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  1. Average Reaction Time: .2184 (rounded to the ten-thousandth) Gender: M Time Test Is Taken: 7:58 pm est Age: 14 Do you play video games frequently: Yes
  2. That's really good looking BAB! I like the coaster, really nice natural feel and great flow. ^ That is basically what I did, just lowered the wooden track instead. Corscrewy, meh, it just doesn't look right with only the wooden track... And thanks Traincorssin! Slight change, I think it did a lot, Texas Giant2.BMP Added the steel ties,
  3. The new coaster is very nice, the station is beautiful, and the ride it self is very creative, and has great flow! Also, for ncs, the theater is great! Awesome park, can't wait to see more!
  4. Big Bad Wolf- BGW Batman and Robin: Chiller, Batman and Robin- SFGadv Thunder express (I don't remember going on it, but my mom said I did.)- Dollywood Python- BGT High Roller Coaster- Stratosphere Dragon Wagon- Old Town Great American Scream Machine- SFGadv The only ones I somewhat miss are Big Bad Wolf and Python, but both were and will be replaced wisely.
  5. Thanks! I tried to go with an older looking entrance, to keep with the farmland's opening feel. It's March 4th! The park has reopened after it's winter off-season, and almost all of the park's ride ops were working their a$$es off! This is probably due to K&M ent. new program that gives modest bonus to a group of ride ops for good capacity. Along with this, the hotel opened, although It was booked full, so I couldn't get in... but here's a quick update from the park: D day.BMP One of the things that amazed me was that BattleShips is already gone, and a great amount of terrain work has already started on it's site. I wonder if Commerson's Island is getting a terrain coaster next season? That'd be awesome! Also the theater is gone, and was replaced by what looks to be the foot of a building, perhaps a dark ride awaits the future? Although I'm not to sure how that'd turn out... K&M ent. has yet to make a good one. France.BMP BattleShips' old maintenance bay, gutted, and now completely empty. Will the next ride reuse it? Normandy.BMP Lastly, Raiders is still closed, and work continues in the station building, the ride's whole area was blocked off... That's all for today, hope you liked! Next update will be sometime next week.
  6. hmm, I suddenly love Facebook! I'm going to go email him right away!
  7. You don't need Facebook. I have one, but don't go on except for, at the most, once a month... In all honestly it's rather pointless, in my opinion.
  8. I'll do it. I normally don't give hugely detailed advise, but if you want detailed advice I can definitely do it.
  9. It would have to be Tower of Terror for me, the ride's amazing, the story's wonderful, and I love the architecture style used throughout the ride.
  10. YES! I may actually be able to go to this one! Great news that a park near me finally is going to have one of these events.
  11. Very nice coaster, great flow, and the station is quite nice! Glad to see you back, continue the great work!
  12. It's a collage of pictures I've taken these past two years of several coasters from BGT, SFOG, DollyWood, and UNIOA, all put together and Manta's logo (one of my old avatars) put in the middle to symbolize it's awesomeness Coasters included are- GASM, Mindbender, SheiKra, Scorcher, Goliath, Kumba (not seen, but there), Thunderhead, CheeTaka, Montu, Dragon Challenge (same as Kumba), Hulk (same), and Rockit (same). Awesome, right?
  13. I got to 500 points today! I'm going to download Coasters In The Raw: Steel: Volume One as well.
  14. Theming. Most Tubular supports will have it, while the square supports won't.
  15. Excellent work! Love the flyer, and the hybrid is amazing. I have no complaints, so keep up the great work!
  16. This is an amazing feature, thanks for taking the time to develop this for us. TPR really is an awesome site
  17. Dania Beach Hurricane. Which happens to be the only roller coaster at my home park, so this decision was quite easy.
  18. ^ Quite a good layout, hope to see some great theming added to the ride. DJ, That's awesome. It has a very nice flow to it, and has amazing supporting. Although, you should save it until the third round, cause you're going to need it
  19. Thanks everyone! Well, back again from a long time of nothingness, but back, and there'll be another update soon enough (next week or so...). Never the less, onto the update: *This update is in the form of a trip report type update* With the park opening in a couple of weeks on March 4th for the new season, along with the grand opening of the new hotel, the park offered a VIP tour for a small group. I was one Anyway, all the rides were testing, except two, Raider's station was getting worked on. Also K&M's CEO, Perez III, was there for some Q&A. Someone asked why Rockin' America's construction had come to a stand still, his answer was problems with a Vekoma........... I took two pictures of the event, sters Int.bmp First of all, the park's beautiful new entrance! Great Coa.BMP Shocking news for bobsled fans, Battleships is going away. Nothing new has been anounced, but that brings the park's count to 20, the lowest it has ever been for several years. And that's all for now, you guys have any ideas about what will take Battle Ship's new empty beach? There's got to be some hints somewhere...
  20. I'm confused, is February or March going to be the due month? I thought we already had February's going.
  21. 15 by 15 is 250, thus the limit of micros is 250 square blocks, It doesn't have to be a square formation, it could be 250 long and 1 wide. But that is far larger than 250. Although it looks really great!
  22. I've got the terrain and the layout finished. Supporting about 10% done and theming about 1% done. Makin' progress
  23. I've got too many projects going right now, and too much homework. Between the two I really can't do this
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