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  1. ^His "orthotic", as he puts it. I love that show! "Some like to stay busy as a bee; I like to stay busy as a bee plus"! Peggy and her musings...
  2. Pah-RUMP is good for only one thing. If you get out to Vegas, look in the tourist mags and you will see what I saw... Theme it to that and you have got a park! :shock:
  3. Up Date says: Can anyone tell me if this indicates something significant on the ride (hight, special inversions, etc.) or is b/c of the earthquake codes or the fact that it is on sloped areas or is it b/c of soil type... Anyone plz add input if they have a therory, THX! ~Jay
  4. ^Bucket on a wire type thingy. Kinda like a ski lift, they have them at many parks.
  5. ^I think you secretly just want to say the word "beaver"... 8)
  6. I cannot belive you would say such a thing!!! ~Jay "a fanboy of AY2K"
  7. Whenever I need a laugh I come to TPR... My Caption: "EEYORE STARS IN "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 - ELECTRIC BOOGALOO' "
  8. ^ Hey my family does that! I hear from them there is a real difference. When I last saw them this past summer they went through the trouble of putting me through a taster... Now I like to think I have a palette, but unfortunatly I couldn't tell the difference! As for fave soda? I would have to pick the great soda with the funny name SQUIRT! But I don't drink so much soda any more, I preffer H2o...
  9. ^So, what you are saying is, Elissa is a "hopeful" in the S.O.???
  10. I am so confused that my teeth hurt now... 25 miles away huh? I need a taxi...
  11. Dude! We are so NOT on the same page... I was thinking the opposite of what you said... oh well, those New Z's are a bunch of freeks! 8)
  12. I am guessing here, but maybe b/c it is only 2 days into the month of November, as in more hits in two days, as opposed to the # of hits/posts in all 31 days of October??? Well, did I get it right zaneymon???
  13. ^I am *almost* ashamed I get that! Quite humorus nrthwnd!!! 8)
  14. Ya, it isn't used towards just any guy. More along the lines of some one more "manly" or a beefcake or a real guy who happens to be pretty damn hot. Nick Cage would get a Woof. Leonardo Dicaprio wouldn't get a Woof. I don't go around every day and say that word, b/c I would end up in a "bashing moment", that and my voice would be harsh and raspy at the end of the day since there are far too many "woof worthy" types that I pass by in daily life... If I said it to a group of construction guys, I would probably be bloody and in the ER! OUCH!!! :shock: But it is fun to use on the internet and to use on your straight pals! As you can guess, I think CalCajun is "woof worthy"... 8)
  15. R&E, This site is colored in a way that is very easy to read for people who are color blind. Did you do this on purpose? I didn't realize this coincidence until my best buddy (who is color blind) told me so while looking at this site I up on my screen. So are you color blind Robb (1 in 25 males)? Elissa (1 in 250 females)? Just wondering... 8) ~Jay
  16. Being from Cali and brain washed by Moon Unit Zappa's song "Valley Girl", I have to agree with you. I have never heard it called the "choke", but that is what makes local vernaculars (sp) a good thing! Right???
  17. "Just because it is raw, it doesn't mean it's sushi!"
  18. I am a California native and most of my life I lived in Cali. I noticed some of the choices were terms I never used but heard of. I never identified w/ either group really, b/c I thought the west coast was different and on its' own... my "score" is... 49% (Yankee). Barely in the Yankee category.
  19. That was great! My thoughts have been similar for years... I love the air quotes and the blatant "double finger" flip off! AWSOME. ...just shared it with several friends!
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