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  1. SyFy comes up with the worst ideas for monster movies ever. I wonder if Sharktopus can predict World Cup games.
  2. After years of going on Cruise Ships (and in all honestly I've been on more ships than parks... going on several every year) I would have to say the worst large company is Carnival, and the best, by far is Royal Caribbean. I've been on the Oasis of the Seas, and it is just amazing! Beautiful, fun, exciting, and overall a great vacation that's comparable to a theme park. I already have an Allure trip planned for next year.
  3. djbrcace1234: Thanks! Dotrobot: Thanks! Braztaz: Thanks, the entrance thing is a bit of an annoyance, the stations look nicer from the sides without the default entrance... I suppose just building the roof higher would work best? (please note that this update was made before you said this). Thanks again! dmaxsba2408: Four that I know of, it's quite dead there... but here there's lots of nice people! Thanks! CC9: How, I never seen you before in my life 1971 1971, when Disney opened up North in Orlando. Adv Bea didn't think much of the park at first (they would soon be proven very wrong), and concentrated more on the competition from Pirate's World. One thing that Pirate's World had, and Adv Bea lacked was a good log flume. So after years of adding to the back of the park, this time the park decided to add the attraction closer to the front, and with a tropical theme instead of a forest. Palm Falls was created... Here's an overview, The station (again, made before your suggestion; I'll fix this the next update), and the final drop, it's a big one! As you can see, it rains quite a bit in South Florida... What will happen next? I have no idea! Yet I hope you like Palm Falls!
  4. Holy... I'm normally not into RCT3 that much, but... this is just amazing!
  5. haha, that is so cool! Where does that cs come from? Batman and Goliath look great! Keep up the great work!
  6. Dania Beach Hurricane, 30 times in a row... IS FUN! That makes it 40 times this summer, with two more trips left...
  7. I would never pay that much to go to this park! Just kidding Love the park, you win for the Pokemon area. I say you should build a zoo or aquarium on the other side.
  8. Great park! Really has the Six Flags feel to it, the mine train looks good! Can't wait to see more!
  9. I love how you edit the pictures to look old! Great park, the coaster looks awesome!
  10. Hello everybody! First post/ thread here! Adventure Beach is my theme park in RCT2 that is built and presented in a timeline, meaning every post is a different year and we go through the history of the park... It started in another forum, so it's currently in 1968 (Click HERE if you want to see the rest of the history before 1958). Here's a quick summery of the story, * Opened it 1943 by K&M entertainment in the city of Pompano Beach, Florida (near Fort Lauderdale). Comet roller coaster built. * Latter in 1943 the park expanded with Aventura roller coaster. * In 1945 jungle area and a kid's area opened. Flying Turns roller coaster opened. * In 1952 Storm Roller coaster opened. * In 1957 Hacbe's Mine roller coaster opened. * In 1960 Hurricane Donna flooded Flying Turn's track with debris, it wouldn't be opened for four years. * In 1964 Hot Rod coaster opens along with new Ocean area. * In 1965 Hacbe's Mine took Disco Inferno to seriously. *[added after original post]* * In 1968 Runaway Mine-Train built (see below) * In 1971 Disney opens and Palm Falls built (Page 1) * In 1975 Disney causes Pirates World to close, and Adv. Beach enters bankruptcy, and builds Sea Serpent as last attempt not to die. * In 1978 Park receives large rise n attendance, and builds Dolphin exhibit and Florida Panther Roller Coaster. * In 1980 Car Ride also liked disco waaay to much... burn baby burn... * In 1981: Dirt! * In 1982, Hurricane and Tornado open. * In 1984 Dino Rapids opens. * In 1986 *yet to be named* alpine themed arrow suspended coaster opens. * In 1987 front areas of the park renovated, new main fountain that celebrates the spirit of Adventure! Also Comet's trains replaced. ok, now that that's done ON TO 1968! This logo was made by Ace Of Spades 1968 After the fire mess was all cleaned up, Adv Bea hired Arrow Dynamics to build a new coaster on the ashes (literally) of the old mine ride. Arrow Dynamics had made a reputation for them selves making Matterhorn Bobsleds which out did Adv Bea's old Hacbe's Mine. But this time, Adv Bea went out to out-do Six Flag's Texas and Georgia's new mine train coasters. Adv Bea's Runaway Mine Train was made. An overview of the new coaster, It goes through the forest quite a bit. The park reused some of the old mine's wood that wan't burned down, which saved them money. It goes next to the lake, It goes under ground too, but it's a little hard to see from this pic, Also, the boat rentals are goon (with the wind(well, really the fire)), the lake is now just there to look nice , I hope you like it! And I look forward to being a member of these forums!
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