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  1. I thought some folks on this thread would appreciate this article about Dolly Parton. She has a fascinating life story. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/25/feminism-working-class-women-gender-theory-dolly-parton You won’t get very far as a poor woman without believing you are equal to men – and if someone embodies this thought, it is Dolly Parton, writes Sarah Smarsh
  2. Kingda Ka or TTD 400 plus foot drops into a brake. Might not have the all time highest g force, but they're the record for fastest approach into a brake run. I liked TTD's trains more than KK's, but I like the "little" speed hill on KK, it made for a nicer view of the surrounding area (ie. looking at El Toro) while slowing down.
  3. Another fun, pointless speculation about MS 2.0 Perhaps this will be the first wood/steel hybrid tilt coaster. THAT would be innovation ...
  4. While this would be incredibly awesome, I think the top speed would be waaay too high for the rest of the course. I think RMC will make to top bit of the lift hill Lightning Rod-ish, with a small predrop. Another possibility (unlikely?): A half barrel roll after the lift, like Gatekeeper, transitioning into the vertical drop. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 has this ability with some of the coaster track designs. I think it most likely it will be a traditional lift and then a big drop, but everything else about this ride is unusual ...
  5. Short trip report for a short visit. Went to SFDK on Wednesday 5/31. I get to the Bay Area a few times a year, I guess SFDK is my "home park" (by default). I went to check out Wonder Woman and ride Joker. Arrived mid afternoon as a bunch of school buses were leaving. Wait times were minimal to zero. Medusa had no one waiting for the front row. Superman was one train wait. Joker's line was barely beyond the stairs. Wonder Woman was very similar to Maxair and Delirium, it was interesting being almost inverted next to Superman. And for extra dizzyness, try watching the Joker train run through the course from Wonder Woman (or vice versa). I didn't get to walk the path to / from the parking lot while Wonder Woman was running. Perhaps the main indicator how tight of a squeeze the new ride is in -- the road the SF buses use now has a ride footer in it, with barriers to keep the buses from running into it. At the end of the day, Joker riders who didn't have someone waiting in their row were allowed to ride again. Very nice. Thank you Six Flags. I realize this is the wrong thread, but riding Joker repeatedly has me even more excited for Meaner Streak 2.0 Sorry I didn't take any pictures.
  6. I felt that Magic Mountain's tower was one of the scariest rides in the park. Disappointed it's been closed the last few times I've been there. Their drop tower is a nice observation tower, but the relaxing at the top is too short.
  7. I don't recall seeing anyone suggest that Meaner Streak 2.0 has a "quad down" - not the same style as Lightning Rod but also noteworthy. The first inversion leads to a down curve to the right. Overbank then drops lower than the curve. Second inversion has a big downwards semi-drop. Then a small drop after that. Looks spectacular.
  8. Looks like that could be the RMC "backyard coaster." I have space in my yard if they want a larger test track ...
  9. That is a narrow space for a big ride. It will be interesting to walk the path (to / from the parking lot) looking up at the swinging frisbee. Looking forward to finding out if it will be better than Maxair / Delirium.
  10. The park has a 75t Height Limit, Is on 70 acres, and according to Six Flags 2006 Reports- Has less than 5 million people within 100 miles. Where's the Potential? 100 miles? What an arbitrary distance. Within 170 miles you hit both Portland and Vancouver. That's another 5 million. That's actually not a bad idea. Portland has grown, but it's half a million in the city, perhaps a million and a half in the metro area. (The whole state of Oregon has four million people.) Vancouver BC is bigger, but they also have Coaster, a better ride than anything south of the border (until you get to the SF bay area). I'd support CF buying The Oaks and installing something better than their Looping Pinfari, the best coaster in Oregon.
  11. I think "Lightning Rod" would be a better name for their drop tower, not the coaster.
  12. Medusa is usually smooth, but I've had a couple rides on it where it felt like the wheels were past the point where they should have been replaced. I rode Medusa its opening year and most of the time it rides as good as new. I've had some great rides on Scream but my last ride (West Coast Bash 2015) was not fun. It's a shame, because the dive loop / zero g roll is excellent.
