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  1. I look forward to the debates about whether green side or blue side is better. Green looks like it will be snappier.
  2. Solar powered (partly) Six Flags is long overdue, but I question the design of their system. Cutting a forest for a single large array isn't the way to do this. The fairgrounds in Sacramento, Ca. has a large solar array over part of the parking lot. It serves two functions: it makes electricity and shades the cars, keeping them cooler. I'd love to see at least some of the solar panels used as shades for the queues, at least where that would be appropriate. Rooftop solar is the most efficient for space and transmission of power, although Six Flags probably just wants to put in a large system and not have to do any electrical work in the park itself. A hybrid solar / wind system would probably work best for them, they have some open areas and being close to the ocean they probably get decent wind at times. I've used solar panels (directly) for more than two decades, they provide most of my home power in the summer. El Toro is my favorite coaster I've been on (233 credits is my count, I think).
  3. Reminds me of Mel Brooks "The Producers." As long as someone gives these promoters their money, the business plan will be a success.
  4. I trust that Six Flags pays attention to their maintenance. I don't care about their merchandise nor their food department (I don't eat "fast food"). As long as they don't outsource their maintenance ...
  5. The bottom of the mug saying "made in China" probably provides the answer. Since they've outsourced their mugs I doubt the factory that makes them cares about coasters or where they are in America.
  6. The prototype at SFDK is a great ride, with more ejector airtime than all of BGW's rides added together. The vertical drop is more intense than Griffon's drop. It's a far better launch than Verbolten. The only critique is the capacity, it wouldn't be fun to wait an hour or more for such a short ride. If Busch customers don't like it there are many other parks that would be happy to have it instead. And it's not like a Boomerang or SLC hang and bang where there are copies in many places.
  7. I am pleasantly surprised to see a photo of Six Flags selling something (beer) in a glass that is washed and reused. Plastic cups are toxic and dispensed by the tens of thousands every operating day (except for the lucky days when there is very low attendance and everything is a walk-on). Perhaps Six Flags will buy some dishwashers and reusable cups and plates for the rest of their food operations. I'd rather have a clean park than another kiddie coaster to make #20. The Pacific Ocean "garbage patch" is a reason this shift is decades overdue. Looking forward to Twisted Colossus.
  8. Green Lantern felt like being assaulted. My favorite coasters (not necessarily in this order) are Skyrush, i305, Maverick, Toro, and Voyage, but the Zacspin was not a pleasant ride for me (and it was unbalanced and flipped several times). Schilke's explanation made a lot of sense and was appreciated. It is interesting that Six Flags is going with the S&S / RMC design and not another Zacspin for their San Antonio park.
  9. Medusa had moderate rattle today (Nov. 25). Nothing terrible but the wheels felt like they were not new. It felt a bit like riding a bicycle when your tires are very low on air pressure. Maybe I'm just bored of Medusa at this point, I've probably got more rides on this than any other coaster. (I only rode the front and back rows today). Superman was great as always, very strange ride but fun. Roar was closed when I was there (in the afternoon). Too bad Rocky Mountain is building their ride in southern California instead of northern ... I've not been on Flight Deck as much but I've never had a rattly ride on it, which is impressive given that it's the second (?) B&M ever built and so much better than Iron Wolf.
  10. The front of the train looks like it was designed by Terry Gilliam. I like this much more than vigilante comic book characters. "Brazil"
  11. If this is built (IF!) it would require lots of trims. Otherwise it might be a candidate for the "Euthanasia Coaster." I suspect this will also get the record for "most expensive coaster ride" (cost per ticket to ride).
  12. Carolina Vortex is an OK ride, not spectacular but not bad either. It's certainly much better than its immediate neighbors (used boomerang, old Arrow, mine train, mouse, not-so-good woodie). California Vortex is a terrible ride. Maybe floorless trains would salvage it. Maybe not. It's at least as bad, if not worse, than Iron wolf / apocalypse. Its corkscrew is especially shaky. Picnic tables would be an improvement. (I like Georgia Scorcher and Riddler, B&M finally got the stand-up design right on Scorcher.)
  13. some of my favorites: California: Tatsu, looking forward to Twisted Colossus Connecticut: Wildcat (haven’t been there in a long time) Colorado: Cyclone Georgia: Goliath, although Mind Bender gets a best supporting actor award Idaho: Tremors Illinois: Raging Bull (last visit was 2011) Indiana: Voyage Iowa: Outlaw Kentucky: Lightning Run Maryland: Superman Massachusetts: Riverside Cyclone (haven’t been there since it was called that) New Jersey: El Toro (favorite coaster anywhere) North/South Carolina: Afterburn (I liked it more than i232) Ohio: Maverick Oregon: Pinfari looper (ouch) Pennsylvania: Skyrush and Ravine Flyer (liked it slightly more than Phoenix and Twister) Tennessee: Wild Eagle Texas: Shock Wave (before Texas Giant) and Texas Cyclone (RIP) Virginia: i305
  14. I rode Banshee, Lightning Run and Cocoa Cruiser. Lightning Run was my favorite, it was much better than expected. Banshee was disappointing for me, it rattled a lot, didn't have the "snap" of the older B&Ms and the drop didn't have the airtime I expected. (Flight Deck in California and Raptor have better airtime, at least in the back row.) I rode Cocoa Cruiser as a joke, since there was no line when walking between the three Intamins. Didn't make it to Chicago Goliath, maybe next year. Medusa Steel Coaster looks like the best of the year, maybe even best of the decade. If I ever go to Mexico I'll be sure to ride it.
