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  1. I have only been on three floorless coasters. Medusa (SFMW), it was my first Scream (SFMM), second Kraken (SWO) last year Scream has that typical dive-into-the-first-drop that gets me no airtime. This is so typical of so many B&M’s no matter their type. It seems to cushion the drop. I always figured they did this for space/footprint constraints. I don’t like it! I want air! But of the other two I mentioned they had actual non banking drops. This is a good thing! So to pick between the two, I would say it was Kraken because it has more themeing than Medusa.
  2. I don’t know if this counts as a “small” coaster, but in 1984 the week that the Sare-ee-ay-voh (sp check didn't like this word) Bobsleds opened, I was determined to ride it @ SFMM. I waited nearly 7 hours, in the sun. The line started near the main entrance to RR and wound down the hill into a mostly non-shaded queue. I was burned moderately by the sun. My parents kept coming back a few times to check on my progress and would leave again to ride something else. When the ordeal was over it was so not worth the wait. It was the only time I rode that coaster. The cycle/loading time was so slow. The only thing I liked about this coaster was the sound it made as the rolling stock resonated through the half pipe.
  3. Anyone have info for the after hours party at SFMM on November 19th (Saturday 7pm-1am)? Is this in relation to the "big news" to be released on the 17th? I have a friend who wants me to go, but the travel agency he works for seems to have tickets but no real info for the event (or at least no one seems to know in his department). These tickets could have passed through dozens of hands by now... Any info from all of you who are in the know would be very cool! THX! 8) ~Xan
  4. Holy Poop... All these updates he has been posting to this site and I never actually clicked on it b/c I didn't know/think to do so. I was thinking your updates were just really really short... I am soooo sorry. I actually clicked it this time and I am personally thanking you for not being a one pic update idiot. oops...
  5. During holiday break, on a fairly sunny day - No freekin' way. On a week day (w/ schools in session, e.g. first half of December) it's all good! If it rains, even better. DL in the rain is actually quite a treat... My 2 cents... ~Xan
  6. Well? If the manager person wasn't confused, I am assuming there is a LONG LOST WHITE BOAT, no? What is the story behind that? Is/was it some sort of "marker" boat? I am more interested in the boat than people with OCD riding coasters! LOL
  7. I was there last during this time, I think. Wasn't there a huge ad campaign with “WhatEVERherNAMEwas Syndrome”??? This female character was supposed to be scared as hell in the ad and her hair was all sticking straight up and out and she had a screaming look on her face. About a year ago, I found myself getting a coffee (decaf, thanks) in the same parking lot that the MLWM shares. The side of the museum was in major disrepair. This is a sad thing – it closing – I guess, but then again I don’t like to celeb hound, so why would I want to see wax versions of them? ~Xan
  8. Not to be obsessed w/ this pic, but did you see the sign in the back ground? I would say this is quite an *exposition*... ~Xan
  9. THIS. IS. SO. WRONG. Innocent little tweety? Not anymore... A big, yellow, drooping C. T. - I wonder if the employee inside the suit knows what he/she is wearing??? Do you think that maybe there are NO mirrors in the changing area? OMG, I would quit so fast and sue for mental anguish... I have been laughing so hard at my desk. This pic is so funny, but the comments posted by all only compound my hysterics... ~Xan "They may as well tape a couple of billiards to Bugs' suit!" aX
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