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  1. Yes! So glad this is happening! Thanks Braz, RD, and other mods!
  2. Very nice park! My only real complaint is the color on the rapids ride, Silver and Aqua really don't look to nice together, unlike your parking lot entrance, which colors really work well together! The wooden coaster from the last page is simply amazing.
  3. Thanks CC9! Took a little longer than it was supposed to, but the new coaster is finally done! Operation: Overlord was the last step of converting the War Zone from not super specific war theme, to an all out WWII theme. The ride also split up the area into two parts, Germany with Dive Bomber and Aces; and Normandy, France with Overlord and "The Gun" flat ride. SCR3.BMP An overview of the new ride As seen here, the mentioned surprise was a dark-ride section with a second lift hill, the first of it's kind on a GCI, all of which is highly themed the WWII (which makes it awesomer)! SCR4.BMP The entrance and line. The line features one similar feature that the old Battle Ship also had, a pass under Ace. Notice how many people are on Ace and The Gun compared to Overlord's line alone. SCR5.BMP TWISTY! The ride has a large drop and bunny hill before the lift even starts, thus a fly-by! SCR6.BMP This curved air-time hill is basically a symbol for the ride. The first lift drops into a cave, comes out and preforms this element, goes into another cave, and comes out in the spaghetti bowl of the last image. CI Hacked.BMP Seriously awesome air time! The ride's exit ramp provides some great picture opportunities as well. SCR7.BMP This is the ride's dark ride section. Heavy themed to a Nazi fort, that the riders have to escape out of. The events within this building lead to the second lift, and the drop out of it, which is amazingly steep! Hope you enjoyed this update! What's next? A refurbishment of an older area and the addition of the footers in the last update to the coasters that go over water. And don't worry... no new coasters
  4. Commerson's Island, San Fransisco, California, US. www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=56533 Adventure Beach (Time line park, 1987), Pompano Beach, Florida, US www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=56031 Rockin' America, Buffalo, New York, US. www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=56474
  5. I'm back again! After a couple weeks of being un-able to build in my normal parks, (and after a few months for this park...) 1987 This year, instead of building the "biggest and baddest" coasters and thrill rides, the park decided to renovate the oldest areas of the park. Renovation would make the older area more attractive, with a cleaner look and would bring the buildings up to new codes, and along with these the park could enhance the theming to help it compete with parks up in Central Florida. SCR3.BMP An Overview of the completed renovations. SCR11.BMP This area received a wooden walkway, which really went well with the area's theming. SCR5.BMP The entrance itself was largly changed, from a huge mass of concrete and planters with soaring weeds, to a lush, old timer theme with beautiful greenery. SCR9.BMP The other a large changes were made to the fountain and train station. Both of which are 100% different from the originals, and both now have a new life! SCR12.BMP Unfortunately, not all changes were good... Comet, one of the last two remaining Harry G. Traver coasters lost it's old Prior & Church/Traver trains for new PTC trains. The new ride experience doesn't compare to the old one. But the P&S trains were falling apart and couldn't be used anymore... Hope you enjoyed this update! What's next? I actually don't know this time.... 1988... hmm...
  6. Use 8cars, go to "Landscape", click "Cap land at max height". That'll bring it down to 120 ft, which you can then normally bring the land down. But if you don't own the land after this glitch happens, you have to invert land ownership, bring it down normally, then invert land ownership again. Only problem is you wouldn't own the land after the glitch is fixed.
  7. Ours- themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=1862 Lepiota Park http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/images/thumb/1862_SCR3.BMP
  8. I'm a bit confused, alien encounter in a kid's area? That sounds counter-productive
  9. I really do love this park. Nice and small, very efficient. I really hope you submit this to NE, I'd bet it would win something Although something I notice is that the arrow looks under-supported where it goes over the path, easy fix.
  10. ^ That's awesome. More proof I'm still building, two very unfinished rides: Smoke & WtW.BMP Smoke on the Water and Walk This Way
  11. Looks awesome! Love the name of the suspended coaster My only real compliant is that it looks like the board walk is floating on the water, possible add supports underneath? Either way, awesome park, keep up the good work!
  12. Very nice! Blue and white always work together on Arrows, the station is very good and double corkscrew looks quite nice as well. Can't wait to see more!
  13. I've really got to disagree with you, I'm probably the pickiest person when it comes to roller coaster's flow on this forum, and too me Seagull Cove's coasters all had great flow and layouts with the multi-looper being the best of the bunch, same for PSI's park (except the boomerang).
  14. Both were great parks, but of course I want mine to win, but I can't vote for my own team, so... I just won't vote
  15. While the architecture is beautiful, and the ride's flow in the small section alone is outstanding, the color just doesn't feel right. I think that screen would look 90 time better if you changed the aqua color to white wood, or something along those lines, the aqua just doesn't look right.
  16. ^ Thanks! I'm just going to get straight to the point here: NEW COASTER! Construction has already begun! SCR1.BMP SCR2.BMP Secondly, I have four or so coaster that go into the ocean, and while this is somewhat "Unrealistic" the layouts and theming were good and I didn't want them to go... So I came up with this idea to add something to them, yes or no?
  17. This may look like a very, very, very incomplete pic (which it kinda is...) but it does prove I've finally fixed something three in one2.bmp
  18. Great update! I really like the station, it makes the ride look much better! Keep up the awesome work, you have a great park.
  19. I'm happy to see this getting new life, it looks great but as mentioned before, the woodie's beginning could use some work. But everything else is wonderful!
  20. 17/20, I'm as much of a LEGO enthusiast as a theme park one, so most of the company related questions were the easy ones for me. I mostly messed up on "How many bricks..."
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