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  1. -Moose Tracks -Phish Food -Cookie Dough -Rocky Road -Cookies and Cream
  2. Thought I would share this beautiful picture of Superman's new paint. looking amazing!
  3. ^ I'm pretty sure that Superman is scheduled to open before Green Lantern. Why does it matter to you what people think the lines are going to be like for Green Lantern? When it opens we will all find out! Regardless, my guess would be that the lines will be pretty long considering how unique Zac-Spins look.
  4. Agreed! Enough taking about the food at SFMM, we have no control over the prices and or quality of the food served. I don't know about all of you but I go to SFMM for the thrills I get on the rides not the quality of the food. If you dont like the food then leave the park and go choose something else in Valencia, end of story.
  5. I have only ridden Tatsu during the day, but it seems like it would be wonderful in the dark! Something about going up that lift hill really seems to get my anticipation going and I imagine that it would be 10x better at night time.
  6. Yeah, I think the blue signifies the highest the car will go if SFMM sees the car get into the red paint they will consider this project a success!
  7. Wow! This brings back so many memories! That VHS was the video that got me obsessed with wanting to ride all the big rides at Magic Mountain. I remember renting that video at my local library and watching it over and over again! I also remember all the videos everyone else has mentioned like Kidsongs and all the America's Greatest Rollercoasters videos (I remember thinking the guy in the 1st video was really annoying while riding the coasters.) Nonetheless I would watch all these videos religously for years. My cousin actually got interviewed after riding Desperado at Buffalo Bill's for one of those "Americas Greatest Coasters" videos. When they had those Travel Channel Coaster shows I would record them and watch them countless times. Those shows really got me wanting to travel the US to ride coasters at Cedar Point and other parks beside SFMM. I'm pretty sure I could find all of those old videos somewhere packed away at my parents house. It would be pretty cool to watch those after 10+ years without watching them.
  8. ^Glad that you and your daughter had a good time at SFMM today. Loving the Superman paint! Can't wait till more of the blue fills in and I really like the shade of red they used.
  9. While I am channel surfing I notice myself every now and again stoping on Nick while "iCarly" is on That Miranda Cosgrove girl is going to be so hot when she is a little bit older. Wow I feel like a creeper right now.
  10. You are correct. I think that would look pretty rad but I can't see SFMM doing that, although I wish they would!
  11. This is GREAT news! Beyond excited! Not too familiar with the Zac Spin coasters but they look very fun! I dont know why but I am super excited with the Superman transformation, love the name and can't wait to see the skyline after the tower gets painted with its great new colors. Is it 2011 yet?
  12. Although I hate both the teams, I think the World Series is gonna be a repeat of last year: Yankees vs. Phillies but this year I think its gonna be Phillies taking it in 6 games. I'm still bitter about the Padres choking down the strech and missing the playoffs Also I have always loved Bruce Bochy as a manager but I dont see the Giants getting past the pitching and bats of the Phillies.
  13. taken a couple months back after a Padres game, (im on the right)
  14. ^^^Judging from the picture of Superman you took, its look likes those are the original trains and both of them seem to be facing forward like normal. You also said you've "never ridden Superman and probably never will." Just curious but why do you think you will never ride it?
  15. anyone that wants to drink at SFMM during the summer and 100+ weather has issues, i learned the hard way in 2001. No fun being drunk in brutal heat. I hope SFMM never serves alcohol, considering the summer crowd.
  16. Judging from the reactions in the video, it looks like it is going to be success! I am very curious to see what SFMM does with Superman. Whatever the outcome is, I am getting really excited to ride it.
  17. It looks a lot more intimidating then I thought it would. I like what I'm seeing!
  18. Does anyone know if Superman is going to get a new paint job? I remember a couple years back there was a picture of the base of the tower with red yellow and blue paint being tested on it, but nothing ever came of it. Looking at that video the track has a bunch of wear and tear on it, I hope they refresh it with a new paint job!
  19. Wow, lets hope SFMM can make Superman get back to speeds that make the car go up higher then halfway up the tower. Judging from that video it doesn't seem too thrilling at all because of the lack of height it reaches. Im sure SFMM has something really good up their sleeves for Superman but if they can't make the car go higher its seem like the ride (assuming its gonna be running backwards) will lack in popularity once the GP realizes the car only goes halfway up IMO.
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