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  1. I say open it for a week for us Credit whores and then burn it to the ground. No need to get our hopes up anymore
  2. 12 Hour drive? No thanks. How have you TPR members gotten to Holiday World? Train is preferable, but at this point I'm down for anything. All help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. My laptop has alternate functions for the F1-10 buttons... How can I take screenshots in RCT3?
  4. Cyclone ended up being my 100th... And I was sorely disappointed. I found it unpleasent, and almost airless. Meh.
  5. Anything but unrestricted heights... Eiffel Towers (KD, KI) and sometimes I need a little push for Drop Towers... No thanks!
  6. I found Carowinds very meh. KD is taking a bus to there in a week for only 30 bucks, and i declined. I got my credz, but found nothing worth returning for. Intimidator is nice, and I enjoyed Afterburn, but everything else was just weak.
  7. Ahhhh, very nice! That's a very nice trip, thanks for the tip! I'm thinking one hotel for all 3 (4?) Nights would be reasonable. Adds more stability to the trip, which is nice. This looks to be shaping up nicely, thanks for the help!
  8. More parks?! Lol! Two trips seems farfetched, as I will be visiting Seattle (Family) and Silverwood in the Spring! But I think waiting *ANOTHER* Season for Knoebel's would be the right thing to do So Kennywood/Waldameer it shall be! Any helpful hints on these parks? Or just trip planning in general? I planned my expedition to Dollywood, but that was pretty straight-forward. Day 1: Drive, Day 2: Park, Day 3: Drive HAHAHA. How many days should i plan to be gone? Any hotel recommendations? Plans of attack for the parks? Sorry for all the questions
  9. I have not heard anything about our new attraction to be honest. A Waterworks expansion seems likely, to compete with Vanish Point at WC-USA. The last addition was Tornado (2007 IIRC?) And Pipeline Peak before that (Early 2000's IIRC?) So yeah, a WW Expansion seems likely... I'm still holding out on a Screaming Swing though
  10. KD... haha! Didn't see you! No big deal! Did you have a good day?
  11. ^I also enjoy small parks! Dollywood and Lake Compounce are both in my top 5 parks! Stress-free, leisurely fun! Awesome! ^^Yes, It will be my first time driving through there! However, I will be using a GPS, so I should be fine. I hope So a resounding "Yes" from you all, from what I hear! Fantastic! Now, let's move on to another question: Let's say that I do not take a trip until next summer. Would it be better to take a trip to Hershey/Knoebels (maybe SFA for 2012 attraction?) or Kennywood/Waldammer? I have been to Hershey (before Fahrenheit, missed a few credz. So it will be worth going back) but Knoebel's is hopefully (FINGERS CROSSED) finishing Flying Turns and Black Diamond for the 2012 season. It would be much closer and easier to hit Hershey/Knoebels. Thoughts?
  12. Pretty much this. If I had to cut some parks, I would say SFA and Quassy... I might also suggest heading to Darien Lake if you can.
  13. Come visit me at the Log Flume if you have a minute! I'm the tall, white guy with an "O'Grady" name tag!
  14. So far: Dollywood Kings Dominion SFNE Lake Compounce Dorney Park Coming soon: SFA Kennywood (possibly)
  15. Shockwave isn't that bad. Anaconda is insanely rough for me. Rebel Yell also jacks up my upper body everytime I ride that POS
  16. Boulder Dash... That last straightaway towards the break-run just flings you at every little bump! Amazing!
  17. You only need one... maybe 2 at KD for all the credz + lots of I305! Both are fine parks in their own sense, but BGW could possibly deserve an extra day to soak up some Griffon! With your "fifth" day, you may even want to explore some of the Williamsburg shoppes that people seem to enjoy!
  18. Precisely... Similar to Lake Compounce (Which is almost entirely a home for BD), Waldameer seems like a fine second stop if I'm already up there. It would be a day trip up there, grabbing the credz, then heading back to Pittsburgh. So yeah, fun!
  19. The Cyclone at Coney Island. That ride effing HURT! AWFUL!
  20. Hey guys! I'm planning a trip to Kennywood for sometimes this fall! I was wondering if it would be worth it to head up to Waldameer while I'm going north( I'll be coming from Richmond, VA). I've heard great things about Ravine Flyer II, and I'm wondering if it's similar to Boulder Dash in the sense that It's worth visiting just for that one coaster. It would be an extra night in a hotel and car rental, plus another day off work and 6 hours of driving. Thoughts?
  21. As a ride op, who has worked a coaster before, at an amusement park I feel like I should give my input: 1. The safety guide sign (or whatever Darien Lake calls it) is the GUEST'S responsibility to read. It's assumed that if you ride an attraction, you assume those risks. 2. HOWEVER, I'm assuming this guy went to get a Disabled Guest Pass to use the elevator or go up the exit ramp (Again, don't know how DL does this). First Aid (Or whoever gave him this pass) probably crossed off S:RoS on his DGP. So my guess in either First Aid (Or whoever) effed up on the sheet or the ride ops didn't read close enough. My only question is, how did the ENTIRE crew (including the board operator, a position that requires lots of training) not know that this guy wasn't allowed to ride without legs? My guess: He had prostetics, and First Aid gave him a pass for the coaster, assuming he would keep them on while riding. The man entered the station without reading the sign, took the prostetics off as he boarded, and crew assumed he would be fine. A deadly mistake on multiple levels
  22. Thunderhead Pheonix NEW Texas Giant Prowler El Toro I like woodies....
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