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  1. Just checked the Travel Channel site and it says "Top 5 Rollercoasters" is airing at Midnight here in California and again on Sunday afternoon. Hope this helps.
  2. "Dragster Girl", will you marry me? Thanks for the great TR Robb!
  3. Wow, reading this thread is getting depressing. Maybe its time to change the title of the thread to: The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) HATE Thread.
  4. This ride looks absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! Must go to Spain
  5. ^ Sounds like an EPIC X2 SESSION! (jealous) I haven't been to the park since this past October, when I was there the park looked great and everything seemed to be running fine. Just curious, but other than the Sky Tower Museum getting the shaft, what other bad things are they doing to make everyone say the park is heading back down the wrong path?
  6. One step closer to my dream scenario Stanley Cup Final, Flyers vs. Kings. LETS GO FLYERS!!!!
  7. My comment about "hoping Crosby gets another concussion" has been taken a lil overboard. I would never wish injury on any player, I was being sarcastic. Remember, I happen to be a huge Flyers fan and Pittsburgh is our biggest rival and we are in the middle of the playoff series. Forgive me for showing some team spirit. Lighten up people. Anyway, Flyers looked HORRIBLE tonight. Defense, goal-tending and taking stupid penalties needs to tighten up ASAP. On to the next one.
  8. I'm rooting for my Flyers vs. Kings in the Finals, that way I can swing by Staples Center for a game or two! LETS GO FLYERS!!!!!
  9. YOU CAN'T BEAT US!!!!! YOU CAN'T BEAT US!!!!! I really hope Crosby gets another concussion on Wednesday when the Fly Guys finish the sweep.
  10. Hell of a comeback today by my Flyers!! Down 0-3 after 1st period and comeback to win 4-3 in OT. Flyers own Penguins this season, especially in PITT!!!! Gonna be a great series.
  11. I think this is what you are talking about?! If so, yeah I know it been like this at least since I last rode S:EFK in October. Photo:Lone Star Thrills
  12. LL:DOD will open when it opens, arguing over the "lack" of construction is beyond stupid and will not make it open any sooner. At the end of the day IT IS A DROP TOWER, not some epic new airtime filled coaster. As far as I'm concerned, SFMM can take their sweet time with the construction. Although I'm kind of excited to ride this massive drop tower, I know I wont be planning a special trip to the park just to ride LL:DOD when it opens.
  13. Yeah the tunnel seems to be lacking the height and width to be able to house an entrance/exit for a loop, but then again its SFMM so anything is possible. haha
  14. ^Clearly an S&S seat in the picture, but Six Flags always advertises new rides with pictures of random older rides. I remember when Riddlers came out, the park map had a picture of the Batman stand-up coaster from Astroworld with the Riddlers logo photoshoped in.
  15. If this rumored ride would be the 2nd, then what ride is the first full circuit launch. Don't say Superman.
  16. I'd sacrifice at least ten years of new rollercoasters and/or attractions at SFMM for Revolution to get restored to its original beauty. Just sayin'.
  17. I heard it will break the record for longest brake run! Looks like the coaster wars are back in full effect!
  18. Its even better than that! Didn't you here?!? They are resurrecting Flashback in the Log Jammer site and adding audio and fire!
  19. Since the majority of the GP has no idea what airtime is, I highly doubt we will ever see a Mega-Lite at SFMM "the Xtreme park." I dont see how SFMM would market a Mega-Lite to the good 'ol GP. We all know they would look at a Mega-Lite and think "ehh, no inversions on a steel coaster?!? must just be a smaller and slower version of Goliath" The only thing that seems to get the GP off is taller, faster and a bunch of inversions. I hope I am wrong about this one because a Mega-Lite in So-Cal would be amazing! All I want from SFMM in 2013 is more Intamin! I think it will be some kind of mix of Maverick, I-speed and Storm Runner using all the surrounding terrain and such.
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