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  1. I think this is backwards. Fool Throttle is the half a coaster. Twisted Colossus was a full scale construction project and the longest (in terms of track) in the park. I think it's by far their best ride, too. My favorite of the three RMC's I've been on, and the most fun. I'd rather see them fix broken stuff in the park before adding more coasters but I realize that's harder to market to customers.
  2. That will be one of the new world records for SV - longest line! I am tempted to go earlier rather than later, but I prefer to get some re-rides. Late summer might be better than the next couple weeks for that?
  3. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/kansas-boy-s-waterslide-death-could-have-been-prevented-says-woman-injured-the-year-before-1.4602902
  4. Did TT valley because it was cold in the morning? National Weather Service says it was 33 F at 7 am today at Ashland, nearby. How long does it take for RMC rails to warm up to be able to run properly? http://w1.weather.gov/data/obhistory/KOFP.html
  5. They can't. It's not closed because of unpopularity, the elevators are reportedly out of code, and the park can't find anyone who's willing to renovate them at a cost they're willing to pay. They said Intamin, who originally built it, no longer has the ability to help, and anyone who does wants more than they want to pay. I'm not sure it will ever reopen. Sorry, I was being sarcastic ... Unless someone figures a way to turn their elevators into a drop ride, I agree that the tower seems to be toast. But tearing it down would be pricy. Maybe they're just waiting for an earthquake to remove it. I much prefer the steampunk art around Twisted Colossus to the comic book stuff.
  6. My suggestion is to use the cell phone screen system as an excuse to reopen the SBNO sky tower. It's been a few years now but I found that one of the scarier rides in the park. Six Flags could have some silly animation show to attract ridership and the tower would be open for viewers again. Some comic book character could be used to give the tower a new name.
  7. Has RMC ever put trims on a ride (other than mid course brake - Texas Giant, Mean Streak 2.0)? Changing combination of wheels, maybe, probably. It's a shame the closest of these clones (to me) will not be open to the public (near the RMC factory). I hope when Mr. Grubb's kids and friends get enough rides they sell the coaster to Silverwood, or perhaps Oaks in Portland (that would be much closer ...) I assume RMC will sell a lot of these.
  8. For me, Oaks park in Portland may be the most improved. Replacing a Pinfari with a Gertslauer is an enormous improvement that will get me to go there on all my visits to Portland (several times a year). Without this, the odds of a return were very low. It's not of national significance like a new RMC somewhere, but I look forward to the change.
  9. Might be the only factor keeping the lines from being astronomical. CP probably won't need a "no re-rides" rule to prevent people from getting too dizzy from riding over and over.
  10. Wanted to go Saturday but gonna be raining so guess I'll go Sunday. Not sure if I'll have someone with me or not. Ok so I'm vegetarian, don't hate me. I've emailed them a few times about getting a veggie patty in the burger place and they made it sound like it's a great idea. Do they do that to everyone that emails suggestions? Lol Obviously not getting my veggie patty this year. https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/arlington-tx more options: www.happycow.net/north_america/usa/texas/arlington/ a little further away: www.spiraldiner.com (I've been to the Dallas location, it was excellent.)
  11. The State Fair in Sacramento has a smaller version of this. Covering the cars won't be needed for the few rainy days they get, but shading the desert heat is great. I'd like to see solar panels shading coaster queues, too, at least those where track and supports wouldn't shade the panels. Perhaps F.T. would be the best candidate at SFMM. (I first bought a solar panel in 1990 and have used a kilowatt for nearly two decades.) A suggestion: SF could consider washable plates and cups instead of use-once plastic. They could put up solar hot water collectors for the dishwashing. Do any coaster parks in the US do this? I had a manager of a non SF park tell me a few years ago they were giving this some consideration (I had politely asked if they were thinking about this, at an event they held).
