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  1. Well you know what? I feel too old to know what that means. Care to share on this little code?
  2. I am not cristian, but as an american - it seems we all want something. Happiness & money for me plz...
  3. Yeah, I am bent too, in orientation! As far as style and demeanor goes, I am somewhere between metrosexual meets mountain man... how's that for a lable??? One of these days I'll post a pic in the pic thread... need to get me some of that courage tho...
  4. ^Yeah... these two events overlapped somehow. But the church & corporate were kinda just doing nothing but talking and eating. This was a good thing until my funnel cake addiction kicked in!
  5. SEX, LIES, and COASTERS SEX: Nope, I didn’t get any on this trip. But at least I didn’t get ditched! LIES: Since the tickets to the private event at SFMM didn’t say non-transferable and they were given as a gift – I guess I really wasn’t lying about not being part of this odd corporate event (7pm-1am 11/19/2005), I just didn’t mention it to anyone. It wasn’t some VIP event either. I did however feel a bit out of place. Most people were there to be seen and clogged up the mid way. This was a good thing in the long run. The lines were very much a walk on situation in most cases. COASTERS: Me and an old buddy met near the park. Now he is no coaster fanboy, but he is a good sport. He rode every coaster that I rode. I think “X” made him a little nauseous! Every thing after that was a piece of cake for him. The line for “X” was only to the bottom of the stairs of the loading platform. I obviously didn’t ride Revy; and I have been boycotting Viper for years now. Goliath was a triathlon – I cannot get enough of that first hill. For sentimental reasons I always hit up Colossus. Scream was the same as ever. Skipped B:TR; Gotham Back Lot was very much over clogged with people. RR was a slow load compared to the people I saw in line. GR, again for sentimental reasons this was a must. Up top at Samurai Summit, I took my first peek at dirt mounds since July when all I saw were 3 markers. It was very dead at the top and S:TE and Ninja had very short waits. This was the first time I rode in the front of Ninja since 1989! Down at Psyclone Bay, Déjà vu was its’ usual self. I have been skipping over Psyclone for years b/c it is just so sad that it has aged so… um… WRONG! But my buddy wanted to ride it. So I did. Now when people here at TPR say burn it down, I feel that it is not something anyone should say about any coaster. I have since changed my opinion. My head was horribly bashed on his shoulder. My ear was ringing for a good 3 hours after that. This was the last ride of the night anyway. We bailed from SFMM a little early. Considering the short amount of time, we got in plenty of coasters/rides. I had a blast… ~Jay “this is my first TPR TR”
  6. No, but my best bud keeps trying to get me to read the series. Would you agree that pigeons are worse than seagulls?
  7. Yes, as soon as I figure a way to put Tatsu in my pocket. Am I there yet?
  8. I belive you are close to the Meridian Fault (I could be saying this wrong, but I know there is a faultline that runs through there). It is a very old & unactive fault, but it does happen on average of about once a decade.
  9. Yeah, on almost anything. Screw Ketchup. I am getting 'ditched' this weekend, aren't I?
  10. Yeah. balls + city parks can be, um ...misconstrude (sp?). But I was really talking about the freeking deductable... I'm still pissy about it!
  11. Sure, why not. I really like this thread for some reason; do you?????
  12. BALLS. I don't even play any sports and I must keep away from golf courses and city parks. Balls are always hitting me! Just last month a golf ball hit my car. I know that isn't my head, but it would have been cheaper if it did hit my head!
  13. I think all guys look better w/ some scruff, be it 5 o'clock shadow, or a full (but well kept) beard. It's kinda like a finger print - none are the exact same & adds your own style IMHO.
  14. I just love a man in uniform! ~Jay " I love the caption game!"
  15. ^That was National Airlines! Vegas' very own airline. They of course ARE defunct and not in business any longer. It was cool, b/c you could actually pick how long you wanted to stay in Vegas up to 24 hours +/- for your layover!!! 8) ~Jay "I know too much about sin city - DEALER MUST HIT ON A SOFT 17!!!"
  16. ^Yeah, but for the majority of us who are not invited, when will we know??? Who is going to report for us? R&E? Or will we just have to log on to the sixflags webpage, hoping that the info we all crave will be posted. I really want to see a rendering. The reveal is a day away but how long till we get to see the good stuff here or at their web page??? Anyone? ~Jay "impatient as always..."
  17. Aw... It's so nice to see Helen Keller jokes have stood the test of time... Why was Helen Keller's leg yellow? Her dog was blind too. How does Helen Keller drive? One foot on the gas, right hand on the steering wheel, left hand on the road. Why were Helen Keller's house parties so unsucessful? Every time a guest came to the front door she would answer the closet. Did you hear about Helen Keller's autobiography? It's called "Around the Block in 80 Days". Why did her dog jump off a cliff and die? You would too if your name was "DOUTHERGANDELSORFTWESLINSANEFTUYFRAHHHHH" Did you ever see her in her first staring role? Of course not, she couldn't find the studio back lot. ~Jay "I will go prepare my hand-basket now..."
  18. Yes & Yes... Buy a ticket, go to airport, wait for a really long time, take dr. prescribed valium [optional], sit and breath in other peoples' germs, de-plane, and you are there... you have just learned how to fly! Do you know what nori is?
  19. At Primm/Stateline NV (outside the Vegas area) is Desperado. It too is quite painful considering it is a lapbar restraint. Awsome first drop; the rest is kidney bashing all the way back to the station. Plus, if you can, ride ALONE. Have your friend ride in a seperate car. As much as you may like your friend, it isn't worth knocking heads w/ them!
  20. Have been watching Disney's "Recess"??? With my Billion I would buy as many houses in the areas I love. I think in these markets I would probably get only 2.6 houses... There would be too many charities to list, but all the ones close to my heart would get something. And of course... a jet pack! 8)
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