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  1. It's a good event but a long trip and you have good parks in PA if they stay open. However, actual social distancing is better at BGW !
  2. The same thing happened 2 years ago, at least for the 2nd Nov. weekend. Had country bands though.
  3. If the question is purely academic, Europe and Japan are possible contenders. But if you're looking at making a trip in real life, certainly you will be able to do more here in the USA if that's what you're coming from (If you want to leave the whole US for later, obviously go somewhere else). Fuji-Q has some of the most unique coasters, but a short list. Cedar Point has a wonderfully rich and large collection, and more truly great. It also has the crowds to match. Or, Holiday World has more great wood coasters than probably anywhere else. So many parks offer unique experiences. Right now I want to ride Intimidator 305 and TTimbers more than anything else.
  4. Riddler was 20 years old when it got the new trains, ME is now 25 years old. The GNE got new trains back in 2008 and that was $1.2M. It's also the park's top, signature attraction, in a wonderful location unsuitable for replacing it with something else. I think there's a limit to how old these can get before the cost of new trains/restraints is excessive. Surprisingly, I think ME may run a little better now with the train shortened by one row.
  5. Finally someone else says it. Was running best of my 3 trips in 9 years. And no I don't think they'll ever RMC it.
  6. I agree also this place is amazing. However most of the flats look too intense/dizzying for me so it wouldn't keep me occupied real long. That was fine for swinging by at night on my way home from GrAdv but also there is a beach and lots else to do around there. I came into town around 8:30 and was actually chilly at first with my sunburn. Parking at a meter with some time left on it was $2.50 (card). I got the 50 tickets for $38 which got me 2 rides on the 2 larger coasters, Whirlwind and the Fun House. Lines for the big coasters were a bit long at what was probably the peak of the whole day, but got better by 10:00. Gale Force is one of the most insane coasters I've ridden. I don't think it technically has any inversions. It concentrates on the beyond vertical into ejector air twists like the the beginning of a Skyrocket 2 in front row, except more intense and in several variations. The back row was borderline painful but just right as my last ride. The vest restraints are essential and look just like the 4D's but although the car looks awkward from the ground you feel like in a sports car sitting almost on the floor. The launches are interesting, the first 2 are very measured but the 3rd is full out to send you over, and then coming back through another of those sends you around again. Wild Waves answers if you took the kiddy coaster track and took it to its limits. The cars are roomy though, 6 riders total per train. I hear front row is good, back row was, but middle was merely OK. It alternates with Gale Force as it wraps around it, you hear Gale launch as soon as you hit the brake run. A negative compared to Morey's is I wan't really aware of being next to ocean while riding, with being behind a building and the boardwalk, a large illumination differential, plus the large elements on Gale all turning you around, in contrast to the GNE facing all its inversions oceanwards. The Fun House was repetitive, but interesting, all about trying to make you fall down with the railings the only thing preventing skinned knees.
  7. ^^-- as does Great Adventure. And don't throw away your reservation, if printed, if you want to leave the parking lot. The end of hand stamps, perhaps the only COVID-related change I'd like to see permanent -- though slightly odd now, as I'd think they'd want to count how many leave and aren't coming back..
  8. I was there yesterday (Monday) and almost everyone wore masks in some way, although 5% improperly early in the day up to 20% by the end, and only improving very slightly in tight spaces. As to actual distancing, there was almost none. If you arrive early, the entry sets the tone for the day. They have set up a gigantic queue maze to get into the temperature screening but if there is any distancing it is hard to tell as everyone is walking back and forth by each other over and over. If you slow down, some kids will probably pass you. At Batman, the grouper was waiting until the row gates opened to let groups into the enclosed row queue room without waiting in there, but the stairway became one of the most claustrophobic spaces I've witnessed. Etc. They have some inside places to get food but you have to go outside to eat it. I made a mistake to not decide to get minimal Flash pass at first sign of issues. By later on it didn't seem that worth it, although probably because I don't know how much it helps. I was unwilling to wait long enough ride Ka after not proceeding to it before seeing it run. Instead I got the perhaps the best ride I've had this year, on Nitro, including the slight miracle of a single reride back row before the crowd hit. I had the luck to be next for front row on Toro and the luck for it then to go down. After that it was OK but didn't thin out at all going towards the early 7 PM closing. Unlike my less crowded November trips, more animals were on display and Congo Rapids was open. Amazing but you will get wet from the waist down at least. Use lockers or plastic bags for stuff. 2 Batman 2 Nitro 2 Toro 2 Bizarro 1 Joker 2 Zum 1 Skyway 1 Congo Rapids --- 13 + 1 OCNJ later 1 3:30 AM home
  9. SFA has become my temporary (hopefully) home park and it's a good park. Too bad about missing Wild One, I'm on the fence if it or Superman is the best ride there (after Renegade Rapids ). Can't agree about Joker's Jinx vs. the far superior Flight of Fear though.
