it's not the local ride ops' choice and it's not by manufacturer either (I305 and Volcano are both Intamin).
  8. Got the first 30 minutes of the Chat, so this may have been answered but I have a question: What happened to Pacific NW? I'm going to assume there was a lack of interest, but it didn't seem like that from the interest thread.
  9. Bleeeeeh I don't like to think of this Wildcat CP Blue Streak CP Disaster Transport CP Gemini Jr. CP Nighthawk Caro Woodstock Express Caro Roller Soaker Hershey Wile E's Canyon Blaster SFOT Runaway Mountain SFOT Flashback SFOT La Vibora SFOT Blackbear's Lost Treasure SFGAdv Roadrunner Railway SFGAdv Rolling Thunder (Both) SFGAdv Runaway Mine Train SFGAdv Skull Mountain SFGAdv Cobra SFDK ROAR SFDK I would have been up to 123
  10. ^^ Now that makes more sense. 70mil seemed a bit low. Shame. ...Flight Deck KD 2013
  11. Top Thrill Dragster is my favorite "Racer"
  12. Dale is so awesome! I love that guy! I ate lunch with him one day and he's really cool
  13. It's staffing more then anything. KD would prefer to run as few trains/units as possible so we only use both sides of Rebel Yell on Saturdays during the summer.
  14. ^Doubt that. AFX serves multiple purposes, including a Haunt Attraction and for training sessions. If anything, they will remodel it but I even believe that to be scarcely plausible... On the topic of Fast Passes: Please no. I for one strongly oppose it. The reason they are so reluctant to implement a new system is the hastle. Training, equipment, maintainence and most importantly guest's responses. You know how much of a hastle it is to *fairly* put 3, 5, 8 Flash Passers into a train? No. It causes a flipping riot. Think about how many complaints the parks with Flash Passes get compared to those without. I imagine it's tremendous.
  15. Couldn't Old Virginia get a better attraction after so many years of neglect?
  16. Seriously... Dolly has some big shoes to fill now. Cannot wait for her announcement!
  17. Not to play the Devil's Advocate, but I TOTALLY regret skipping Roller Soaker...
  18. So I may have been wrong about support for NW trip, wow! And, conveniently, it works out the best for me! Make it happen!
  19. LeviaTHON looks the best for me, honestly. It's all new parks, and the least expensive trip out of the bunch. Pac NW seems awesome, but it seems unlikely it will have enough support to get it going.
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