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  1. ^^You put bread ON your egg salad? Not the other way around? Do you just throw a slice on top or what???
  2. pulled out that damned cat again. It was back from the dead. So, Robb sent it to France...
  3. Bad Pussy Rehab, for bad pussies every where. The cat never fully recovered and...
  4. ^OMG... Is it random??? 44 is the number I got before it "judged" me... LOL I was so totally expecting a quiz full of humor... Beware though... not exactally PG13 material...
  5. That's why... this game is reminding me of Mad Libs, but unfortunatly the damned cat came back on the very next day because...
  6. ^lol and I so totally didn't know that there were TPR people in the photo. OOPS! I don't know, I guess I thought Barry was shooting random photos of random friends and posting them for this game. Sorry boys!
  7. I don't think so, but since you put it in quotes I think I am starting to become afraid............. Do you ask Jeeves on a regular basis?
  8. meanwhile, the folks at Discovery channel were taping this for a...
  9. I cannot agree more... They are like big spitting cats w/ really bad cat attitudes. If I had a dollar for every time I was spit at by a Llama, I'd have 11 bucks. That's alot of Llama spit for one person who only sees them at petting zoo's and what not!!! You would think I would have learned by now, but I really do look out for them at zoos and they just seem to appear. I noticed that the majority of spit comes from thier noses. Lovely, eh? So it is more like a forced sneeze (e.g. snot rocket)... ew. There is some vibe I give off I think - and they hate me!!!
  10. I think there is a website for that, Teddy! :shock:
  11. Yes, but it has been about a decade now... Do you hate PWP (page widening posts) that force you to use the left / right scroll to see each line of text???
  12. allergic to himself so he pop a Claritin and washed it down with...
  13. "OMG Jerrry. That ride was so gay... but not as gay as us!"
  14. all i want are some cinnomin pop tarts... i don't deserve then b/c i cannot spell them correctly... but i want 'em!
  15. OOPS edit for slowness no Do you eat more than 3 full meals a day?
  16. AYSSS MAY-STAH! They like-ah tooo much aysss... always about the ayss... She rocks!
  17. Um... The question is such a loaded one! :o And I'll answer yes to HOT DOGS (answering yes to anything else would be NON PG13). Speaking of dogs, do you know who let them out?
  18. ^LOL! I am not into drag at all, and dressing like Cyn would be a sin anyway (to me b/c I am such a fanboy for her!). I just do my own thing when it comes to style... pretty mellow, and laid back look - a little crunchy sometimes, and probably an over useage of dark colors. I love my shades tho, I wear my sunglasses always! But I'll post a pic some other time that is less "anonymous" w/ out shades!!! I can clean up quite nice if I try hard enough... but it isn't my thing typically. I am certainly no fashion queen, and probably need "QUEER EYE FOR THE QUEER GUY" :shock:
  19. There's a '$40 a day' marathon on tonight... Go Ray Ray, go!
  20. I think I stopped by, but frankly I was on a 'turkey coma buzz'... so I am not sure... :shock:
  21. No. Is the airport going to be massively swamped???
  22. OK... I got the courage to post a pic. Be nice guys and girls, it's my first time. I took Teddymonster's advice and bought me some courage on sale at walmart - thx TM!!! This pic was taken on my Thx Giving trip (today) somewhere near Sarasota FL (I really don't know where I was, I was 3000 miles from home!!!) That isn't pee on my shirt!!! I was hit by an unusually large wave, considering it was the gulf. I have never seen waves in this area so large as I did today. A little squnity, a little wet, the pic is from a cell phone and is a bit grainy... had a blast!
  23. ^HA HA... I specificaly left out of my TR that I asked about you @ DD. They said you had the day off... I didn't wanna come off as some stalker
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