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  1. Voyage is probably my favorite conventional wood track coaster. (El Toro has better airtime but the plug and play track is different ...). I also like the setting in the forest and the topography. I've only ridden it in the springtime on wet days and it wasn't rough then. If RMC was brought in perhaps they could install topper track on some hard-to-maintain sections. It doesn't seem to need a full I Box redesign and I doubt the park would do that (sentimental and budgetary reasons). Tremors at Silverwood has two topper track sections that are impossible to notice during the ride unless you're watching closely from the front seat. A relatively cheap fix, I presume. Spendy up front but not much maintenance once installed? And much cheaper than full RMCing a wood coaster.
  2. Yay, Amtrak. The Coast Starlight is awesome, even when it's not on time (which is often). It's the opposite of Japanese efficiency ... but it's pleasant and scenic. On the way north, being late means you get to see Mt. Shasta in the dawn light (instead of night time). In both directions the stretch around the southwest corner of California, along the ocean, is ultra spectacular (near Vandenburg Air Force Base). I also love the section across Willamette Pass. The route south of Portland "Union Station" passes very close to Oaks Park, although you cannot see Adrenaline Rush (Oregon's best coaster!) from the train. A tiny picky point: the green bridge is actually the St. Johns Bridge over the Willamette, just before the Willamette flows into the Columbia. The train crosses both rivers between Vancouver WA and Portland but on train bridges. There are modest efforts underway to upgrade the tracks in Washington State for higher speed rail (much less than Shinkansen level service). Oregon is merely thinking about doing this some day. Only time I've been to Vancouver BC was on Amtrak. I used accumulated frequent rider points for the "Cascades" train. It was the wrong time of year to ride Coaster. IMG_0729.JPG Crossing the Columbia River, into Portland.
  3. Yes. At the least they would not have a lot of long distance trucking costs ... Tremors has the original Topper Track test track. And I think RMC installed / built their big coasters but of course didn't design them. I think a Raptor with more than one train would be a great fit for Silverwood, assuming that could be in their budget.
  4. Photos of the completed track from https://www.facebook.com/fomocoaster/ Many more photos at that site.
  5. Spanish Inquisition: The Ride might be popular with those who like "Haunt"
  6. Track work on Zadra is almost done, according to https://www.facebook.com/fomocoaster/ New photos at that site. Looks like the only remaining part to install is between the bottom of the second drop and the rise up into the stall, although there are probably other finishing touches remaining. This is what Goliath (Chicago) wanted to be.
  7. LOTS of photos of Zadra RMC, taken July 7, 2019 I don't know the poster but the photos are great. https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?s=d0cc464ea23d9140ebe26edfb100da95&p=160510030#post160510030
  8. If you want a new coaster next year, there's always Kings Island. Anything CP adds in the future will probably be less spectacular than Steel V.
  9. Slightly off topic, I wonder if parks in earthquake zones have integrated warning systems that a seismic tremor is approaching. Japan has a warning network that can provide a minute, maybe less, maybe more, to enable things to be shut down, stop trains, etc. There is talk of setting up similar alert systems in California but I don't think they are operational yet. This might benefit Six Flags, Knotts, CGA (along with everyone else). I trust the maintenance on the frisbee at Six Flags Vallejo but they're not far from earthquake faults. If they had 45 seconds warning to shut down a frisbee that might be very helpful. Are there examples of coasters or other rides that have been operating when a big quake happened? I don't think the northern Japan earthquake in 2011 impacted any amusement parks and the 1995 quake in Kobe, Japan happened at night (or early morning) so this particular aspect wasn't an issue. Devastating for that city, thousands dead and lots of structures wrecked. "Rust never sleeps."
  10. I haven't gone since Railblazer opened nearby, but I've always seen Medusa running two trains, even on chilly empty days in December. Have only been a couple times since Joker opened but I must have lucked out, it always ran two trains.
  11. 1. Steel Vengeance then, everything else ... RMC: Railblazer, Twisteds (Colossus, Timbers), Goliath, Joker Intamin: El Toro, Maverick, Skyrush, Storm Runner, i305
  12. "Cedar Fair has the right to acquire a property located in Kansas City, Kansas, for a cash purchase price of $6 million." In other words, that property is essentially valued for its real estate, only, due to its extreme mismanagement.
  13. video of first test run of Untamed, not sure who to give credit to looks spectacular
  14. I found the dolphin pool near V2 embarrassingly small for creatures who can swim fast. As for their new S&S free spin coaster, I rode the one at SF Chicago and was not a fan. The Intamin version at SFMM was worse (one and done for me, ouch!). I'm sure some people will love it but I'll stick to riding the RMC. SFDK could probably use a coaster less intense than Medusa but stronger than Cobra, especially if they are slowly reducing (or phasing out?) the zoo part of the park. Something that doesn't go upside down for the thrill seekers in training.
  15. I noticed that proximity, too. I have read enough about Auschwitz (and have heard a survivor in person) that I would have to visit. But I feel riding the RMC and Intamin would be better after the Auschwitz tour, not before, and not the same day (for logistical and emotional reasons), at least for me.
  16. Beast (at least during "terrible twos") Son of Beast Banshee (at 2 am during the "twos")
  17. There could be a coaster poll for one' s favorite part of SV. First time I bought Fast Lane, it was necessary and worth it.
  18. Why do people just post a link and nothing else? /end rant. Sorry, I was trying to be minimalist. Next time I will add a description. "The park's page includes photos and video advertising Hakugei's opening next week. I especially liked the drone footage in the video, it includes perspectives of the ride that are different from the photos taken from the ferris wheel."
  19. The forest east of Six Flags is owned by the State of Maryland Department of Natural Resources because it is partly old growth forest. It is not even open to public access due to rare species.
  20. I listened to that interview and I heard him say that after Nagashima's management watched the animation a few times the layout made more sense to them. I didn't hear him say he toned it down at all, merely minor tweaks between the proposal and the final design (as is normal for Schilke creations). A couple elements look like they are beyond awesome, especially the remnant of the second helix (between the first and second inversions). I've been on six RMCs including SV and this looks as good as any of them. My only complaint about the coaster is it is far away ... perhaps an opportunity for a long trip.
  21. This is factually wrong. Why wouldn't you look this up before you posted? Chill dude, no need to be like that. But you're right, I did make an error, and I'll give it up to you for that. My bad. I'll admit when I'm wrong. Yeah man, I'ma be like what continent rivers are on. That's my hill to die on. Can You Name a Country? - YouTube
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