  15. That's also true. Still I think that dominator, SKC, medusa (SFDK) and scream are their only rides with taller vertical loops, right? Medusa at SFDK has a loop that is essentially identical to Thunderbird. 128 feet, if I recall correctly (vs. 125 at HW). Dominator is taller. Haven't been on SKC but it's also taller. Thunderbird's loop looks like it will have the rapid rotation at the top with maximum "downward" pointing time. Medusa, Afterburn and a few others do this very nicely, but Thunderbird will have a much nicer setting.
  16. Perhaps Lagoon can put an "Alferd Packer Grill" next to "Cannibal" coaster. Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill - University of Colorado Boulder www.colorado.edu/umc/dining/alferd-packer
  17. and Georgia Scorcher, which is the best designed standup coaster. Looking forward to Mantis 2.0 and hope for Iron Streak RMC reconstruction in 2016.
  18. I like the colors, reminds me of the flag of the mythical republic of Cascadia (although SFMM is a bit south to be part of that).
  19. I'm looking forward to RMC Colossus. The only RMC product I've been on is topper track on Tremors and to have a RMC ride in the same time zone will be nice. There's no doubt this will be the best coaster on the west coast, regardless of the precise ratio of inversions and ejector hills. I hope this will be the best - and last - coaster addition to SFMM, I doubt they will need any more after this. Their long list of things to fix might be a bigger priority than going for 25 coasters.
  20. Their dinosaur exhibit better be nicer than Cedar Fair's, I want to see how people and dinos co-existed at the same time. Perhaps they were saved by Noah's Ark. And the Holy Rollers coaster is probably worth a credit. Their water park could be themed to the great flood. Sarcasm aside, I suspect the tax credit is more important to the promoters than almost anything else.
  21. Thanks again for the coaster enthusiast day in May to show off the construction site and ERT on Voyage and looking forward to riding Thunderbird next year. For a 125 foot loop to be considered bland shows some folks have gotten jaded. When I first started riding coasters the record height for a lift hill was about that tall. And some of the best modern coasters are shorter than this ... Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom is a world class ride at about 100 feet, it shows that a ride doesn't have to be super tall to be well designed. There's a number of 200 foot plus coasters that are not that spectacular despite their "goliath" size (at SFMM). Does anyone like Mean Streak more than Raven? Holiday Whirled will probably do very well with Thunderbird since KK doesn't have any upside down coasters other than the SLC. Reopening T2 next year probably won't be noteworthy unless a miracle is performed on an old SLC. The only wing rider I've been on is Wild Eagle, which was fun and beautiful but not my favorite ride. It had a great view of the Smokies but didn't take advantage of the terrain around the coaster. Thunderbird looks like it will be the best wing rider so far. I like the tree top overbanked turns and how they are next to Voyage's second and third hills. The "hand prints" on the "barn" are a nice touch, too. The wind mill theming at the bottom of the immelman is nice, but it would be great to see a real wind turbine installed somewhere in the open area between the coaster and the nearby road. Perhaps some solar panels could be added to make Thunderbird the first solar power assisted launch coaster in the US. Solar panels installed along the path from Voyage to Thunderbird could double as shady areas for people watching the ride - This message typed using solar electricity.
  22. King James? Isn't that a bible? --- ARTHUR: I am your king! WOMAN: Well, I didn't vote for you. ARTHUR: You don't vote for kings. WOMAN: Well, 'ow did you become king then? ARTHUR: The Lady of the Lake, [angels sing] her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water signifying by Divine Providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. [singing stops] That is why I am your king! DENNIS: Listen -- strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.
  23. Another reminder of why I don't have an account with Facebook Corporation. My speculation is that the tree toppling could have been due to the drought. Magic Mountain is a very irrigated place, that's why it has a lot more tree cover than surrounding areas. Severe drought can cause stress in trees that can cause them to fall over without a wind storm or earthquake. Many of the trees at SFMM look like they were planted in the early days of the park and they might be getting into problems with the lack of natural water to keep them alive, now made worse by the driest period in California since white people showed up. If Ninja does reopen, I guess it will happen after a lot of tree removal. It's a tie for me whether I like Ninja or Kings Island's Bat more, despite the anticlimatic finish of Ninja.
  24. Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox could work as holidays, but not everyone observes (or notices) them. May Day for opening the park season? Their swing ride could be a may pole.
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