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  1. It depends on the day, usually because of weather. I remember my first ride on it, being so small, I was thrown foreward into the restraint. I don't remember them being on that much until yesterday.
  2. It is definately worth the early entry when staying on the resort. I just stayed there Wednesday night and rode Maverick, MF, and Mantis by 11:00. You will definately want to head to Maverick first. Go to the Magnum gate back by Soak City inbetween 8:30 and 8:40 AM. The lines will get very long back there, but they let guests in 10 minutes early before unraveling the chain. Once they do that, RUN to Maverick. We were on the stairs when we finally stopped moving through the queue. Millennium Force and TTD aren't worth going to first because TTD only loads the first 3 rows until almost noon. Millennium Force is still testing with water dummies, which they have to take out, at 9:00 AM. Saturdays are the worst day to go. Wednesdays are pretty crowded for some reason too. The best days so far are Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. About the food, there are plenty of great places to eat. Not only are Midway Market and Game Day Grille great, but Famous Dave's is delicious. Don't forget that the park just added Panda Express and Chick-Fil-A, both great places to fill up. By the way, TTD now has the shortest wait out of the big 5. It can have a wait anywhere from 30 minutes, to 75 minutes. Maverick has a pretty constant wait, but the operators are amazing at running the ride. A full queue is an hour and a half. Maverick usually never breaks down, so maitenance isn't an issue. TTD runs much more efficiently too. I hope this helps.
  3. I never even noticed the black background back on SSC. I can't wait until the next update.
  4. Thats a very cool layout there. I made a similar layout with an inverted coaster. There is a bump on the helix though, and the immlemann isn't shaped too well at the top and in the twist. Other than that, it's a sweet little coaster. It must be fun to watch.
  5. It looks you had a great time. It's good to hear about Gemini, cause I think it's underrated. Maverick does have lots of ear banging, but in my opinion, it is too much of a fun coaster to pay attention to your ears. I also like maXair, probably the best flatride there.
  6. Here is one screenshot I took earlier. Sorry it isn't the best, but its a cool angle.
  7. Here is my newest coaster. I know about the supports, I don't know how to fix them, so if anybody has a tip, then post it. Timberwolf.nltrack
  8. All you can do about the snap is brace yourself. It knocks you around, but its not as bad as everybody thinks.
  9. Thats a cool looking park, better than I could do. The name really adds to it too.
  10. My grandpa and I got to the park at about 10:15 and headed straight for the back of the park. I got in line at about 10:45 for Maverick. The queue house is nice, complete with western music. From entering, it is about a half hour wait. At 11:15, I made it to the stairs. I was on the only landing inbetween flights when they made the announcement: "Maverick is currently down due to incoming weather." I decided to wait it out. The storm came in and it poured for a half an hour. For the next hour, it sprinkled, just enough to keep the ride closed. After another 45 minutes, they finally opened the ride again. It was only a two train wait for the front row, so I couldn't pass it up. I boarded the Iron(black) train, who's nickname was Ben(ironic, as my dad's name is Ben). Finally, I was all set to ride Maverick. Rolling out the station, you don't have time for anticipation to build. You get to the base of the lift hill and you take off. The ride has begun. You are up the lifthill in under 10 seconds. You slow down a bit at the top, and then its all fun from there. You are out of your seat from the moment you start going down, to the time you are pulling up. You are then thrown sideways into the first turn. The positive G's aren't as strong as you think, but the transitions are a lot more intense. You are thrown from one side to the other inbetween the turns. You barely notice the canyons around you. After that, you are thrown over the hill. You are again out of your seat and against the restraint for the whole top of the hill. Around another turn and you go into the two 0-g rolls. You are perfectly weightless and they are perfectly heartlined at the top. One last turn and then you fly into the dark, scary tunnel(sarcasm). As you slow down, the lights that are on turn off. You slowly roll as you try to figure out what just happened. All of a sudden, some lights along the side of the tunnel pop on and you take off. Im not going to give away the surprise, but its pretty cool. Down the tunnel you go, accelerating faster and faster, until you bank to the left, almost completely sideways, and leave the tunnel. Going up the hill, there is a small break section. It feels like the brakes are excessive, but you don't slow down much. There is a lot of air at the top of the hill over the pond. You bank and are taken down to the water's surface where you enter another canyon. The replacement track isn't too bad, you do get some air time though. The train then speeds through the first Stengel dive. It's quite a feeling going through an element like that. Following the Stengel dive is a turn into a second Stengel dive. This one is banked more and