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  1. 1. Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland) 2. Log RIde (Knotts) 3. Splash Mountain (Disneyland)
  2. SFMM doesnt really have the reputation of doing average sized rides so my guess would be if they ever get a drop tower, it will be one of the biggest if not the biggest.
  3. Back on an 8th grade class trip to Knott's Berry Farm we all saw Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen waiting in line for Boomerang while we were getting on the ride.
  4. Viper at SFMM- Love the intensity of the first drop going up into the first loop. Call me crazy but i think Flashback at SFMM was underated. Sure it was extremely rough but I enjoyed the uniqueness of the ride and the helix at the end was pretty intense.
  5. ^ im pretty sure Goliath at SFMM opened the year before Titan did, so I guess you can say Titan was inspired from Goliath.
  6. Glad you had a great time at SFMM. You took some great pictures, thanks for sharing!
  7. Insanity on Stratosphere Tower got my nerves going pretty good but IMO the front seat on X-Scream was the scariest ride I have ever been on. Hell of a thrill.
  8. I love NHL, MLB and NFL. Dont care for NBA too much, only watch the finals. Favorites: MLB: San Diego Padres NHL: Philadelphia Flyers NFL: San Diego Chargers Least Favorites: MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers NHL: New Jersey Devils NFL: Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos
  9. That was awesome that they took the time to make this video! Looking forward to future videos showing the progress and teasers on this ride. This new coaster has me extra excited to get to BGT for the first time next year and ride this thing. Can't wait!
  10. Peter delivering Lois' sisters baby: Peter: "OMG, its a beautiful baby girl, but she has a penis. We will have to do something about that." (scalpel in hand) Quagmire walks into bathroom stall to find a Jr. HS cheerleader tied up: Quagmire: "Dear Diary, JACKPOT!" Flashback scene showing a horse with a hurt leg and the owner holding a shotgun: Owner: "so hows that leg doing" horse: "great never better" man: "good, why dont you try puting a little weight on it?" horse: "sure'' (puts foot on ground) horse: "yes,oh thats good, very strong'' man: "sorry Thunder but i got to put you down" (points gun) horse gets gun and shoots man on foot man: "ow !!!" horse: "hows it feel feel good doesn't it ready to race!" (gets on man, grab him from the hair and spanks him with rope while singing the horse racing theme)
  11. Yes! Love that episode, but that scene is beyond genius! Got to love Quagmire.
  12. Zero G-Roll on B&M Inverts are my favorite! Tatsu's Pretzel Loop is a very close second! I remember the first time I rode Tatsu, I was so pleasantly suprised by the inversion, beyond intense! Loved it.
  13. I have yet to ride Terminator, so here is my list without it. 1. X2 2. Tatsu 3. Goliath 4. Riddler's Revenge 5. Scream! 6. Batman The Ride 7. Viper 8. Deja Vu 9. Superman The Escape 10. Ninja 11. Colossus 12. Gold Rusher 13. Revolution (would climb 3 or 4 spots without the OTSR)
  14. Everyone seems to talk down on Scream! I guess I am amoung the only ones who enjoys the ride. I agree about the colors being pretty bad and the location being on a parking lot is lame but I still find the ride enjoyable and definitely wouldn't call it rough, but that is just my opinion. Also I highly doubt that SFMM would invest a good amount of money into Scream! considering its lack of popularity and the way it doesnt really stand out at SFMM with all the different kinds of coasters they have.
  15. I highly doubt Riddler's will get a retheme anytime in the near future. Although I think a paint scheme switch would look awesome: black track, green supports, but I know that will never happen. Back in '98 when the ride first opened the station was so awesome with the music blaring and the mess of strobe lights/question mark lights going all over the place. It seemed like those effects really got people excited to ride, including me!
  16. My first love is bodyboarding (boogieboarding) I have been all over the world on surf trips and I have been lucky enough to surf some amazing waves. Thought I would share a couple pics with you guys on TPR. La Jolla, Ca. (during some crazy local brush fires) Puerto Escondido, Mainland Mexico. (backflip) La Jolla, Ca. (shorebreak)
  17. Superman will always have place in my heart as it was my first "big" coaster. Any improvement to the ride makes me very excited! Can't wait to see what they do with the ride!
  18. My cousin just moved to Dallas a couple months back and now I can say that im extremely excited to visit! I haven't been to SFoT yet and I have always wanted to go but seeing that drop got me extra excited to visit! Can't wait to ride.
  19. I'm going to see La Roux tomorrow night at 4th & B downtown San Diego. Im excited.
  20. Yea, Four Loko is no joke. One day me and a friend had two and a half each throughout about a 8 hour span, lets just say we dont remember too much. I hear they are trying to ban them in California where I live, I hope not. These things are great for a quick fix, just as long as you dont overdue it.
  21. Quagmire as Bill Clinton: "My fellow Americans, I have not been entirely truthful with you. I did gigoogity that girl. I geschmoigiddied her geflavaty with my googus, and I am sorry."
  22. Don't really drink beer but I did have a Four Loko the other day at the beach, those things do the job! move over corona!
  23. I've have been a long time reader of this site and I finally decided to make an account and start posting! Here goes.. im on the far right (when I had a shaved head) on the left for a friends grad party (long hair that i still haven't cut for 16 months)
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