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  1. I went back to the park on May 31 for my third visit. Here are my thoughts: 1) Reese's Cupfusion was fantastic, but methinks I could have achieved a higher score if the three other people I was riding with didn't steal those targets I was aiming for. 2) i rode Whitecap Racer and I finished with the time 16.4 seconds, which was faster compared to the top time on the leader board of that day, which was 16.43 seconds. Anyone out there went faster than I did? 3) I love their Breaker's Edge water coaster - I rode it twice that day! 4) While Skyrush was still closed, so were a few other rides. For the first time in all the years I've been coming to the park, this was the first time I ever seen The Whip being closed. Methinks the reason for the closure of some of those rides was due to low number of park attendants the park had that day. Some of the rides that were running had a low number of attendants running it. For example - On my last visit, there were three attendants running THE CLAW; this visit, only two - no one was at the entrance, just two running the ride. 5) I finally got to ride Sidewinder! Merry Derry Fun slides were still closed. 6) They had East Coast Waterworks running, but the entrance was closed off. Why would they run that area, but have no one inside? At least The Shoreline Sprayground was up and running, and it was perfect to cool off after a hot riding on Breaker's Edge. Today wasn't my best visit due to crowds that began to accumulate and the fact that I may had injured myself and need time off to recover, but I did ride Laff Traxx three times in row, and then rode Wild Mouse three times. I did that because I waited an hour to ride Laff Traxx on my last visit, and with hardly no people no line this time, I took the advantage and got SWEET revenge. As for Wild Mouse, I missed this coaster on my last two visits, so I wanted to play catch up. I got on Cupfusion while the lines were light, and even though they don't allow single riders on the Scrambler, the ride attendant allow me to ride by myself because there were nobody else in line. Ah, the joys of being an early bird. I'm hoping that when I return to Hersheypark later this month (Ah, the joys of being a season pass holder) all the rides will be running, the crowds will be lighter, and I'll have the best time ever. "When you lose weight, the riding season becomes great!"
  2. Many years ago I once wrote that the only thing Volcano needs right now is some kind of scenery when the coaster hits the final brake run, something like a lava river the train passes over before entering the station other than the boring, empty area. Sadly, that whole area is now boring and empty - for now. The next speculation game we will all be playing is . . . WHAT'S GOING IN THERE NEXT?. If they took everything except the station, the queue, and the gift shop, then it has to be logical that they are going to add something in that area, and I don't think it would be a flat ride. Methinks it will be a coaster just like Kennywood's Sky Rocket. Three reasons methinks so: 1) No other park nearby has that type of coaster, 2) That coaster can fit in such a small footprint, and 3) Kings Dominion could use another launch coaster to replace the old launch coaster it had taken out. Allow me to add reason #4: I think that type of coaster would be so cool for Kings Dominion to have.
  3. Dallas has 10, and that's just in the city itself, there're more in the suburbs. Wow, Dallas must love Cici's Pizza if they placed ten stores inside their city. I'm pretty sure there are other cities in the USA that have just as many stores that Dallas has. One more thing - I know I might get some flack about stating about Orlando has two Fun Spots when in fact one Fun Spot is located in Orlando while the other one is located in Kissimmee. Well, Kissimmee is close to Oralando, so methinks it could count in someway. Well, at least you don't have to travel far from one Fun Spot to the other. "Plus, that's where Mickey lives! That's what the folks at Walt Disney World told me, and I shall treat it as gospel!"
  4. As a visitor who visited Orlando many times in my lifetime I would like to commend Orlando, Florida for achieving such a milestone. For a big city that has Walt Disney World, Seaworld, Universal World, Ripley's Believe it or Not!, Wonderworks, the Orlando Eye, two Fun Spots, the largest McDonalds in the world, and three Cici's Pizzas (what other city also has three Cici's?) Orlando have many things to offer and many things to do for its visitors. For the now defunct attractions to today's attractions and the new attractions yet to come, Orlando should gain the title of "America's Vacation Destination"! "Hey, it's always been my fantasyland!"
  5. Let's change the subject and talk about a few rides inside the park that have yet opened up. could we please? I know Resse's Cupfusion won't open until May 25, but there are two rides that have yet to reopen: The Sidewinder and The Merry Derry Dip Fun Slides. Could anyone, that is going this coming weekend to the park, report whether or not these two rides have opened up? Whoever does will get my heartfelt thanks.
  6. I just remembered the coaster at Six Flags Great America called "The Whizzer", a bobsled type coaster that involved an electric spiral lift hill and made by Schwarzkopf. It may not have been the tallest or fastest, but it was the most fun-filled ride. Busch Gardens used to have one like it called "Glissade" until they took it out in 1985. If only we can have a ride company to bring a newfangled version on this coaster back . . .