  12. trimet.org offers several easy options between Union Station (Amtrak) and Oaks Park. Most of the bus options involve walking about a kilometer, either from 17th Street on the east side, or across the new bridge across the Willamette River (scenic). The 17th St option passes numerous coffeehouses, restaurants and New Seasons, a chain of local grocery stores with awesome natural (and unnatural) food. I like to eat like that AFTER riding, or at least get something as a picnic (Oaks has scenic spots along the river). The fanciest public transit trip is to take the Orange (Milwaukie) line from Union Station to SE Tacoma stop. It's maybe a mile and a half, but it's a pleasant walk (past the coffeehouses, too) along Tacoma Street, which is two lanes. No transfers required. http://trimet.org/#planner/results/from=UNION+STATION+AMTRAK+DEPOT%3A%3A45.528405%2C-122.676623&to=SE+Oaks+Park+Way+%26+SE+Spokane+St%2C+Portland%3A%3A45.465042%2C-122.661934&mode=RAIL%2CTRAM%2CSUBWAY%2CFUNICULAR%2CGONDOLA%2CWALK&hour=9&minute=11&ampm=am&month=3&day=24&walk=3219&optimize=QUICK&arr=D Bus options (35 route or 19 route - 35 involves walking on the bridge across the river, 19 involves a little longer walk, past the restaurants) http://trimet.org/#/planner/results/itin_num=1&from=UNION%20STATION%20AMTRAK%20DEPOT::45.528405,-122.676623&to=SE%20Oaks%20Park%20Way%20%26%20SE%20Spokane%20St,%20Portland::45.465042,-122.661934&Hour=9&Minute=11&AmPm=am&month=3&day=24&year=2018&Walk=3219&Arr=D&min=TRANSFERS&mode=TRANSIT,WALK
  13. Just remembered. Aren't we (The West Coast) way overdue for an earthquake... or something like that? "Cascadia Subduction Zone" the roller coaster will likely still be standing afterwards, although some of the bridges the Amtrak train uses might not be functional afterwards the road bridge next to Oaks Park was just replaced, since it was clearly insufficiently strong to withstand seismic shocks
  14. Hope the weather is nice for opening day! If it is I might go to this, but I won't be buying the $100 ticket. ------ http://oakspark.com/new-ride-2018.html Meet the New Coaster Oaks Amusement Park is thrilled to bring a new extreme in roller coaster excitement to our neighbors this season! The Adrenaline Peak Roller Coaster will open on our midway March 24, 2018! This new attraction will be unlike anything Portland has experienced before and features thrill-filled drops, loops, twists, and turns, sure to dazzle the true roller coaster fan! The Adrenaline Peak Roller Coaster features: 72' Vertical Lift Past-vertical Initial Drop 97° Loop Immelman Turn Heartline Roll 45 MPH Speed 1,050' Track 48" Minimum Height Unlimited rides on the Adrenaline Peak Roller Coaster are included with our Premier Ride Bracelet, or individual roller coaster ride tickets are $9.50 each. Pre-Launch Party It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for the genuine thrill-seeker or coaster enthusiast! If you're as excited for the new roller coaster as we are, this special event is for you. Join us for the Adrenaline Peak Roller Coaster pre-launch party and be a part of Portland history by trying this new extreme ride experience before it opens to the public. MARCH 24, 2018 10:00am - NOON $100.00 PER PERSON Limited to the first 100 people on a first come, first served basis. Non-refundable advance online ticket purchase required. Tickets go on sale Monday, February 19, 2018; check back for more info soon! Pre-launch party ticket includes: A once in a lifetime experience, you'll have access to two hours of unlimited rides on the new Adrenaline Peak Roller Coaster before it opens to the public. Pre-launch access takes place from 10:00am - noon on Saturday, March 24, 2018; arrive early to make the most of your experience! Capture the moment! Enjoy a complimentary digital photo of a moment you'll never forget. Photos will be sent by email to guests in a shared gallery following the event. Stay and play! Event ticket also includes a Premier Ride Bracelet to enjoy the entire park during public hours the day of the event. Valid for unlimited rides on all of Oaks Park's rides from noon - 5:00pm on March 24, 2018. Bracelet also includes unlimited go cart rides and one Open Skate Session admission with conventional skates. Tasty treats! Fun takes fuel - take a break to enjoy a delicious lunch from our concession stand! Valid for choice of one hot dog, corn dog, hamburger, or cheeseburger combo meal. Meal includes curly fries and a fountain drink. http://oakspark.com/prices.html PREMIER BRACELET - $39.25 Includes unlimited rides, including unlimited rides on the Adrenaline Peak Roller Coaster, unlimited go cart rides, and one roller skating session with conventional skates. Games and miniature golf sold separately.