  10. Even if I didn't find it fun, I'd have to consider Lightning Racer's version of racing fascinating and the design and construction impressive. The common factor of lukewarm reviews of it is not mentioning anything about it racing at all except the name. I also consider it pretty solid as a single coaster too -- and when I first rode it 9 years ago, it was still like new, which was a unusual experience. As to Skyrush, I hold on to the bars to each side and reduce force. The handles are in a useless position. I don't think there's anything about the restraints which wouldn't be fine on a more normal coaster.
  11. I don't understand criticisms like this of Lightning Racer. Yes, if was only a single coaster, it would be a 7 or maybe only 6. Racing, and especially my first ride in a while, it's at least 4 times better, and the best surprise in the park -- even having been there twice before and knowing how good it is. I also love Wildcat, especially with retracking since my last visit. Comet was running great too; it was at least 4:00 by the time I rode it ... 3 times. I also found my later ride, front row, on Candy far better, very good. Unfortunately I rode the hypers least of any with reasonable lines. Warning, any rain at all and they close them. Would have been doing me a favor but it was still light at that time and I was next to ride. ~Everything else still open.
  12. The parks's schedule shows blank after Labor Day. Anyone have info if this will change? That they're every day until then looks like they're getting in as much as they can first, vs. SFFT with partial weeks but weekends+ into December. SFA is similar to GrAdv also. Of course, even parks showing more or less a full schedule are subject to change.
  13. BGW site: "Pass Member and Fun Card Reservations are currently SOLD OUT for the event, but be sure to stay tuned because we are working on more ways to keep the fun going! Please check back later for updates."
  14. They are doing one thing right, hours. Most days 5-11 PM. I'm tempted but expensive and a long way. Last time I went wristbands were $27 !!
  15. But so would everyone else, so fewer would do it. If upgrades are attractive such as $5 a ride, that probably would be required to get the same wait time as a physical line. Free would be really long. Also, if every ride has a line all the time, they're letting too many people into the park. And hopefully less popular parks will have under-reserved days with less dense times -- although if they don't I guess we won't have to worry if they're making money. Fully virtual queues and reservations may act in some park-goer's favor, depending on how they did it before. Myself, not even close, I had it so good, it really didn't seem like it could last. But still didn't expect this.
  16. Is the sound at 1:08 over the speed hill the upstop wheels engaging? It seems more like maybe the mic moved or wind changed since the sound is different the rest of the way. Every giga other than SD2000 has focused on maintaining speed over its airtime moments. The amount and type of airtime varies for both gigas and hypers. For example, I305 and MF both have more ejector airtime than every B&M combined and probably transverse as much track while airborne as Diamondback and more than I232 and SD2000.
  17. I'm wondering how many ride manufacturers we will lose. I doubt we'll lose any Youtube new ride speculators, those guys are carrying on like nothing's changed.
  18. I want to give it a try, but the atmosphere once I'm there will make a big difference if I want to keep doing it. I want to see or hear excitement and if everyone's acting scared or quiet that and the masks may be too much. It could even be that the atmosphere is better! .. It's also going to be difficult to find a time cool enough to tolerate with a mask on. I watch the weather as it is. With reservations and, especially, if hours are reduced, summer could be impossible. Surely my usual nearly incessant local park visits will be changed. I may look at how things are going before going myself, but won't be dallying a lot because it might go back away.
  19. I see a possibility that more may consider OTSRs icky. I'm saying it might even be a boon for smaller parks, as the largest variable is the vast majority that wouldn't usually go. It will be the destination parks previously limited by capacity that will be hurt.
  20. ^^-- regarding finances and income, I didn't mean specifically right now. As I said, "a few that keep their income may have spending money for the first time" due to the stimulus.
  21. Most people don't usually go to amusement parks. Since the portion that go in a single year is small, there is a lot of room to make up for those who are scared. So it will be interesting if/when parks reopen and it really could go either way. Local parks will be favored not only out of cost, but fears of travelling. Some will be poorer, a few that keep their income may have spending money for the first time. There is some possibility there will be a change in the way they do operations. Standing in line becomes one of the most dangerous parts of your visit. They could go to an all electronic queue system. These changes would not favor the way I have usually enjoyed parks, but might be an improvement for most. That said, parks are probably not functional without the masses and in any case will require we get enough control of the virus. I agree except disagree strongly, and am a bit miffed at, the part about finances. I've seen your posts and I'm not sure you can conceive of how little some of us live on. Not every decision is perfectly prudent but they are hard decisions. Myself, I see that I'm getting older and, in a sense, can't afford to wait forever to do things I want to do. Currently I'm glad I splurged as much as I did last year and maybe should have gone further in hindsight. Season's passes are one of the best values out there, but have a high upfront cost. This is a barrier for families and anyone looking at going to parks as a substitute for other forms of entertainment. In addition, membership plans have other advantages, such as the 13-month pass.
  22. ^^-- I never felt like a possible broken neck on an SLC, so much pain from one tap. Nor have I ever been able to ride one almost never touching the horse collar, which was a must on DF, though not easy. I rode it a couple hundred times after my moment of great fear, I don't give up that easily. It had a rare combination of intensity and short lines for the time, but with reasons.
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