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  1. There is no doubt that the top of the inversion has to be inverted. I see the lift being inverted and just dropping straight into that inversion. AznShortBoi8021: They could have something like on the top of X. There could be a little dip and then the track rolls over, rises a little, and then drops into the inversion.
  2. Ok, I didn't mean to start a flame war. One ton=2000LBS Is everyone clear on that? Now that you guys mention all that, I don't think they overdid the supports. With the heavier trains and the chance of earthquakes, I'm sure that they would want more supports.
  3. Yay, rocket coaster # 10! I agree with coasterlover420. I hope they do some good theming like Superman. I also hope that it has and !
  4. I like the paint job. I wonder what it will be called. That track looks cool with the two huge pipes as the spine. I think they overdid the supports though. I can't wait for more updates.
  5. wow. That is one sick ride. I can definitely see this: around the loop. I can see this around the 0-g: I can't even follow the layout because its half underground.
  6. The drop looks like it will have some amasing airtime. I don't know about the second and third hills. They just may pull some ejector air but I doubt it. That turn looks like it will pull some massive Gs between the second and third hill. I too think the nets look kind of cool.
  7. Nice video. As I said on SSC, the track is unsupported. I can see why though. I love the ending of the ride. Incredible.
  8. In April, I am going to Germany. I am going with my Mom's school (she is a teacher). I already got ruled out from riding EGf because Hassloch is too far from Munich. I then discovered Olympia looping. Now I can't find the info I need and thought that you guys would know. Is it open all year? Does it stay in Munich all year? Where is it located in Munich? I already tried to look on RCDB but they have no info on it or Eurostar.
  9. Thanks for the info on the screaming squirrel. I haven't found the name of the song in the Hades video. Could someone give me the name real quick?
  10. First question. Are screamin squirrels painful rides? To me they look incredibly painful. Second question. What is the name of the songs in these videos: Hades POV Alton Towers Holiday Park If you guys can get me the names of those songs, it would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
  11. The reason the catwalks are up there is because there are lights INSIDE the track. They are up there to replace the bulbs or do maitenance. They wouldn't necissarily need the catwalk but it would make it a hell of a lot easier.
  12. Are you guys talking about that one turn that looks somewhat like a corkscrewhop? That one does look kind of painful if taken too fast. This is turning out to be a crazy looking coaster.
  13. I think a bit of the queue will be in the station. Some stations only have one level though (like Scorpion at BGT). Most have two levels (like Corkscrew at CP) and have the queue outside, the computers on the first level, and the loading station on the second level.
  14. I remember seeing a POV of it somewhere. I forgot where. It had a very wierd layout though.
  15. Is that like an inside joke or something? Anyway, the suspense is barely killing me...
  16. I think three stories is a bit overdone but its what the park wants. Its kind of strange because the station is going to have the computers, transfer tracks, loading platform, and queue all in one. Usually they are all in different places. Am I not making sense, or just talking crap?
  17. Yes. Its terrorizing the Midwest and Northeast and making the land all wet and white! Its HORRIBLE(not really)!
  18. You have probably seen my post on SSC by now. Just fix what I told you to and it will be "smashing!"
  19. They have a picture on a website(I forgot which one) and it is of the whole lifthill and the 90* banked turn and the picture almost scared me. This is truely going to be Nirvana. Anyone think the coasterwars are flaring up again?
  20. wowowowowow! That looks awesome! Want. To. Go. To. UK. Badly. *starts sucking thumb*
  21. Looks like a death machine with that drop after the station. They look flimsy too.
  22. I remember that model last year on SSC. You had a bit of a different layout though. Good luck this year.
  23. I rode Storm Runner and Montu and a lot of the other great and amasing coasters in the States but still, Europe is getting coasters that we may never see in the States. I doubt that anyone will come as close to coaster prefection as Expedition GeForce over here. You won't find many parks over here with the theming like on Black Mamba. There is no terrain accelerator coaster over here quite like this. I don't even think there is a terrain accelerator coaster over here.
  24. Does anyone know when they are going to start on the drop and the rest of the ride? Are they waiting for them to complete the rest of the landscaping? I have to agree with BiCoastal Kid. Those turns and the cork look intense.
  25. Thanks guys. I really want to ride it but I can't because I am young, poor, and not in charge. I will be coming close to riding in April. I will be going to Munich and I am trying to convince my mom to take a side trip there.(She is a teacher and is the head of her schools europe trip. She teaches foreign languages.) I know it will be worth it if I can. Thanks again.
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