dives to the ground, unlike the first. The second one is more intense and is better in my opinion. The last bunny hill provides the last of Maverick's extreme airtime just before the last turn into the breaks. The turn and the stacking offer enough time for the blood to enter your legs again. I rode Maverick once more, this time a half an hour wait. After that, I rode Gemini and Magnum, both walk-ons. TTD had a 15 minute wait, which you can't beat. I only rode it once. My grandpa surprisingly wanted to ride Iron Dragon, so we went on it. He enjoyed it, but didn't want to ride again. Next for me was Millie. I still couldn't believe it got de-crowned. It was a 15 minute wait, but a great ride. Unfortunately, I only got one ride on maXair before another storm came in and we had to leave. I didn't get to ride Raptor or Mantis, but I will be sure to get them next time. Here are some Maverick pics: Here is that so awesome Stengel Dive. I would consider it an inversion. Its sweet to see the train go through that so fast. This hill produces some of the best airtime in the park. You can get right next to the ride on the new midways. On the way back, the trains seem to race or duel all the way to the brakes. The whole ride takes up a pretty big area. This shows just how much fills up that space. There are more good views on the train. There are some great views of the ride from the exit platform. The trains negotiate the turns very well. You can see part of the transition the train just left. Notice how small it is. Maverick still looks really good in the rain. The first view I got of Maverick
  11. If you go on less crowded days, TTD could have anything from a 15 to 45 minute wait. Same with MF. Maverick on the other hand, will have 30 to 60 minute waits on these days. More crowded days, expect the lines to double, maybe even triple(if it really gets crowded). TTD shouldn't be as bad as everybody says.
  12. Well, its done and fully functional. I ran it for about 10 runs and all but one was aligned the entire time. Im working on the video right now and should have it done by the end of the week. Here is a link to more pics: http://www.sscoasters.net/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=704 Im probably gonna get busted for that, but oh well.
  13. Im going the Friday of Labor Day weekend. I really hope it will be open then, I was only there three years ago to ride the Cyclone and grab a hotdog. I have been really wanting to go back and see what I missed.
  14. New update. I got a bit done and finished the drop from inbetween the loops. When I was testing, Lunar's train is about 2 cm in front of Solar's all the way to the bottom. So far, everything is going great. I also moved the coaster back after I took these pics so now I have enough room to finish this. More updates next week.
  15. Yeah, the loop looks very schwarzkopfish. As awesome as schwarzkopf is, this is suppossed to be a beemer, right? The drop looks like it has a bump in it right as it starts pulling up, like its too abrupt.
  16. Not only do all the roller coasters have inversions, but they are all good. For being a Vekoma, I LOVED Space Mountain and R&RC has much better theming. I got to ride Indy 4 times in about a half an hour. It was pretty much a wild mouse on drugs. I was at Disneyland in SoCal when I was a baby, so I don't remember it, but WDW had enough thrills for me when I was eight. I would probably disagree now that I have been to DLP cause it has more thrills.
  17. I got the helix and the immlemann done. Both tracks squeeze through the loop and will now dive to the ground. The only trick is that I have to get them lined up.
  18. I'm sure it has always been rough, but from what I remember, there were certain parts that were rougher than others. The half half and the last raven turn were really painful to me, but the rest was just like a regular arrow ride. I still enjoyed it though. Too bad there aren't more around.
  19. Thats pretty sick looking. I thought the one at Dorney Park flipped a lot too! Did anybody else notice all the lights? That would be sweet to have that many lights on the rides here.
  20. I should rephrase: The looks on their faces scare me
  21. Hurricane is a B&M inverted coaster with a tropical setting. I concentrated more on supports and scenery than anything else. Im proud of it, but I know there are some problems. Height: 132 Ft. Drop: 107 Ft. Loop Height: 107 Ft. Length: Approx. 3,440 Ft. Speed: 55 MPH Max Banking: 110* Max Positive G: 3.8 Hurricane.nltrack
  22. Nice pics. Now I'm scared to ride it. That looks sweet with the snow though.
  23. I might as well post this, but I have been working on this for well over a month. Both tracks are about 4 and 1/2 to 5 feet high. Solar(the red track) has one inversion and Lunar(purple track) has two. The loops interlock, so to speak. I'm currently working on a 270* helix for Lunar, and a very tight, almost immlemann type turn for Solar. Here is the last update.
  24. ^He is using a launch designed by somebody on another site. Basically, you pull the chain back, it puts tension on the rubber band, and launches. Gump was doing a lot of experiementing a couple months ago and basically mastered this system. Its really realistic, but it takes up a lot of pieces.
  25. Nice as usual Jogumpie. When is the next update? Maybe I should post S&L on here. Watch the non knex people go berzerk.
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