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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/dec/09/santa-claus-indiana-gets-20000-letters-a-year-and-elves-reply-to-all-of-them Santa Claus, Indiana gets 20,000 letters a year – and 'elves' reply to all of them Every year, this little town is inundated with letters addressed to Santa Claus, and since 1914 volunteers have written back with personal replies
  2. If they build a "Primordial" themed coaster it would be nice to have a food stand next to it that serves soup.
  3. The drop looks like the first inversions on SFDK Joker and CP SteVen, but going the other direction.
  4. East of SF America is also protected State owned property - the Belt Woods natural area, which has scattered old growth forest.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonny_%26_Cher is what I thought of
  6. Ugh... This looks to be a Christian rock concert. When I used to work at Darien Lake we had Kingdom Bound (3 day Christian concert) and it was the worst week of the year. We actually got called in early (lifeguards) to stand guard over the wave pool at 9am while they did baptisms. That water was so vile without the waves on to break up the clouds of hair/weaves/band-aids/hair gel...I felt disgusted watching them dip their heads in. The amount of teens busted for shoplifting and trying to hook up was crazy, security always dreaded that week. The best part was the park had to cover all the signage for Viper due to complaints from the event organizers about "serpents" in the park. They put a temporary sign out front and changed the name of the ride, it was ridiculous. Guess I'd rather just deal with the crowds on a busier Halloweekends night than deal with the Christian rock crowd. HE made a mistake when he created snakes, apparently. I've never seen a theme park that served seitan (wheat meat) but if they did, those event organizers might be upset. Not surprised that repressed teens let loose when unsupervised at a park, sometimes in unhealthy ways, sometimes in ways that their chaperones don't approve of (how many parks still have a Tunnel of Love ride?). Looking forward to a return trip to CP next year for Sven/Steven/MS 2.0
  7. Once upon a time, Great American Scream Machine on the other side of the park was the world's tallest coaster, just slightly taller than Twisted Cyclone will be. It's not how tall or long it is but what's done with the design ...
  8. Hah. I almost contemplated driving an hour to go get eclipse glasses and I'm glad I didn't. This was the most over hyped thing since Holiday World adding Fire Cracker. It blew my mind that the country practically put everything on hold for the eclipse. Given a chance to do today over again, I would have rather slept in from being on night shift all weekend. I saw totality today and it definitely was not overhyped at all. Seeing the Sun's corona with the center blacked out was spectacular, as was watching a huge landscape swept by the shadow.
  9. http://www.rollercoastersofthepacificnw.com/pages/seaside_coaster.html Gayway Park, Seaside, OR There was also a "Gayway Park" in Seattle ... http://www.rollercoastersofthepacificnw.com/pages/galaxy.html Not as fun fact: Seaside is likely to be the worst place to be on the Oregon coast during the next Cascadia Subduction Zone tsunami.
  10. photos at the link: www.rollercoastersofthepacificnw.com/pages/zip.html Zip, Oaks Park, Portland, OR In 1927, Two years after Edward Bollinger purchased Oaks, a new type of ride was introduced to the park. The coaster, referred to as Zip ... was a notorious coaster known as a "rib tickler" that had a tendency to crush riders ribs. This was a Harry Traver design that ended up being a compact version similar to the other well known Cyclones he designed such as the Crystal Beach Cyclone and the Revere Beach Lightning. Though Zip was a true thriller for daring fans, it had a short life span due to maintenance and insurance costs. The coaster was extremely rough and intense and lasted for only seven years, 1927-1934.
  11. Amazing. Last thing I would have anticipated for Oaks. (not that I've ever anticipated anything for this park).
  12. https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/interactive_map/index.html is an interactive map to see the percentage of obscuration at your location Partial eclipses are fun to watch, but if you're near totality that is on a different level to experience.
  13. It looks like Worlds of Fun will be in totality. Six Flags St Louis and Beech Bend in Kentucky look close to totality. But waiting in line to get on a coaster during totality? I will be on a hill with a great view during the eclipse, as nice as Silverwood is I recommend going to the totality zone instead. Ride Tremors and Timber Terror before or after ...
  14. The Galaxi coaster at Kings Dominion was my first "bigger" coaster, getting me ready for Rebel Yell and King Kobra. It was fun then, I'd probably find it a bore, now. The best Pinfari I ever rode was the one at Dorney Park, before Cedar Fair bought them. It was a bigger model, more drops and helixes. Smooth. The looping Pinfari in Portland is the best coaster in Oregon, which says something about the lack of coasters in Oregon. Maybe RMC will build something in the Northwest beyond their test track? Silverwood, some day? (It is not a smooth ride.)
  15. Two and a half RMCs, their free spin (bat man) has RMC track. And didn't Alan Schilke help design their mine train ride (for Arrow)?
  16. Exactly. The Aloha Airlines accident (which also killed one person) was the result of excessive stressing of the metal over many years. One of the passengers on that flight noticed a crack in the fuselage when boarding but chose not to say anything, thinking it was obviously not a problem since the airlines have strict maintenance policies. I doubt it will take long to confirm if metal fatigue was the primary culprit here. I wonder if the economics of portable fair rides is less conducive to better maintenance than fixed rides at the big chain parks. I also wonder if the frequency of accidents is going up or if the 24 / 7 aspect of the internet merely makes it easier to everyone to hear about these tragedies in real time.
