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  1. I haven't been to Knotts in a long time, this Bert filming sounds very fun. I'm definitely going to try to check it out!
  2. WOW! Seeing the track and trains are making me beyond excited to ride GL! Looks amazing so far, cant wait for veritcal contruction
  3. I always remember having the same dream over and over when I was younger. Superman at SFMM would go too fast for the height of the tower and fly off the top of the track I guess thats not a dream but more of a nightmare
  4. It looks like Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble last night and CM Punk cost Randy Orton a win in his championship match with The Miz. Expect a fued to begin with Randy Orton and The New Nexus.
  5. We do now. I just confirmed with Neal over at SFMM that both sides will be going backwards. Thanks for the heads up Robb! This makes me very happy. The thought of them running two different cars on the track would seem very awkward looking and ugly IMO but i'm glad we dont have to worry about that.
  6. So, does anyone know if Superman got new trains for both sides or if they just going to run the left side backwards?
  7. WOW, Superman Atraccion de Acero looks AMAZING! but I have only been on Scream! at SFMM, so that is my biased favorite
  8. Orton is wrestling Miz in a WWE Title Match during the Royal Rumble PPV so he wont be competing in the actual Royal Rumble Match. I think Orton is gonna win the title in his match with Miz that night and take the title into Wrestlemania. Who is that huge guy that took out Cena last night and joined the Nexus?
  9. I would definitely have to agree with you about Del Rio being a big threat to win the Rumble, it seems like him and John Morrison have been moving up to the top of the WWE pretty fast recently, so them two and CM Punk are who I think have the best chance of winning the Rumble. What do you think is going to happen with the WWE title in the next couple months? Do you think Miz is going to have a long title reign or do you think Orton is going win it back? I personally think that Orton is going to enter Wrestlemania with the title.
  10. Here is a link to another video of Superman testing from youtube. It is shot from close to the tower and you can see a detailed look at the train. Enjoy. ADMIT EDIT: We have a feature where you can embed YouTube videos into your post so you don't have to click, open up another browser, and watch the video. Please use that feature next time.
  11. I really like #2 and #4 but im going to give the slight edge to #4. It looks great!
  12. Everyone going to WCB 2011 are in for a real treat! Props to SFMM for always giving the people who attend WCB something very special to look forward to. It seems like every year WCB at SFMM gets better and better! Im very jealous of everyone that is attending and bummed I cant make it.
  13. Hi Alveys, I have always wondered about why some coasters have staircases on both sides of the the lift hill and others only have it on one side of the lift? I like when the coaster has stairs on one side (seems more intimidating). So I was just curious on who decides what coasters get one sided staircases and others get both sides? Thanks.
  14. I'm really digging that color scheme on the stand-up coaster. Looks very pretty!
  15. Im pretty excited because I just found out that me and a couple friends are going to Knott's Berry Farm in 2 weeks! I havent been there for a long time (since Xcelerator was brand new) so I get to ride three 3 rides that I have yet to ride! (Silver Bullet, Sierra Sidewinder and Pony Express) Anyway, I was curious if you guys knew the best ways for me and my friends to get discounted/cheapest tickets to the park? Thanks a lot.
  16. I find the GP very entertaining while waiting in line for rides, some of the conversations are comical! I also enjoy checking the SFMM facebook page for some funny GP comments, today someone wrote that the new trains for Superman :EFK are currently testing at Six Flags Over Texas
  17. My guess for the winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble would be between Randy Orton, Sheamus or maybe even CM Punk.
  18. Is there any word on when Triple H is going to return? I think Raw is in need of one more big superstar to throw in the mix.
  19. From the looks of that picture it looks Scream!'s paint is completely flat with no gloss or shine whatsoever. Really makes the ride look worn out and old, thats a shame but its only paint so its all good. Maybe one day Scream! will get a new paint scheme
  20. I used to be obsessed with WWF. I started watching it when I was a little kid and I love Ultimate Warrior, The Rockers and Undertaker. Then when Stone Cold was introduced I got even more obsessed! The attitude era was so amazing and very entertaining. My favorites during that time were Stone Cold, DX, Kane, Undertaker. My favorite storylines/fueds were The Rock/Stone Cold, Stone Cold/Vince McMahon, Kane/Undertaker/Paul Bearer, Stone Cold/Undertaker. I was lucky enough to go to 3 different live WWF events: 1. House Show @ San Diego Sports Arena in 1998 2. 1999 Royal Rumble (No Chance in Hell) @ Arrowhead Pond (Honda Center) in Anaheim, CA. This event was amazing! This was the Royal Rumble in which Vince McMahon won the Royal Rumble by screwing over Stone Cold. Also, The Rock vs. Mankind in an epic "I Quit" match where the Rock handcuffed Mankind and hit him with a chair about 25-50 times! 3. Monday Night Raw @ San Diego Sports Arena in 1999. Shane McMahon made a main event: Lumberjack Match between The Rock and Stone Cold which ended with The Rock and Stone Cold getting tossed off the ramp onto a table! Here is a youtube link to that Raw main event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TuDcl1QbI I stopped watching WWF in 2001-02 during the time when WCW joined WWF. I was pissed because I hated WCW. About a year ago I started watching RAW again. It isn't the same or as good as the attitude era was IMO but it is still pretty entertaining. I also feel like there isn't too many marketable personalities and crowd favorites/crowd hated wrestles nowadays as there used to be. My favorites theses days are Randy Orton, Triple H, Sheamus, John Cena and Nexus. My least favorites are Edge, Chris Jericho and Michael Cole (I almost want to mute the TV when he talks about Miz) I will alway enjoy the memories WWF gave me over the years! I still have my ticket stubs, 1998 DX shirt, Austin 3:16 Shirt and DX foam finger locked away in storage somewhere all from the attitude era! Good thread keep it coming!
  21. I remember back in 10th grade our high school class took a trip to KBF. When we were riding the dark ride they used to have (I think it was called Kingdom of the Dinosaurs) it would break down about 12 times during the course of one lap of the ride. I remember a voice recording telling everyone to remain seated everytime the ride would stop, but that didnt me from riding it over and over thanks to a lady friend sitting next to me. I miss being a stupid teenager on a dark ride
  22. I have a couple that I can remember: Superman: The Escape SFMM: our train stopped behind the curtain and we where stuck there for about 15 mins. Riddler's Revenge SFMM: our train got stuck on the MCBR for about 30 mins and we had to exit the train. Freefall SFMM: our train got stuck while on top of the the tower in the drop zone for about 25 mins, then without warning we dropped! It really added to the thrill! All of my experiences at SFMM having a breakdown the staff always gave the whole train front of the line passes for any coaster at the park, which was amazing on crowded summer days!
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