  15. Thanks for the photos. Very nice. Good riddance to their Pinfari, I can't imagine it has much resale value ... I've only been on two Gerstlauers - Dollywood and Six Flags Over Georgia, I found Dollywood's a bit rough, SFOG's was tame and surprisingly dull. Hope this one will be awesome. It will easily be the best coaster in the US part of Cascadia (if one doesn't consider northern Idaho to be part of that). Too bad Oaks is in a valley, it would have been nice to see Mt. Hood seem to do a loop the loop. Maybe if this coaster is a financial success Oaks can buy a drop ride tall enough to see actual peaks on the horizon. And I hope it's visible from the new Sellwood bridge so people see the New Hotness. Anyone know if there will be an opening day ceremony?
  16. Yes, the new "Coastal" section theming is almost as exciting as the centerpiece Twisted Cyclone! Now the early teaser sign boards referencing Hurricane Harbor make a little more sense now! I hope they go all out with tropical (or more accurately, coastal Georgia) theming. The new Piedmont area should be interesting too. I'm in love with this ride. I hope there are more palm trees in the coastal area than in the rendering. I also hope for a Universal Studios style themed cue presentation. The cue is indoors so that would be perfect. Maybe they can work out a lighting package too. What do you guys think about my proposals. Atlanta is a little cold for palm trees, it's the south, but it does get freezing there in the winter (briefly).
  17. Given the amount of subsidies he has needed, the odds that he will find countless billions to take lots of people's land and build this are likely very low. I'd be happy with reliable Amtrak service that was hourly instead of daily. Sandusky is on the existing line but not a useful stop for going to Cedar Point (arriving in the middle of the night). A ride system that would go hundreds of kilometers per hour could not follow the existing routes of the interstate highways or freight rail, the curves would need to be much larger. The amount of homes and other properties that would have to be demolished would be large. DOA is my guess. It's good for boosting share values but not a serious proposal.
  18. I have read speculation that a reason for this is the intense dryness of the desert causes the wood to age faster than if it was in a wetter place. Maybe this is why the structure looks bleached far faster than a similar ride elsewhere, where there is water.
  19. Since it is a dual racing coaster, how about Rebel Rebel themed to David Bowie.
  20. Apple Zapple reminds me of the (stopped) campaign in the 1980s to use food irradiation on apples. Supposedly to kill moths, it was also destructive to vitamins, created carcinogens and the idea of exposing foods to high levels of ionizing radiation from nuclear waste was not popular. I'd name it "Wild Mouse Number One" but I'm unlikely to be asked …
  21. Several years ago I accompanied my niece and her friend at SFDK. We enjoyed Medusa and V2. My niece's friend was skeptical of Kong, having read the description somewhere that it was a Hang and Bang. I said I'd ride it with them but otherwise have had my lifetime quota of rides on it. We didn't ride. I guess it still attracts enough riders to stay standing and / or is cheap to maintain. I like the design of the replacement at Knotts for their old Boomerang. Perhaps Gerstlauer (or RMC) could design something that could fit in a Hang and Bang footprint, although that might not have sufficient Return on Investment.
  22. Even if it's the "standard" clone, it's hilarious that the likely best coaster in the region is in somebody's backyard. My completely uninformed guess is in a year or two this will be moved down the road to Silverwood. Tremors, Timber Terror and Aftershock are great but Silverwood would benefit from this addition ... And the ease of making this the world's best backyard coaster suggests they are cheap enough to install in lots of parks.
  23. My request is not to use smog machines. LED lights are nice. They might attract fewer bugs (free snacks for riders!) than more powerful lights. Looking forward to a return trip to CP for Steel Vengeance.
  24. I'm waiting for Six Flags to have tiered pricing about what rides you can even wait for. So for SFMM ... if you pay the most, you can ride Twisted Colossus and Tatsu. If you don't, you ride Scream and Goldrusher. /sarcasm
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