  7. The Funhouse comes to mind. Many years ago Busch Gardens Williamsburg used to have the most fun house of its kind, until they decided to convert the building into an arcade. And while there are still just a handful of parks that still have a funhouse attraction (Noah's Ark in Kennywood and Pirate's Cove in Trimper's Rides come to mind), I cannot remember any new funhouses that debuted in theme parks in the past few decades. Methinks that is a plain shame for surely the ride designers can come up with the designs for a new funhouse that will still provide the fun, yet be safe as apple pie, to its riders. They can have tricks that would fool the senses, surprises that will cause laughter, and some new innovations that never been used in a funhouse before. So come on guys, lets us riders and amusement park flyers see a new funhouse in the future!
  8. In the hallow tradition of finding and retrieving old post, I have found another one to bring back! In the almost ten years since the last time someone posted, have any wait time for any ride in any park approved some? Last time I posted on this thread I reported that I spent nearly two and a half hours to ride KINGSTA KA. I even went back and edit that last post because light green text was much easier to read than green text. GREEN TEXT LIGHT GREEN TEXT I haven't been back to Six Flags Great Adventure, but now that coaster is a few years old, did anyone wait as long as I did to ride KINGSTA KA? In the past few years I've been inside of a park, the longest wait time was 75 minutes to ride Batman the Ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas (and that was in 2015). Any one else have recent long wait time stories to tell?
  9. " . . . hmmm, okay. So where are the pictures?" "I'm sure they will be coming soon. Just be patient." "Hey, hey, hey - I'm being used one more time! Someone pass around the champagne!"
  10. I took my second visit to the park on May 4, 2019 (by myself this time) and rode THE CLAW five times in a row as a make up for all those times in past visits I was unable to ride this ride due to my large size. While I was happy to see Storm Runner, Fahrenheit, and the Coal Cracker running, Skyrush was down and both Sidewinder and the Merry Derry Dip were still closed (maybe they will open up the same time with Reese's Cupfusion) Today's crowd at the park were about average as they trickled down to walk up and ride by evening time. And one last thing: Sheena Easton was there performing two shows at the Music Box Theater ( she may be pushing sixty, she still has it!)! It didn't rain that day, but was pouring down rain in some places as I was driving home. I'm planning a return trip in two weeks to see if any of those four rides that were down that day is up and running. "When you lose weight, the riding season becomes great!!!
  11. Hey, hey, hey, this might be a step in the right direction for this park. Upon seeing the price list and what's contained inside this park I'm delighted they still kept the train ride (what else can I say except that I like train rides?). They also kept the paddle boats which I do not care for, but I'm sure many other riders do. I'm thinking about Adventureland Park in Fredrick, Maryland when it first opened and how they began to add more rides within the upcoming years. I was there when they debuted their first coaster, today they have two coasters and an extra flat ride that wasn't there before. If Lakemont Park's inaugural season works out, maybe they would do the same ( I can see them putting in another coaster, a water slide, or even a bounce house for the kiddies) I can even see them attracting more people if they put on a weekly concert series out on the greens. But whatever happens I do hope and wish them the best of luck.
  12. Don’t believe it!!! I’ve heard someone say TTD reaches over 200mph.... people will say just about anything now days days if they think it makes them seem some how superior by “knowing” something others don’t. I have a feeling we need someone with a radar gun to settle this debate. I saw on an episode of "Mr. Wizard" on Nickelodeon ( This was years and years ago) when he took a radar gun to the amusement park and recorded how fast their corkscrew coaster was going down the lift hill. The kid that traveled with him ( Mr. Wizard always have a kid with him when doing science experiments) told Mr. Wizard that when the train goes down the first hill it felt like he was going a hundred miles an hour, but when Mr. Wizard scanned the coaster train going down the first hill he announced that the train was going 35 mph. Now 35 mph isn't very fast when traveling in a car, but in a coaster car going over hills and tight curves at that speed can make the rider feel like they are going very fast. He also scanned the swinging pirate ship in that same episode and announced that that ride swings back and forth at 18 mph. So if you want to find out how fast a certain coaster train is going then invest in a radar gun.
  13. I second this list, but I must add Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World. And as for my views on CEDAR POINT I consider this park the Mecca of amusement parks. You haven't lived unless you spent at least a day of your riding life inside "American's Roller Coast". Can I get a "Amen" for that? "Amen! Now please come back to bed. I miss you terribly."
  14. I was able to see the images of Libertyland's Grand Carousel in its new home and it looks fantastic! Something that cool and amazing should not have to be locked away for eternity. I can imagine all the kiddies running on board and climbing on their favorite horse. But I do have one thought: will the carousel organ be grinding out Elvis songs? I bet that would be too sweet!!!
