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  1. I have driven by Lakeside on my way to ski resorts in the mountains twice. Too bad it was in February. I really want to go ride the Cyclone, and I have heard so much about the lights. Hopefully these are great additions to the park.
  2. Caliber is a GCI wood twister and is about 110 feet high. It features 7 high banked turns, a buckel, two low airtime hills, and an ending figure-8. There is one spot on top of the last big hill where the airtime goes red, but Im too lazy to fix it at the moment. Undertow is a Eurofighter about 115 feet high with only one inversion. Its fast and intense, but pretty short. The heartline roll was completely custom, so go easy on that. All the gs are in the green except for one part where it barely goes into the yellow. Blaze is still being worked on. It is a B&M terrain giga coaster. The trackwork is finished and the supports are about 70* done. Undertow.nltrack Undertow Caliber.nltrack Caliber
  3. I knew there were close calls, but not THAT close. I will have to fix those.
  4. Although this is cool stuff, it is old. Patriot does look good with that white stripe though!
  5. ^^^I had to modify it a little bit so it would go faster through the elements, especially the immlemann. I would have liked a faster coaster, but I didn't want to add LIM's on a ride that wouldn't have them. Im going to try and stay as realistic as possible with this game.
  6. This is Lightyear, a 150 foot tall floorless coaster with a max positive geforce of 4.2. It took me about a week to create it all. Here is the track download. I hope you guys like it. Lightyear.nltrack
  7. ST is still my favorite wooden coaster. I guess that shows that I haven't been on very many good woodies, or that it rained right before my last two rides the last time I was there. It is getting rough though.
  8. Thanks for all the help guys. I will run to S:UF first and go around the park after. You guys are awesome.
  9. Hey guys. In a couple of days, I am going to Chicago and will visit SFGAm while I am there. I want to ride S:UF (Never been on one), but I heard the lines were really long. What is the best time to go ride it during the day? I am going on a Thursday. Also, how are the lines for raging bull, Deja Vu, and American Eagle? Thanks.
  10. Woah. I agree with Carnage and Canadmos. I still hope I can get out there and ride it.
  11. New theory, but I have high doubts. Take "bear" and "a-foot" and mix them together. A new ride could be called Bearclaw? I have high doubts though.
  12. Is the noise your talking about the high pitched screech on wooden coasters at the end of the season? I hate that sound. It happens on Mean Streak all the time. It only happens on the wooden coasters though.
  13. I have not encountered this screeching sound you guys are talking about. The most I hear on Intamin's are just a rattling metal. It happens a lot on MF's yellow train.
  14. I think its supposed to seeing that it's called the Patriot, its painted red, white, and blue, its in the Americana section of the park, etc.
  15. Ok, we have confirmed the vertical drop. From what I can see, it looks like there is a support beam every 5 to 10 feet. Wow.
  16. They really did a great job with the paint job on this. I really love the racing stripe on the track. I hope we will see that more often. That drop looks like amasing from that angle too. I don't like the trains too. I don't think they should have done the restraints red. If they did blue, I would think that there would be too much. Maybe white? That would get too dirty. Black? Un-American, but so is yellow. I just dont get it.
  17. A couple years back, I wanted to go down there. Then I realized that I should wait until they build a new coaster. Im still waiting. You guys will see me down there when they open up a new one.
  18. The beginning looks like it will suck. The turnaround is very wierd for sure and the whole ride seems to lack speed from what the animation looks like. The S-turn into the overbank looks like an amasing combo full of lateral Gs. The ending looks very fun with those pops of airtime.
  19. ^I have skipped school to go to CP on opening day. I just didn't go for a big coaster and stand and wait for it to open. I was just happy to ride a roller coaster in six months.
  20. I like that name. I think it would fit good in Frontiertown too. For some reason, I have this gut feeling that CPs next coaster will be from B&M and the track will be painted aqua. Strange.
  21. IMHO, I don't really think the lines will be that long. On TTD, I have waited 1 hour and 45 minutes and we had to go through four or five queue sections. This queue isn't anywhere near the size of the queue of TTD. I don't think the trains will slow down capacity either. Correct me if I'm wrong, There are 5 cars in a train with either 18 or 20 seats in a train. There are three trains too. Thats not that bad. Also, its a school day, Only die-hard enthusiasts and people lucky enough to be at the park that day will be riding it.
  22. I wonder how much more amasing the ride will look after all the theming is complete...
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