  13. That is my guess. Extreme drought made it happen faster. Drought is probably what caused the tree to fall into the Ninja track, too. Glad to see the rain in California, although out of balance the other way. I wonder if there's a better stain that would help the wood hold up better in the summer heat? Or maybe RMC could fix it ...
  14. If they're going to use VR I'm glad it will be on Kong and not one of the coasters I like to ride.
  15. SFDK Joker: some of the best airtime is at the end of the ride, good pacing all the way to the brakes. Silverwood - Tremors: tunnels and airtime at the end of the ride Silverwood - Aftershock: going back up the first spike with the lift motor, easy to be fooled into thinking a second round through the course is starting CGA - Flight Deck: corkscrew and spiral is an intense end to the ride SFMM - Twisted Colossus: I think the second round (green) is even better than the first round (blue). Kentucky Kingdom - Lightning Run: the final bunny hops are crazy, in a good way. Holiday Whirrled - Raven: I like the finale through the forest, my favorite part of the ride. Kings Dominion - i305: the final "twist" before the brakes is the most intense twist.
  16. It's been said before ... Iron Streak aka iStreak But they're more likely to name it after some sort of crypto-zoological reference. I'd be happy to call it "RMC Coaster 1."
  17. Astonishing that this area is having major forest fires - when most of the Western forests are done with fire season this late in the year. The Appalachian forest has occasional fires but very infrequent compared to California, the Rockies, the Cascades, etc. The "Smoky" mountains have more types of trees and flowering plants than most of Europe. For temperate forests it is a hotspot of biodiversity. I hope the DW drop tower will pause for a bit at the top, since the view of the Smokies (without smoke) should be spectacular. Will it be a design where the seats rotate on the way up so passengers get to look in all directions? (similar to the drop tower at Kings Island) Glad the region is getting some rain!
  18. This looks spectacular. I like the design more than i305 (which I have been on in two of its incarnations - late 2010 and 2013). More airtime. Overbanks. Sustained ejector hills. The four across trains also look better than the Skyrush trains, they were good (except for the thigh crush element ...) but confusing for lots of riders, I rarely saw trains dispatched that were full, making for slower lines, and the "floorless" aspect of the wing seats didn't add much to the ride for me. Hope Intamin builds something similar closer to this part of the planet.
  19. Having a couple bumps on the way to the lift is nice. I've been on Joker (SFDK) and Twisted Colossus, the pre-lifts added something positive to the ride (Joker more than TC). Can't wait until the full layout is released (or leaked ...).
  20. http://www.cleveland.com/travel/index.ssf/2016/10/makeover_of_mean_streak_roller.html Makeover of Mean Streak roller coaster under way at Cedar Point (photos) By Susan Glaser, The Plain Dealer Email the author | Follow on Twitter on October 25, 2016 at 9:15 AM, updated October 25, 2016 at 7:20 PM SANDUSKY, Ohio – Cedar Point's Mean Streak roller coaster, which closed last month, is in the midst of a dramatic makeover that coaster fans say could make it one of the best rides in the park. .... The resurrection of Mean Streak is perhaps the worst kept secret in the amusement park industry. In an email Monday, park spokesman Tony Clark said: "We don't have any new info to share. It's all very exciting though, isn't it?" A woman who answered the phone at Rocky Mountain Construction said she couldn't talk about the project. "When they make their announcement, we're free to talk about it."
  21. Nobody cares. In your last 10 posts you've mentioned GMO's, the problems with disposable cups, the problems with disposable cups containing high fructose corn syrup attracting bees and why we should go to the hot bar at Whole Foods before going to Six Flags to avoid propylene glycol. We get it. Good for you. I'm all for eating healthy but please take it down a notch. I assure you that nobody cares. Why is every vegan obsessed with making sure everyone knows that they're a vegan? Not obsessed with this at all. Actually more concerned about the additives in fast food than animal products. And have learned the hard way that eating before riding is not a good idea, at least not for me. Glad my "local" SF park (SFDK) is getting what is probably the chain's best addition for 2017 (unless I'm wrong about the 4d rides, I understand they're supposed to be better than SFMM's green lantern, which I did not like). Maxair is my favorite flat ride, looking forward to trying the SFDK version next year.
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