  17. This is the issue with every big wooden coaster that ultimately has to be torn down or converted. Hercules, Mean Streak, Old Texas Giant, etc... they were all amazing when they opened and for at least a few years following, but the parks cheaped out with basic maintenance until it was too late. Such a tremendous waste. I hate to see people begging for wooden coasters to be torn out or converted when all it really needs is some track work. I wish the original RMC idea - the track replacement concept, would have taken off more. What ever happened to that? The only topper track I've been on is Tremors. Unless you sit in the front seat and look very closely you cannot tell the difference between the original and the topper track. I didn't ride it before the topper track installations so maybe someone more familiar with the ride could have noticed the rough spots becoming smooth. As far as I know Silverwood never marketed this upgrade (and was a test site for RMC). It might be difficult for a park not located virtually next door to RMC to get significant return on investment for replacing worn out track with new track of the exact same alignment (unless needed to keep the ride operable). New track with crazier twists is more marketable ... I rode Georgia Cy Clone a few years ago (before the topper track) and did not enjoy it, not even in the front seat. Looking forward to seeing what RMC is going to do, assuming that is the plan.
  18. Don't give them any ideas — VR on coasters is the worst! I'm still not sure about that massive outward-banked turn. I'm looking forward to seeing the ride in operation (and riding someday), but I'm probably one of very few people here who isn't a fan of RMC's outward-bank airtime moments. If the train takes that element at speed (which it will, given the height of that drop) it's going to slam you into the restraints and pin you there pretty hard. If it's more sustained than the smaller outward-banks RMC has done so far, I think it might produce a different effect, but I'm still side-eyeing it a bit. Also, the outward bank on the return lap that dips back into the main structure (the one that runs next to the first drop) looks like it's going to be very intense. It's a crazy-looking ride overall, and I am really looking forward to seeing some official stats here soon. Please keep VR on not-good coasters (like Dragging Iron). My guess about the outward bank hill is the ejector airtime it probably will have will counteract some of the outwardness of the turn. It could be ejector enough to balance the train banking the wrong way. Or not. I trust that RMC did their math correctly, but it seems wrong from my layperson perspective. Awesome photos today!
  19. ... probably the new best coaster on the planet ... 4-6 hours sounds about right.
  20. If Georgia Cyclone becomes an RMC upgrade, that leaves Boss, SFA Roar and Monstre as the remaining candidates for Six Flags. Great Adventure's Toro was of course built by RMC and is as good, even if it doesn't have any loop de loops ... Best Schwartzkopf in the country, my favorite B&M hyper (haven't been on 325 or Mako, but have been on the others in the US), best standup, lots of shady trees - and an RMC for perfection on top.
  21. My niece, who is smart, passed on riding Joker at SFDK because she thought it was just "new track" on the former Roar. (I wasn't with her, that time.) I told her, after her visit, that it was a totally new ride, much improved ... something to anticipate for the next visit. Iron Streak is at the very back of CP, perhaps easily missed by a casual visitor (at least this year). That said, I find most people in our culture lack what pilots call "situational awareness," a much bigger problem than noticing whether a rollercoaster is being revamped or removed.
  22. There was never a reason given, to my knowledge, but one could argue that it was either too much rider discomfort or too much stress on the trains. I got to ride it Memorial Day weekend in 2012 and I was definitely uncomfortable. Thigh crush? Nah. But certainly uncomfortable. It's still my favorite steel coaster after all these years though. But I'm sure that yank over the top in the back was probably the most terrifying coaster experience in a lot of guests' lives. I rode it the day after Memorial Day and my first ride was in the back row. I knew it would have a lot of negative G's but wasn't quite prepared for the experience! There was even a little cresting the top of the left (anticipation for severe ejector air going down the drop). I don't know what would have made for a better ergonomic restraint, with this much neg. G the goal of keeping riders in the train was probably the primary concern ... I rode Skyrush again in 2014, it seemed a little slower over the crest but the rest of the ride felt the same. The partial release of the restraints on the brake run was nice. Glad that Storm Runner and Fahrenheit got the i305 style soft harnesses, looking forward to riding those again some day. I can imagine what the new Mean Streak 2.0 will be like going down a 90 degree drop with a six car train.
  23. The simple fact is construction is really at a snail pace now. If you look not too much was done all of June. There really is no need to move quick b/c it's not opening. Cedar Point also wants to hold back things like the lift hill height, which enthusiast want to know. Btw, having to the park 5 days this year, the GP's literally have no clue. Some of the comments I overheard were down right hilarious. Cedar Point has fed the buzz beast all this time, why not continue to milk it. I actually could see them holding some of the final touches till just before season opens 2018 or at least till late winter. Or maybe they are doing structural work that isn't as fancy to notice from a distance but is critically important (the new lift hill and perhaps the last part of the ride goes through the structure under the mid course brake run)? My guess is the construction managers would rather complete that work when it is warm than wait for the next Ohio winter. I also guess that most, if not all, of the rest of the layout will be visible by the time the formal announcement is made. Or not.
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