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  1. ^^Yeah the Google Earth shot of SFMM was taken in 2007, and that is Psyclone, so what? The fact that is an older picture doesnt effect anything in the drawing.
  2. If this Drop Tower rumor comes through I really hope they decide to build it somewhere on top of the mountain. Putting it anywhere else would not utilize all the potential of having an amazing drop tower. Being put on the top of the mountain would add the size of the mountain to the actually tower which would really increase the ride experience and overall thrill of the ride.
  3. I'm sad Deja-Vu is moving, I always thought it was one of SFMM most underrated coasters. An October closing date gives me plenty of time to go and get my last rides, so its all good. The bright side of this situation is now they will have some room to build an Intamin airtime machine on the back side of the mountain. Pray for an Intamin to replace Deja-Vu!
  4. Amazing pictures! Those pics really make me wanna get out to SFMM as soon as the weather cools down! Thanks alot.
  5. I think SFMM needs a full circuit Intamin coaster! (yeah I know technically GL is, but you know what I mean) If Deja gets the axe then I could totally see a Maverick style terrain hugging coaster weaving through the Deja site and along the back side of the mountain! But my dream would be an insane Giga starting by the Deja site and going out towards Riddler and Dive Devil and returning back with plenty of airtime and twisties!
  6. pretty bummed out about this but im pretty confident SFMM will replace Deja with a wonderful new ride. Hopefully I can get up there to get my last rides on Deja befores she moves.
  7. 425 foot Intamin Drop Tower please! Knotts already has an S&S Tower, so I'd say its gonna be Intamin!
  8. There is a new show on Travel Channel today at 4pm and 7pm called "Scream If You Know The Answer!" Judging from the commercial of this weeks episode SFMM will be the featured park! The show consists of "Burt The Conqueror" asking people trivia questions while riding different rollercoasters. Deja-Vu, Riddlers, Goliath, Tatsu, S:EFK and X2 were all featured on the commercial so it should be a good 30 min.
  9. I really dont see SFMM shipping Deja Vu to another park, and if some how they were dumb enough to do so then I would be very pissed! IMO Deja Vu is one of SFMM most underrated coasters and I love it.
  10. let me know when you guys quit talking about Scream! being a "rough" coaster.
  11. I might be going to KBF next week for the first time since Xcelerator was brand new. Pretty excited because it has been so long and there are a couple new credits for me to get! I have a couple questions: How do I get the best deal on tickets? Is there a website I can get deals or coupons or any other way to get a discounted ticket? When is Windseeker scheduled to open? I doubt it will be ready by the time I go there but im curious. Thanks for any help.
  12. For the people that rode GL today or yesterday, how did you like it and how does the station work as far as seat assignments?
  13. Anyone complaining about the "arm guards" on GL, SHUT UP! You sound like a whining lil b*tch, those guards will in no way effect the performance and your experience on the coaster. Again don't knock it until you ride the ride, and if if bugs you so much then sit in the inside seat. PS the ride looks amazing!
  14. ^looking good! Such a unique looking coaster experience, can't wait to ride! They really have the lift on sail mode, I figure they will speed it up though so its all good.
  15. If the rumored Knotts Giga-Coaster comes true, i'd be be sooooo happy I would ride it naked
  16. this was taken today after I got a new haircut!
  17. Green Lantern has gotten a new sign, and DC Universe is really taking shape! Picture Update over at: www.thecoasterguy.com/index.php/2011/06/12/dc-universe-update-5-at-six-flags-magic-mountain/
  18. Superman: The Escape at SFMM during the peak of summer in its opening year. The line was over halfway wrapped down the hill, 100+ degree heat, constant breakdowns, line jumpers, stuffy smoke machine at beginning of fortress of solitude, disgusting humidity inside the station from the body heat and the summer temps. When it was all said and done I waited about 3 hours to ride. I remember being so nervous to ride, the size of that tower and the sound of the launch from inside the station are very intimidating for a 12 year old!
  19. Looks A-mazing! Cannot wait to ride this and Superman :EFK. SFMM is winning.
  20. RIP to my favorite rollercoaster in vegas, Speed! You will be missed next time im in Vegas. Speed now joins Wet N Wild as things I really loved doing while I was in Vegas as a younger kid that are now gone!
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