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  1. No, sorry. nothing against your critter but I am so allergic to cats! Does a stitch in time actually save nine? ~Jay"and it wasn't radios, it was chocolate bars"
  2. How come it's not Joan VanArc? It's NEVER Joan VanArc!
  3. Damn! Yes, we will eventually all be dust in the wind. Is there someone at my door trying to sell me something I don't need?
  4. Yes, but it doesn't like me. will I get laid NEXT saturday? ~Jay "I fee like I doing the magic 8-ball thingy again"
  5. Of course I would say yes! Can I buy a vowel?
  6. Yes, that movie was over hyped and was a dud. But there was a reason for the guy in the corner. Before the witch kills you she makes you stand in the corner - it was stated in the movie. The guy in the corner was a gonner...
  7. ^Yes. ("AIRPLANE???") Have you ever bounced a check? :shock:
  8. ^Oh, cheer up... I am sure your octopussies are appreciated somewhere!?!
  9. ^^And SQUIDLINGS, I think back in the day they were found to have a more intense color... Poor squidlings - and so damned tastey when deep fried! ~Jay "And yes, the Food Network rocks!"
  10. ^ Isn't aware of the time, I guess < Never played this game anywhere! V Having a bad hair day...
  11. Yes, a whole roll. Why? I dunno... Is it real if you don't feel it?
  12. What impresses me the most is, this is only costing 8 million??? WOW!
  13. Money Changes Everything - 2005 jam session The Body Acoustic Cyndi Lauper
  14. I know that Parachute Sky Jump was there in the early 90's but CS was yanked in 88? Right? I don't remember when KBT was yanked. I also remeber the WSBR before they were soap boxes (motorcycles)! OMG... I feel old now... I remeber the times when you had to be tagged after entering the park!
  15. LOL ^Don't you just miss the KBF of the late 70's and 80's??? And I raise you a Knott's Berry Tales AND a Corkscrew! 8)
  16. Parachute Sky Jump 1984 (the year, not the book) Arrowhead water before something funky happened to its' taste VCR's with no clocks Keyboards with the "cent" key on it... ~Jay "OMG Becky, he's like, so 20th century"
  17. DO NOT rent "Ôdishon" ("Audition" in the USA). It's a Japanese thriller that will make you barf your pop corn... DON'T do it... :shock:
  18. no Is it me or is this thread really going fast right now?
  19. No, it is green. Do you like goat cheese?
  20. No, but I have been to the "I-beam". Do you think about coasters more than 3 times (on average) in any given 90 minute period, excluding sleep or fits of rage and/or dementia???
  21. I think that makes me a wal-mart whore... I just bought {shopping list} underware avacados contact lens cleaner
  22. I think I just had a siezure :shock: ROTFBMTO ...rolling on the floor biting my tongue off...
  23. I had to pick Butthead, for the name alone. I am always calling my friends Butthead. To tell the truth, I don't remember who is who between the two. ~Jay "sorry, but my real vote goes to Daria" 8)
  24. "I'LL GET YOU MY PRETTY AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO..." In some wierd theme park parking lot demension.
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