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  1. Wow! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I first went to Kings Island way back in 1991, so I guess I missed getting on THE BAT. Of course, two years after my first visit, Kings Island added TOP GUN, which I didn't get to ride until 1999. This begs the question: If Cedar Point is dropping all Paramount logos and licenses, will TOP GUN be renamed? Could this ride be renamed THE BAT?
  2. I enjoyed your photo trip of the park so much I decided to check out its website (www.lakewinnie.com). Since this park is close to where I'm planning to spend my vacation, I may go out there. FREE PARKING? WOW!!!
  3. I'm singing a variation of a popular county song: "Hippy-I-oo, Hippy-I-ay, Ghost Town in the Sky!!!" I'm planning to visit this park this August when I visit the Smoky Mountains and I hope everything is in tip-top running condition when I get there. Cliffhanger, with the new paint job, looks like a "must ride before you die" coaster. "How dare they changed the name of my coaster?" "I guess the park has a thing against horny red guys! Hee Hee!!!" "Aw, kiss my !!!"
  4. When I saw all those sexy pics of the Griffon I was BIG TIME!!! When I saw the photo of the skyride passing through the Griffon I think I went like this: I can imagine the expressions of those riders passing through the Griffion must have looked like: - I mean - this is the tallest ride in the park!!! I'm not writing a Haiku, but if I were, it'll go like this: "The Griffon came to Carry its riders up and Splash non-riders down."
  5. What is my favorite thing to do at the parks when I'm not riding. Usually that's all I do at a park: ride, ride, and ride some more!!! But when I am either waiting in the queing line or walking by a ride that is already in operation and hear some kiddies screaming their lungs out on a ride, it makes me laugh.
  6. According to okinawaboy11, he said that the weather bug calls for the weather at SFA to be sunny with temps in the 60's and 70's. I hope that is the case; the last two weekends haven't been favorable. On Easter Weekend (aka Opening weekend at SFA), the temps were in the low 40's (meaning: I'm freezing out here! ). This weekend, the weather's been nothing but cold and raining (meaning: where is my umbrella and my tissues cause nothing's running? ). If the forcast holds true, then that should mean to us riders yelling out "Ya-hoo!!!"
  7. I received a question from okinawaboy11 and I'm sure that I can answer it. Okay, the question that okinawaboy11 asked was : So are the boats going to travel backwards anymore? This is in regards to Skull Mountain (formerly known as Typhoon Sea Coaster) in which reconstruction was underway to redesign this attraction to allow the operation of this ride with fewer attendants and more boats. So I believe that by removing the first two turntables means that the boats will not be able to travel backwards anymore. That is a bummer; that was my favorite part of the ride. But I always hated waiting for a long time in a short line due to the fact that they run a small number of boats, not to mention if the attraction is running at all.
  8. jackskellington101 wrote: " In all the times I've been to the park, I've never seen Skull Mountain open." I've been to SFA a few times and I've got to ride SM at least once per trip. This ride was the only attraction in which "If we get enough attendants that can maintain and run this attraction, then we'll run it for a few hours." It was all because of the three turntables the ride has: the first turntable to turn the boat around so it'd ride through the second tunnel backwards, the second turntable to turn the boat again so it'll run forward once more, and the final turntable to lead the boat to the big final drop to the splashdown. Because of this design, you needed tons of attendants and fewer boats in order to make this attraction work like clockwork. Now that they are rebuilding and redesigning the attraction to get rid of the first two turntables (they're keeping the final turntable lest they want to build another lift and delay the opening by another year), they can run this attraction with fewer attendants and more boats! But sadly, this attraction isn't slated for opening until Memorial Weekend. but I'm sure the Wild One will be running as it celebrates its 90th year!!!
  9. HEY YA!!! I'm hoping to be there on Saturday, April 21 (if I don't have to work overtime - that would bite). Since I'm an early bird when it comes to arriving at parks, I'll probably be waiting for you all. When you get there, then you must Ride the Wild one: the coaster that is celebrating its 90th year!!!
