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  1. It would be cool to have a cool, never been seen before element on a flyer. Something like an immleman, corkscrew and drop to ground. It would look similar to a sea serpent.
  2. I just made a video of CP and I wanted to have a couple of sites host it. I wanted to e-mail it but I found out I can't with hotmail. I was wondering if you can upload videos to the forum or would it be too big? Should I try doing something else? Thanks in advanced.
  3. I was looking at my sweet coaster calender and the pic is of Desperado. I was thinking how good of a ride it is. I was wondering if you guys have been on it (Im sure you have) and thought it was a good ride. I have always wanted to go out there and ride it.
  4. Definate: Cedar Point Most likely: Michigan's Adventure Geagua Lake Holiday World Maybe: Six Flags Great America Mt. Olympus Theme Park
  5. I didn't see anything about what CP is up to, so I guess I will start my own topic. Everyone thinks that they are getting a S&S screamin' swing because of that strange piece in the Soak City parking lot. Everyone on Pointbuzz is sold that it will be for a screamin' swing because it looks like the top piece of Xtreme Swing going to Valleyfair! I think that there is more coming for 2006. It would be a disapointment if it was just a screamin' swing. I think they are also getting a Skyswat. I think the park would do good with one. Hopefully they are getting a package deal with more than one ride. What do you guys think?
  6. I have only been there once and I think the scariest was X because it was completely different and insane. I think I need to fly out there and ride it a couple more times. I hated Psyclone. It was very rough and they had the trims on. Colossus was also rough but it was ok.
  7. That paintjob is awesome but they should have done a layout similar to Xcelerator like origionally planned.
  8. Hey guys. Im new. This ride looks awesome. I can't wait until its done and I can go ride it. It looks great so far.
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