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  1. On that note I found twister running exceptionally well this year... Twister is a tough one because there is another grey area where coasters become so forceful that the smallest jolts can be really jarring. I think this is what causes so many people to find rides like alpengeist rough..
  2. No Yeah Intimidator definitely has multiple ejector moments, if it was cold it might have been running sluggish. The restraints are also a factor I suppose..
  3. ^From what I remember in the fall, I305 is still glass smooth, so It suprises me to hear the B&M gigas are having roughness issues. ^^For the most part I agree, but some of my edge seat back row rides on raptor had some moments of roughness that were on par with the violence of an arrow or vekoma. On the other hand, I would move to the middle in a different row and it would be perfectly glass smooth, so it definitely depends on a bunch of factors.
  4. Love seeing the VA parks this time of year.. thanks for the report and great pics!
  5. ^Yeah that is amazing.. It looks incredible; Like you are seeing the pure vision that the creators intended!
  6. Light crowds completely change how USO looks! I remember being blown away when I got a chance to experience hogsmeade before the park opened..
  7. The first half is still booking it! hopefully they ease up on those second half mid brakes.. that definitely is running a lot slower.
  8. ^I am under the impression that the second half has always been fairly forceful.. especially the helix
  9. Montu, Alpengiest, Pyreenes, Katun, Monster, and Raptor say hi. Raptor blew straight through the mid brake last time I checked
  10. ^That is the issue right there. Its the added thickness that causes that. Its basically a less extreme version of what makes skyrush so uncomfortable.
  11. I LOVE rip ride rockit. It made me a huge fan of maurer creations. It is definitly a little bit rough though.. I highly suggest rows 2 and 5. I find those to be far far smoother. By the design of the trains, any track imperfections are amplified in the other rows, especially the rear row of each car.. and the trackwork is definitely a little wonky in places!
  12. ^Totally second this. Restraints completely detract..
  13. ^...just.. what.. how?? This is the most confusing thing I hear often on this forum. Alpengeist is easily one of the smoothest coasters I have ever ridden. I would venture to say the smoothest in the park..
  14. Unless you are talking about an old school invert, or kumba, or maybe one of the gigas, Im not sure which rides you think people are hyping up.. Most people consider B&Ms to be fairly average rides, definitely not hyped to be top 5 coasters.
  15. Seems like the money they poured into new headrests could have easily gone into fixing the restraint pads..
  16. This ride is just gorgeous. It looks like an animation almost! Also KD is looking gorgeous as well especially this time of year..
  17. ^They just installed new drive tires so I would be suprised if that was replaced as well! Anyways heres some more pics: Hulk as of yesterday evening More supports on the way!
  18. ^There is a yellow piece they put there. I guess six flags didn't bother intamin to actually redesign the seat itself..
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