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  1. Congratulations Chris! And thanks to the mods for putting up this awesome contest! It was really fun!
  2. My opinions on Steve Jobs himself lie similar to schotj, however, I do believe that Jobs has made large improvements in the area of mobile computing and smart phones, easily more so than anyone else; as well as several important improvements to the modern computer. Although something I've been noticing as a reoccurring theme on the news is people calling Steve Jobs the next Tomas Edison, Henry Ford, or Alexander Graham Bell, which I believe it a total exaggeration. As I said I believe he did some great things, but to list him among the most important inventors of all time isn't right. RIP Steve Jobs
  3. Getting better! The helix makes Supernova look better, and the new coaster is nice! Two suggestions from me would be to add a bit more terrain to the park (ie: sand, dirt, etc) rather than mostly grass, like what you did with the new coaster's ash. And the second thing, which is more opinionated, but it may look better if Apocalypse had darker supports as it has a warish theme. Not sure though.
  4. The carousel is absolutely beautiful, although not really in love with the orange building behind it. Architecture is very nice, but just not a fan of the colors. Besides that though, awesome picture. Can't wait to see more!
  5. http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/images/thumb/2428_SCR2.BMP themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2428
  6. Probably just a crazy idea, but Greased Lightnin'. As John Travolta played Bolt in the movie BOLT, and also was in Grease, which Lightnin' is themed after. Edit: also as for the new clue, Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, very close to Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville.
  7. Brilliant, simply brilliant. Wonderful idea, and you did a great job building it. Also the foliage in the screen is very well done. Awesome park, can't wait to see more!
  8. 1988 Remained a quite year for the park, a small gift shop opened up across the lake from Hopper, and nothing more. 1989 However, when it came too 1989, Adventure Beach again created a great coaster. Aiming for a ride a bit under the intensity of Panther, Hurricane, or *yet to be named suspended coaster*, but still an entirely unique experience that the whole family could enjoy. There choice fell to a well proven model, and even more so manufacturer, of the shuttle loop by Anton Schwarzkopf. The park located a long and thin plot of land on the edge of the forest section of the park, which the model would fit into perfectly. Construction started and now, the ride is complete and open to the masses! Moccasin SCR6.BMP Here is the ride herself, the fourth Schwarzkopf and third Snake related ride in the park. SCR10.BMP One side of the station, facing into the forest. For the station, I tried to pull of the image of Storm's station in the previous picture, but a more rugged-shack feel to it. SCR9.BMP The other side of the station, which is actually the entryway to the ride untitled.bmp LOOP-DE-LOOP!!! Also note the small cave at the bottom of the image, the opposite side of the forest also has a cave as an entry way, so this one kinda more solidified the idea. And that's pretty much it! Hope you like'd it! Any and all criticism is welcomed and encouraged!
  9. Busch Gardens Tampa sometime in early October/ late September
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