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  1. I have a few pleasant surprises: Wildcat @ Lake Compounce. I didn't LOVE this coaster, but I fancied it as old and rickity. It was actually quite fun and not insanely rough! Tennessee Tornado @ Dollywood. Arrow loopers scare me away (Anaconda and Drachen FIre are my only two comparisons) and I was very pleased with the Tornado! Magnum @ CP. Plenty of Gs, a beautiful view and a nostalgic feel really blew me away. Verbolten @ BGW. I really enjoyed the ride overall. I was expecting a family ride, but it packed quite a punch! I only have two unpleasant surprise, however. ROAR @ SFA. Being a GCI/CCI fanboy, I was disappointed by the use of PTC trains on this coaster. It was rough, unimaginative and I did not return. Cyclone @ SFNE. A best for sure, but after a long downtime wait I was in both emotional and physical pain. No bueno.
  2. It's very interesting how certain "In Between" Parks are struggling over the ares where they pull guests from. Parks like Dorney certainly fit this bill, and I just hope that they stay open. It is truly a shame to have any amusement park close...
  3. I noticed a few "bugs". If I swipe my finger to the left during the "Pick your question pack" section and tap the first pack it still asks if I want to buy the other pack (if that makes sense). The questions are not as random as I would like. I often get a question after 2 others and have gotten the same question twice in a row. As you said, there are one or two spelling errors. Some things I like: Easy, fun and very rewarding. Love the style and layout. There is a very wide variety of time periods, types of questions, regions etc. Some things I do not like: Randomization of questions Why don't I get to see the correct answer after I miss my 4th question? There are a few pictures that are completely impossible to identify. I believe one is SUPPOSED to be The Beast but I can't tell at all (It's a lift hill with the sun behind it at sundown) I love the app, great work Robb and I cannot wait for the update!!!
  4. Very very cool! I look forward to following this!! Clever marketing, in my opinion
  5. The twelve year old inside of me is suggesting they try and run a train to have it derail and explode in RCT3 fashion
  6. I have to say, on a slight tangent, I really like how Six Flags Corporate announces their 2013 plans all at once. I wish Cedar Fair would get on board with that.
  7. A much needed revamp to the dismal children's area? Seems alright to me. 2014 is our year for that multi-launching-wooden-wingrider with 10 inversions
  8. If I am an employee (and receive free admission to the park by scanning in) do i need to select Season Pass Holder or am I considered a Non-Season Pass Holder?
  9. Now I'm really bummed that I missed that credit on my CP trip. Maybe I can make my way up there this year, but I doubt it. It really sucks to see a coaster go, but like everyone else said, I understand why.
  10. The only thing that turns me off from Valley Fair! is the fact that they already have a massive lime green coaster. From a design perspective, why would you ask for a similar color scheme for your new coaster? Furthermore, Cedar Point seems like the most likely customer here. Maybe Cedar Fair's new president saw the missed opportunity of the Flying coasters and wants to snatch up this prospect?
  11. I would guess fairly slow for KD. Don't expect walk-ons, but don't expect anything over an hour.
  12. ^The more about uniformity. Kings Dominon doesn't NEED a Windseeker or Dinosaurs Alive! but Cedar Fair likes all the parks to have the same things.
  13. ^Because you totally need Fastlane on Grizzly, Hurler, Anaconda, Rebel Yell, or Ricochet I would imagine the big three (Volcano, I305 and Dominator) plus FoF, Crypt, Drop Zone, Windseeker? Backlot? Shockwave? WWC? This is all speculation, I'm just thinking about the most popular rides.
  14. Slightly off topic: Any news on the other "bashes" being held for 2012?
  15. Expedition Everest is certainly a unique experience, and New Texas Giant is a one of a kind(?) wooden coaster experience
  16. ^^^Flight of Fear has a themed quene For me, Mystery Mine is my favorite themed coaster. It is not only an above average coaster, but the ride experience puts it through the roof! Love it!
  17. Sounds good, now if only Flying Turns will get finished so I have absolutely no reason to put off the trip
  18. My highlight was taking three seperate trips for theme parks, Dollywood being my favorite. I also got a chance to ride the legendary Bizzaro AND Boulder Dash which were both AHHHHH-mazing. Oh, and I hit 100 credits. I'm getting there it seems :3
  19. I support it. Simply because I feel like the Wizarding World expansion will bring a LOT more money into the park, therefore fueling future expansions
  20. Hey all. I am shooting for a long distance trip for summer 2013. I know it's a little far off, but I need a quick opinion here. I love wooden coasters, and I am looking for a park where it's bigger attraction is a quality woodie. I have been to SFGAdv, Lake Compounce, Dollywood, KD, Carowinds, BGW, SFA, SFoT, SFDK, CP, Hershey Park and Dorney Park so I would like to keep those out of the mix. I am mainly looking at three parks: Knoebels, Holiday World and Mt. Olympus. This question is certainly open to everyone, but I would highly appreciate opinions from those who have traveled to more then a few parks for some solid comparisons. Thanks so much!
  21. I am told I rode a coaster at a fair before any major theme parks, but I would probably say it was Wild Maus at BGW.
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