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  1. As I've said before, this is about MUCH more than just what coaster "needs" a rocky mountain makeover. This is also about which coasters are "marketable" enough to earn a quick return on investment. It's also about potential reduced maintanance costs to a park. Colossus may not really "need" the total change to steel, but SFMM is not only the park that started this whole "re-launching" trend, but I can only imagine the yearly budget it takes to maintain such a massive "double" tracked structure. So you have to look at more than just a "rough" wooden coaster when trying to predict which coasters might get this treatment. I'd be willing to bet most parks could care less if their wooden coasters are considered rough. What they do care about is bringing more guests through the turnstyle, and cutting maintanance budgets.
  2. I think that looks fantastic sitting next to Batman. I love all the twisted track. The trackwork should be done in just a few days.
  3. Colossus also fits the bill as an iconic coaster that would be a dream for the park to re-market as a return to glory. I bet its in the planning stages as we speak.
  4. Unfortunately, flat rides can't compete with all the big projects opening in so-cal in 2012, at least that's the way the park will see it. I can only hope they'll start adding them in along with the bigger projects, kind of like what's happening with Roadrunner. A decent sized drop tower, an S&S swing and a sprinkling of smaller family style flats would do wonders for SFMM.
  5. Six Flags parking is getting out of hand? No, the price of everything is getting out of hand. Why would theme parks be any different?
  6. As much as I love Intamin (and I LOVE Intamin rides), if someone told me both companies were in danger and only one could survive and keep building coasters, there is no way I could pick Intamin over B&M. B&Ms are far too solid and reliable, and just enough of them are epic in a way to give them a slight edge over Intamin. B&M is the company that started my whole coaster obsession to begin with.
  7. Yes, there does seem to be a sudden flurry of activity around the GL site. Very good news.
  8. I wonder what the hold up is on the 2 new coasters? Even the Windseekers are ahead of them. Edit: I heard there may be some activity around GL. Can anyone confirm?
  9. A much smoother running X2 this year should rise quite a bit in the poll. It went from #21 to #11 on mine.
  10. Duh, of course it's a business decision..based on numbers neither you or I have access to. Don't act like SFMM is some stand alone entity that gets to make those decisions. It's a company wide decision based on a numbers game. and SFMM has the most coaster trains of any other park in the country, so being year round, of course rehab scheduals are going to run into off season operating hours. I'm not making escuses, it's common sense, parks with financial limitations don't have unlimited budgets, and the more trains you have that need schedualed maintanance, the more chance there's going to be a conflict. The fact is if you choose to visit SFMM between Nov-april (when most other parks are closed), you're going to have to deal with less trains available, whether you like it or not. As usual, we're talking about two sides of the same thing.
  11. Yeah people say the "year round" excuse is BS (and I know it's frustrating when you're in the park), but can anyone name another year round park with as many coaster trains as SFMM? There isn't another one in the world. It's simply a numbers game with that park. Each coaster, each designer, each coaster "type" has it's own timetable in which trains need to be rehabbed, and with 17 (soon to be 18) coasters all with at least 2 trains each (cept Deja vu)...well you can do the math, and NONE of it adds up to multiple trains running year round unfortunately. SFMM should do like the Florida parks and order 4 trains for their larger, more popular coasters.
  12. I can't believe no one asked about the "possible" capacity issues that Green Lantern will experience (and how they plan to deal with that). It crossed my mind, and then I forgot about it. Deja Vu doesn't have the best capacity and it seems to be getting along just fine. Besides, SFMM has plenty of other rides and coasters to take in crowds. I'm not sure I would say Deja Vu is "going along just fine", but they have done a pretty good job with it. Even still, I would have liked to hear what Tim has to say about it. Things like an indoor queue, interactive screens, clever theming, will go a long way to help with the two and a half hour wait times.
  13. I can't believe no one asked about the "possible" capacity issues that Green Lantern will experience (and how they plan to deal with that). It crossed my mind, and then I forgot about it.
  14. This park looks awesome! I swear it looks so much like an RCT-park that most of us have created at one point, that it's amazing.
  15. After this past weekend I can honestly say that SFMM is one "airtime" coaster away from having my favorite coaster line up in the US. Much of that credit goes to their outstanding maintanance dept. Every coaster we rode Saturday was running in top condition, even X2! Great job!
  16. A big thanks out to everyone who put this weekend's Bash together. Even in questionable weather, it was amazing, and I can't wait till next year! A special thanks to SFMM employes, you guys rocked! So friendly and welcoming, to the likes of which I have never seen!
  17. Ooooo...I can't help but wonder if Knotts will drop hints about their 2012 plans.
  18. ^ Yeah, but I think that was just a nice way of saying that they just didn't *like* Shapiro's choices of "partnerships".
  19. ^Depending on how much SF is willing to spend next year, I could see the first Six Flags Dive Machine coming to Great America next year. Not sure why really, it's just a feeling I have.
  20. Balder Apollo's Chariot Top Thrill Dragster Storm Runner Griffon
  21. LOL@ people claiming and selling off rides before even the dust settles. This must feel agonizing and somewhat disrespectful to fans of the park. So sad...
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