  15. ^Shockwave was an OK ride for me in the beginning, but I began to noticed that it was starting to become rough for me to ride later in life. Besides, I really don't miss that ride like I miss the four coasters on my list. If my wish was granted and I could ride the all the Kings Dominion defunct coasters one more time, I would ride Volcano, Galaxi, King Kobra, and Hypersonic XLC, but I would skip Shockwave. While I'm on the topic, other rides I miss would be The Lost World and Yogi's Cave ( before it transformed into Treasure Cave which was somewhat suitable, but it lacked the sparkle that Yogi's Cave had ).
  16. That is sooooo cool! Imagine them on a dark coaster ride.
  17. Whenever there's an old ride that once was closed down and then it comes back to life and restored in a new site is always wonderful news to all riders and amusement park flyers. Think of all the past riders that once enjoyed that carousel, then think about the future riders that will a chance to ride it. You Gotta Love It!
  18. I shouldn't feel any surprises there because I felt Aladdin's Lamp wasn't much of a funhouse, just more of a house were you walk down some darken corridors and just a few tricks at the beginning and the ending of the ride. But it is surprising how long they had that funhouse. Still, if it's still there (I haven't been there since 2011) Pirate's Cove was much more funner compared to Aladdin's Lamp.
  19. Thanks for the report; it whets my appetite for what to look forward to when I go there mid-summer, and to catch their newest coaster Kentucky Flyer. I will point out that while the coaster count inside this park may be lower compared to other amusement parks, Kentucky Kingdom does have a great collection of flat rides, a great water coaster, and Daredevil Dive, the granddad of any and all drop and slides in the world. And it also houses my favorite ride, THE ROLLER SKATER - take a ride around our rink! And I must point out that they had a unique carousel, featuring bench seats that actually rock back and forth. In conclusion, five years after this park has been reopened, Kentucky Kingdom is happening and happening real good!
  20. So sad in seeing the deconstruction of Volcano. For a while I thought there was a SLIM Chance that The Lost World could have made a comeback, but looking at the deconstruction I realize that it's actually the opposite of slim chance - FAT Chance! This will mark the fourth coaster in Kings Dominion that I will truly miss as it joins Galaxi, King Kobra, and Hypersonic XLC on my list. That is the mark of going forward in the amusement park world. Still I shall skip going to Kings Dominion this season. As for the next season . . . wait and see.
  21. I'm looking forward to visiting Kentucky Kingdom this summer. The Kentucky Flyer looks amazing and if its anything like WHITE LIGHTNING located at Fun Spot Orlando then that will be One Fun Ride!!! I was at the park when it first opened five years ago, and I'm going back there to get a little revenge on that park. On my last trip there some rides and water slides were either not open or opened for just a few hours in the evening due to low staffing. Furthermore, I couldn't ride Lightning Run due to the restraints not locking in for me. But this next visit shall be different because I'm coming in mid-summer, T3, Storm Chaser, and Kentucky Flyer will be running, and if I can ride THE CLAW at HERSHEYPARK (due in part of me losing thirty pounds) and don't gain any weight from now until trip time then I'm sure I can finally ride Lightning Run. Plus, I miss my favorite ride THE ROLLER SKATER in which I'll take a ride around their rink. I'll also be RED-DY to ride T3 and the Storm Chaser in which I'll be chasing a storm, or will that storm be chasing me? "When you lose weight, your riding season becomes great!"
  22. Some items from me - I'm glad that Knoebels is going to add a new flat ride ride this year to make up for the Over the Top attraction that I never got to ride. While I love playing Fascination I also love to play Pokereno. While Fascination is fifty cents a play, Pokereno is anywhere from a quarter to a dollar a play, depending how much you're willing to bet to win for more tickets. I play for high stakes. If you don't agree with the increase ticket price for each attraction, then get an all-you-can-ride wristband! You can thank me later. I will be going to Knoebels this summer and I'm planning on spending two days inside that park. "When you lose weight, the riding season becomes great!!!"
  23. The last new coaster in my count is - LAFF TRAX I tried to ride that coaster at Hersheypark two years ago, but my size wouldn't allow the restraint bar to safely lock in. Now that I lost over thirty pounds, I was able to lock in without incident and got to enjoy one crazy coaster ride. "When you lose weight, the riding season becomes great!!!"
  24. Greeting all riders and amusement park flyers - I have return to these pages after a long absent. Before I continue, there's someone else who wants to say "Hello" to you - "Hello everybody . . . now I'm going back to sleep!" I brought a group with me to Hersheypark last Saturday and I was so overjoyed by the fact that I was able to ride SKYRUSH,LAFF TRAX and THE CLAW!!! While the rest of the group and I had a great day in the park despite the huge crowd, there were several rides that were no-shows (such as Storm Runner, Fahrenheit, and Coal Cracker). I do have a Season Pass, so I'll be coming back in May to ride what I miss, plus do a marathon on THE CLAW to make up for all those years past when I visited the park and had to skip that ride because I couldn't fit into the restraints. "When you lose weight, the riding season becomes great!"
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