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  1. I have a feeling that this or something along the lines of this is what we will be seeing! So everyone cross your fingers and pray to the Intamin gods for this wet-dream to come true, thanks.
  2. You can fire through all or most the rides at Knotts in a matter of a couple hours, (considering the day and time you go) I'd recommend going to both, if you have the time. Both parks have great rides you shouldn't miss if your in the area. (X2, Xcelerator, Montezuma, Tatsu, Apocalypse, etc.) So if you have the time, do both. If not, I'd pick SFMM just because the amount of quality coasters to choose from. Enjoy.
  3. I know i'm a little late but I was wondering if anyone posted pictures from this little shoot?!? If so, where they at? Good times last Saturday, thanks KBF and Travel Channel.
  4. Sundays are a great time to go to the park during this time of year, you should have no problem riding all the coasters AT LEAST once.
  5. X2, Deja-Vu (while it was open) and Superman EFK all have vertical drops. While I would love to see a Giga or Dive Machine as well, I think we can all agree that the park doesn't need it at this time. The park is missing a terrain hugging, airtime filled launch coaster. The Log Jammer space would be PERFECT for a Intamin Blitz. Launch, airtime and vertical drop all in one coaster, kill three birds with one stone. But knowing how unpredictable and XTREME SFMM likes to be they will probably just build a 550 foot Kingda-Ka coaster.
  6. My anonymous inside source tells me that we will be getting a Ninja clone in 2013. Same exact blue print as the one that towers over Jet Stream only this one is going to tower over Log Jammers old site. I can't wait!
  7. Like Cheetah Hunt, Green Lantern at SFMM was built after I305 and it also uses the "box track". So like Fooz said I think its far from gone and the track type is probably just preference of the park where the coaster is being built.
  8. I would hardly consider Termy, Green Lantern (US 1st Zac Spin) and Lex Luthor (Worlds Tallest Drop Tower) small additions to the park. Just sayin'
  9. This beast looks amazing! BTW how do you pronounce the name of this ride? Every time I see the name I can never get it to roll off my tongue
  10. I believe strongly that we will see an Intamin Blitz in the next couple years! If we do one day get one I hope they build it over the lake used for Log Jammer, that would be AMAZING! Crossing my fingers for a full circuit Intamin in SFMM near future!
  11. While waiting to board Tatsu I overheard two ladies say "so, I thought this ride went backwards?" "oh no, your thinking of superman. this is ninja"
  12. It wasn't my idea! My friend wanted to re-ride so I went along with it, I actually avoided the headbanging and had good rides on Viper other then the harnesses putting crazy pressure on my shoulders from being 6'2. Nothing too bad though.
  13. Just got back from my first trip since '06. It was amazing. Got on every coaster at least once! Longest wait of the day was Batman (one train operation) and S:EFK at around 15-20 minutes max. Got my first rides on Green Lantern, Apocalypse, S:EFK and X2 (rode it as X last time.) Pleasant surprises of the trip belongs to Apocalypse and S:EFK. I knew I was going to like S:EFK but it definitely passed my expectations! The launch was AMAZING and going up the tower backwards in the front row was awesome! The launch seems so much faster than anything I could remember on the old version, solid upgrade SFMM! Im not the biggest woodie fan in the world so I wasnt too pumped for Apocalypse, but it turned out to be 10x better than I imagined! The pacing and transitions were terrific, it never seemed to slow its pace till the brakes! Another great addition to the collection at SFMM! X2 had no audio, but the fire was on. The drop and transition into the first raven turn is ridiculous! Amazing ride! Tatsu was just as good as I remembered it, two words: PRETZEL LOOP! wow. Green Lantern was average IMO! Got 2 spins on my ride but I left the ride unimpressed and my groin area hurt. Noticed rattling on Riddlers and Scream but nothing too crazy. Got my last ride on Deja-Vu, it was way more intense than I remembered. X2- 2 rides - 3-4 train wait. Tatsu - 1 ride - 10 min wait Deja-Vu - 1 ride - walk on Apocalypse - 1 ride - walk on Jet Stream - 1 ride - walk on Gold Rusher - 1 ride - walk on Riddlers - 1 ride - walk on Green Lantern - 1 ride - 10 min wait Goliath - 1 ride - walk on Scream! - 1 ride - walk on Colossus - 1 ride - walk on Batman - 1 ride - 15-20 min wait Wonder Woman Lasso - 1 ride - walk on Log Jammer - 1 ride - walk on Revolution - 1 ride - walk on Viper - 3 rides - walk on Ninja - 1 ride - walk on Superman: EFK - 1 ride - 15 min wait Overall it was an amazing trip with little to no waits on all the rides! Employees were very friendly and I barely noticed any gang bangers that normally flood the park when im there! Sundays during "the off-season" are a great time to go! Thanks SFMM.
  14. ^ reading that just gave me a headache! That will make me think twice when clicking on this thread.
  15. My Chargers look like poop through week 3. Rivers is playing like crap and Gates foot injury has re-appeared. I have faith they will turn it around and they better do it soon because (I hate to say it) the Raiders actually look good this year :/
  16. I know SFMM Facebook just said you get your last rides on Deja Vu this weekend, but I rememer hearing that it will be open till October. Anyone know the an actual confirmed Deja's last day to ride? Im going to the park on the 25th and was looking forward to one last ride.
  17. Sorry to interrupt the "boob train and two drop tower" talk but i planned a trip to SFMM on Sunday September 25th. I havent been to the park in years and I was just curious if anyone knows if it will be too crowded or are Sundays in later summer a good time to go for short lines. Thanks for any help.
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