  10. Love the photo tour of KD. As for the old Paramount logo, just get Cedar Fair time to finalize this park so KD will be more Cedar Fair than Paramount.
  11. Hey Ya! I wanted to add my lines about your photo trip. I love those pics of those rides. I got The GASM: a true American coaster with the red, white, and blue paint job. There aren't many coasters painted like that anymore. Say what you like, but the "Most Fun" coaster in the park is the MindBender. This is me after riding that coaster: This is me after finding out the Deja Vu isn't running (again) or Did I read someone's post correctly: The Georgia Cyclone is running two trains? This is big news to me; the last few trips I've been to the park that coaster only could run one train, causing me to ride this one first so I could avoid the crowded lines later in the day. Still, the first drop gets me Call me a wacko, but I love riding the flying boat ride in Spain. Wish the ride program will make this ride go faster and longer. Still, there is hardly any lines. I'm planning to return to SFOG to ride Goliath, ride Canyon Blaster, hope to finally ride Deja Vu, and reride everything else. I want to !
  12. Last year, I went to Busch Gardens Africa and rode the very awesome ride called "SheiKra" and I thought that ride kicked !!! Now the Busch Gardens Europe is getting is very own dive coaster called Griffion, I won't have to travel very far to get my kicked again (in a good way, mind you)!!! Busch Gardens Europed needed a coaster and what a beauty this one is. Instead of "Fearing the Four", now you must "Fear the Five"!!!
  13. HOLY MOLY What an interesting report on the first day of Carowinds. I believe I got away! Although you covered some of the attractions, there were no reports concerning the other coasters (Top Gun, Rolling Thunder, and Ricochet), so I have to a$$ume that there hardly ever been any changes to those coasters (except the new coat of paint). Did I hear you right (and saw the pictures as well?)? Carolina Cyclone has added seatbelts (and so does KD's Anaconda?)? Well, I have ridden both of those coasters and I can't see why they need seatbelts? Now if they could get rid of the overhead collars and install lap bars (just like they did to all those launch coasters to make them more fun to rid), then I would be convinced that the ride is now made smoother. So I must ask all of you out there: did adding seatbelts make those rides smoother? Finally, the Borg are mad that their coaster isn't running.
  14. Well, I heard about the new website, so I logged on so I could purchase a Six Flags Season Pass for my local park Six Flags America. Although I got my Play pass all right, I did have an issue with the info page (the page you must enter your infomation in order to pay for the season pass). The page was much longer than my screen allowed and everytime I entered something and clicked on enter, the screen would reset back to the top - and I had to constantly scroll down because the screen would automatically reset back to the top after each click. Did anyone else experienced this when they were purchasing their season pass? Otherwise, the new website is great!
  15. Oh dear me. I didn't mean to sound so hard to waterviper, but I guess I did learn a lesson: having someone correcting you does bite So I'll just say "I'm Sorry" and try to be more sensative in future postings.
  16. For your information, waterviper: I wasn't writing a Haiku (note spelling) Cos if I was, then I would have written something like this: Psyclone is gone now, The ride's too rough, air's too tough, Blown away, like the wind! Don't feel too bad though We all love you
  17. It's a sad day whenever a coaster gets the wrecking ball. I last rode Psyclone when I last visited the park in 2000. I think this is what I felt after riding the Psyclone. This coaster should have been called the Suck-Clone. Perhaps something better will take its place.
  18. After seeing your report and pictures of El Toro coming to Six Flags Great America, all I could say was "WOW" This coaster looks like it could be a much worthy replacement to the now-defunct and would-like-to-be-fofgotten Viper. This coaster reminds me of Goliath (the new coaster being constructed in Six Flags over Georgia): a king-sized coaster that takes its riders around the park and around another smaller-sized coaster. All I can say is "Get your season passes now!" 8)
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