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  1. I got on the second train after it reopened at night. That probably was one of the best ride experiences I've ever had, simply amazing.
  2. Top ten? Seems challenging, I'll try After several attempts, I couldn't find it possible. So here's my top fifteen, only allowing one song per band. I tried to put them in some type of order, 1) - Hotel California - Eagles 2) - Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who 3) - Foreplay/Its Been Such a Long Time - Boston 4) - Come Sail Away - Styx 5) - Vienna - Billy Joel 6) - Blinded by the Light - Manfred Mann's Earth Band 7) - American Pie - Don McLean 8) - Fool in the Rain - Led Zeppelin 9) - Radar Love - Golden Earnings 10) - Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen 11) - Goodbye Stranger - Super Tramp 12) - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - Journey 13) - Money for Nothing - Dire Straits 14) - Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison 15) - Carry on my Wayward Son - Kansas
  3. I quite enjoy the ride. But I think that goes without saying
  4. For the movies, I'd say the first is the best. For the books, the second. I love all of them though, definitely one of my favorite movie series. And I'd recommend anyone who hasn't read the books to read them. They're really different from the movies in a cool way and go way deeper into the whole Chaos Theory.
  5. Okay. That argument is the most ridicules thing I've ever seen. Are you seriously saying anyone who eat meat doesn't care about the environment? How?!?! I donate tons of money to conservation groups and enjoy eating Hamburgers at every chance possible. I do agree with you on the grounds of seafood. Personally, I never eat seafood because I believe commercial fishing is unsustainable but that has little to do specifically with SeaWorld. In fact, I would venture to say conversationalists are working to dissolve the methods used by commercial fishermen. IGFA pushed to end all billfish sales in the United States, and won, and the Costa Rican government along with conservation groups are pressuring to end long lining on the Pacific coast. WWF is working hard to help Bluefins. To blast SeaWorld because they sell fish is silly. Might as well protest Outback, Carrabba's, McDonald's, and the freaking Catholic Church.
  6. Eagles - Hotel California Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin II Who- Who's Next
  7. Beyond the bumper cars and sky diving, I'm actually rather disappointed by this. The whole revolutionary aspect of Oasis was the open central park and boardwalk, as well as the huge promenade. It kinda surprised me to see them dropping them entirely with these ships, as well as dropping ice skating, viking lounge, aqua theater, and the zip line. However, I do love the 270 dinning room. Of all things, it really amazes me how they can provide amazing views by day and huge theming at night. Just a brilliant combination of food and entertainment somewhat lacked on previous ships.
  8. xtreme, those medieval buildings are absolutely wonderful, and your foliage is amazing! Keep up the great work! coaster rider, lovely start. Like Coupon said, it reminds me a lot of Mike's parks; amazing ncs work! I can't wait to see more of the park!
  9. To building and game in the first picture are amazing! It's great to see more use of terrain in this park, and the same can be said about the next picture. However it seems as though a color may be off in the second screen. Possibly change the color of the log flume itself from black to an aqua shade? Besides this, two excellent screens! Can't wait to see more!
  10. Obviously from my username: this post is biased My view on the subject is this, without SeaWorld and most other zoological parks and aquariums through the world many people who don't have the ability to travel the world in search for wild animals would never get the chance to see them. By seeing these animals, by watching them in amazement, they really feel more connected to them. From this many people end up donating to a conservation fund or buying souvenirs that donate money to the funds. Further more, compare the results of WWF or Busch's efforts on the environment to PETA's. Over the past years, SeaWorld has saved hundreds of injured Manatees from getting killed, prolonging their lives and helping the total population of the species. PETA has done nothing similar to this, but rather protested those who saved the animals. And of course Manatees aren't the only animals these wildlife funds support. WWF alone has easily saved over a hundred different species, while PETA can't claim they've saved one.
  11. Only forty five minutes left for it to begin, can't wait! Good luck everybody
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