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  1. Wild Eagle. Fun, great views, but not very forceful (which is what DW probably wanted). Lightning Rod seems like the antidote, look forward to riding it. Talon at Dorney. Definitely not the same style as the Batmen clones or Raptor at Cedar Pt. Steel Forceless, also at Dorney. Silver Bullet at Knotts, so much potential ...
  2. I trust SF's maintenance but not their food service. I'm not a fan of preservatives and have been vegan most of my adult life, so I avoid "fast" food. I prefer a big meal AFTER riding coasters ... If California votes to legalize cannabis (on the ballot this fall) will they will add this to their bars where they serve alcohol?
  3. Likely yellow jackets, not bees. Yellow jackets are meaner, don't make honey (and attack honey bees). A partial solution to the problem would be is if SF used returnable cups instead of use once cups that are tossed into a trash can (and then trucked into the desert to be dumped somewhere), but that would be a cultural shift. Having a big pile of thrown out cups with high fructose corn syrup in them guarantees a yellow jacket problem in late summer ...
  4. My guess - the desert heat is not good for wood coasters. Rainier climates seems to be required for wood coasters to last. Are there examples of a wood coaster that has done well in extreme dryness? It will be interesting to see if Gold Striker holds up, it's not as hot in Santa Clara as in Santa Clarita, and the winter rains are more abundant, but the summers are comparable.
  5. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-37131104 Dolly on love and 50 years of marriage
  6. Glad they're not putting this on one of the good rides - Joker, Superman, Medusa, V2. As said previously the main quality of Kong is it keeps the line shorter for Medusa.
  7. I got two rides this morning - front seat and back seat. Glad i left before it broke down, but I could see the crowds approaching. I think Twisted Colossus (dueling) is more fun, but Joker is more intense, more than a "Batman" (B&M) for a ride than TC. Both are great. I look forward the off season to get lots of rides (with no waiting) on Joker. Today was a nice introduction but not a time for marathon sessions. I'm glad SF put up a shade over the large queue and urge them to buy another tarp for the queue just outside the station (along the asphalt walkway). I look forward to what RMC has planned for the future.
  8. I trust SF's ride maintenance but I avoid their food. And eating any food before riding loop de loops is not really a great idea for me. I recommend the hot bar at Whole Foods, not that far from the park. It's not the cheapest but it's not GMO corn with propylene glycol ... Looking forward to seeing whether Joker is even more fun than Twisted Colossus.
  9. Looks awesome, of course. Looking forward to my second RMC (T.C. was the first) Anyone hear if there's an opening day scheduled? Being Six Flags, it wouldn't surprise me if the front car gets an ad for a toothpaste brand. Maybe some dental floss trailing from the teeth ...
  10. The one - and only - time I rode Ninja it did a karate chop to my neck at the bottom of one of the loops. Having a screen making it even harder to anticipate upcoming rough spots on the track seems even more masochistic ... The front seat was a walk on during a medium busy day, suggesting it isn't popular. Bench: the ride would be a much better improvement.
  11. SF doesn't allow riders to have a camera strapped onto them (a policy I support) but they want the riders to all (or mostly) have a big device strapped to their face? Once one of these visors comes off at 50 mph I imagine the project may be quietly canceled. Hope no one gets hurt. Glad the SF nearest me won't be doing this and they're getting a RMC this year!
  12. whoa now, SFMM had at least two good wooden coasters. They just aged poorly. If Ghostrider doesn't hold up well at Knott's after the remodel; it may be just time to give up wooden coasters in California. Between the seismic building requirements, frequent earthquakes and our parks' year round operating schedules; they don't make a lot of sense. Perhaps a problem for wood coasters in California is the long dry summer that dries out the structure and track. Most wood coasters are in places where it rains during the time the parks are open which probably keeps the wood more flexible. It was a shock to see how quickly TermiApocalypse degenerated from a great ride to a terrible ride. Glad that Twisted Colossus is great - the ERT at West Coast Bash was probably my favorite coaster riding experience, ever.
  13. First time I saw Roar, I thought of Crystal Beach, too. The ride? A disappointment. Looking forward to the upgrade.
  14. I rode Ravine Flyer about five years ago, the park was open until 10 pm. One of the later rides included looking at the sun setting into the lake, half way submerged, from the top of the second hill. There are probably more spectacular views on other coasters but that was very nice, too. Maverick, Millennium, Skyrush and Storm Runner were great night rides. Tremors, Diamondback, Tatsu, Riddler, X2, Twisted Colossus, Toro, Bizarro-Medusa, Nitro, are also favorites. Any big coaster at night with a full Moon is awesome, especially if it goes upside down while facing the Moon.
  15. Steel Forceless at Dorney. Looks great, but just a big mine train. Rode in the front and back seats and it didn't do anything for me, especially after having ridden Skyrush a few days earlier. Hydra at Dorney and Silver Bullet at Knotts get (dis)honorable mentions, too. I was also surprised how forceless Mean Streak is, sure hope it's a future RMC conversion.
  16. Twisted Colossus during West Coast Bash, when the dueling was lined up. Sure, it is intense but it was also tremendous fun. The dueling adds a lot to the ride. Only RMC I've been on, yet. My favorite coaster I've ever ridden out of 235 (if counted correctly), including i305, Skyrush, Toro, Maverick. I liked Lightning Racer but TC is a much more fun racing coaster, being nearer the other train while doing acrobatics was spectacular.
  17. I got a few rides on Medusa and Superman on Tuesday. It was the emptiest I've ever seen the park. Neither coaster had full trains, Medusa only ran one train (just like Superman ...) Joker's construction is coming along, bents with RMC connectors slowly playing "connect the dots." There's some Joker track stacked in the parking lot, some of the pieces look very twisted. The initial track turning out of the station seems more banked than Roar's track was, I'm guessing there will be a small accelerator section similar to the pre-lift of Twisted Colossus.
  18. The standing coasters would like to have a word with you. At least they greatly improved this style over time. Georgia Scorcher (at least when I rode it) was very smooth and enjoyable. Riddlers is sometimes enjoyable. Iron Wolf Apocalypse and California Vortex? Not so much.
  19. Silverwood could use a water ride named after the Missoula Floods, the largest known floods ever to happen on Earth - and right in the vicinity of Silverwood. (a second train for Tremors and Timber Terror would be nice, too).
  20. Thanks to everyone who made this a great event - TPR, park management, ride ops who arrived early and stayed late. Twisted Colossus ERT was the best ERT ever. Dueling TC is my new favorite coaster, even more than El Toro.
  21. Doesn't matter if it was successful or not...Cedar Fair is purging all standup roller coasters. Carowinds will be the last one to go in 2017. We can only hope that Six Flags does the same thing. Standup coasters suck. Six Flags is unlikely to do that. Georgia Scorcher is excellent. Riddler is sometimes excellent. Green Lantern Chang and Iron Apocalypse were just installed in their new homes. Cedar Fair had the lower quality B&M stand ups.
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