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  1. I love the comments about preserving history, while making very MODERN progress at the same time. He should be quoted every time people start whining about charm. hahaha, maybe I'm just reading between the lines a little too closely, but his comments totally sound like something BIG is on it's way to Knotts.
  2. Please, I beg of you guys, can we move on from the "Americans can't take intense coasters" debate? It's boring and ultimately pointless. I can think of examples where coasters have been badly modified to be less intense, and cases where coasters are intense and run the way they're suppose to, right here in good ole US of A (including Mindbender). So making an across the board generalization doesn't quite cut it with me. Can we move on please? Back to SFMM and Green Lantern if you will.
  3. I agree with Thom. If I were Cedar Fair, the big money WOULD be thrown at Knotts next year, not only to flatten SFMM, but also because of all the other amazing attractions opening up all over so-cal next year. And then I would do something HUGE at Cedar Point the year after. It makes sense.
  4. I'm just really happy to see such a positive response to this ride. I was really nervous that people would be disappointed after hearing all the great things about Insane and Inferno. If the park decides to run this more conservatively for the GP, and let's it rip for ERT, I think that will be the best of both worlds, at least from the park's perspective. How many of us are going to wait 2+ hours for GL during it's opening summer anyway? But based on what I heard at media day, at least the "plan" is that GL will loosen up and spin more in the coming weeks. Time will tell.
  5. At least on media day, the ride was a slow loader, which is what we we were all afraid of. Part of that was the way they were seating people. Perhaps it was because it was *media* day, and they didn't want to push it. I'm interested in seeing how they load it after this weekend, because there should be a car ascending the lift as another one dives into the brakes. There is NO WAY that is going to happen if they are balancing riders. And just to clarify, just because I may be nervous about riding a more extreme program, doesn't mean I won't. what good are *thrill* rides if they don't make you a bit nervous!
  6. Well they were balancing out the cars on media day when I rode it. Perhaps they are testing the waters a bit at first, which I think is smart given the things Robb said above. It will be interesting to see how it runs in a few months after all the kinks are out. Either way, I loved it!
  7. I could only imagine Robb! Because I thought GL was PLENTY intense and fun even without the extra spins. Honestly, if SFMM ever decides to run GL unedited I'd be nervous about riding it, mostly because my stomach can't take high G forces any longer without serious nausea. It would be nice to see one of these rides run the way Insane does, but if this one never does, you'll get no complaints from me! lol
  8. I actually prefer a ride with just a spin and a half. The G's on this ride are surprisingly intense, and NOT for people who have stomach issues on coasters. The one ride I got was all I could handle on an empty stomach, and my car only did a complete spin once. It's a VERY fun ride, but unlike X2, they'd better have a plan for vomit in the station.
  9. I'm guessing they're going play with the weight distribution until they find one where most cars will get minimum 2 spins. It will still vary based on who you ride with, and that's not always something you can control, especially on busy days. Thank God for WCB.
  10. If ever there was a coaster to divide coaster fans, this one is it. If people are smart, they'll grab two smaller or larger people to ride with them. Only then will you get a truly out of this world ride. Otherwise, its too tame to wait a long time for. And the waits will be insane!
  11. Arm shields aside, Green Lantern rocks! But there is no way I will ever wait more than 45 minutes for it.
  12. I'm fairly sure this is happening. Seems like something good ole Dick might pull on his way out. Big rides for his top 2 parks. And a few pretty reliable sources besides Screamscape have confirmed that this thing is coming either next year or the year after. Knotts has gotten a bit stale of late, with the backlash of Pony Express, Xcellerator accident and Ghostridet trimming. This park needs a new thrill.
  13. People in the know? They showed everyone at WCB.. http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=23&linkid=10107&pageno=5 Haha, I remember that. It was an opening joke to head off the yearly questions about revolution. Those are actually Green Lantern restraints, not for Revolution. Though soft padded OTSR like those would be nice!
  14. Montezooma's Revenge has never been retrofitted with OTSR. If it ever were to be, it would be tough to remove them in the state of California. It's not a Six Flags policy, it was a Six Flags decision to add them to Revolution. As has been mentioned already, several other Schwartzkopf loopers in the Six Flags chain operate with lap bar set ups, as does the recently opened Dare Devil Dive at SFOG.
  15. ^ Well Six Flags decided to add them to the ride after all the reports of injuries began to pile up, similarly to what's happening with Ghostrider at Knotts currently. Instead of sourcing out the modifications to a company like Intamin, they took the cheap route and did it "in house" and really screwed up the ride experience completely. Unfortunately in the state of California, once you modify a ride from it's original state, you cannot reverse it without a lot of hassle and red tape. According to a few "people in the know", the park is currently trying to switch to a softer restraint for Revolution, and are not having an easy time getting it approved.
  16. Since NOTHING in life is perfect, of course neither are amusement parks. Not a single one. In fact, if we weren't enthusiasts following their every move, we wouldn't even notice most of this stuff, nor would we care. Most parks meet deadlines and plan accordingly, but there are always exceptions that can't be foreseen from the outset. That's life.
  17. As a company the last few seasons, the max amount spent on new additions seems to be around $10 million. Until that changes, I'm not sure what high capacity coasters you can purchase at that amount (GCI wood coasters are the best bet). SFOT decided to take that money and rebuild Texas Giant, a brilliant move. SFMM chose to spread it out over three attractions(one used, one modified and one new),SFOG went for Devil Dive (lower capacity, but still adds to the overall capacity and diversity of the park) and SFGadv chose to move and build a high capacity stand up from another park. Pretty creative for so little to work with if you ask me. If this trend continues into 2012, it will be interesting to see how SFGam responds (coaster-wise).
  18. Also keep in mind that testing can be done during non-operational hours.
  19. If they spend time trying to "balance" every car, I'm riding it once, and then never again. The capacity will suck bad enough without ride ops trying to figure out where the heck I'm going to sit.
  20. I agree with what someone said earlier. Green Lantern is a glorified flat ride that will double as a coaster credit. If your thinking in terms of a ride like Tatsu or Riddler's Revenge, of course you're going to be disappointed. Think of it in terms of a unique experience that adds to the diversity of the park's rides (kinda of like Freefall did), there's no reason to be disappointed. Reign in your expectations and just have fun. "Fun" seems to be a lost art in this hobby, with people expecting every ride to be the second coming of S:ROS. Just like every other ride ever built, some people will love it, and for some it will just be meh... So be it.
  21. hahaha... after all these years, sarcasm still doesn't play well on the internet.
  22. I wonder how long SFMM expects the average wait time for this ride to be? And if they're planning anything that will help. Plain ole switchbacks(Deja Vu-style) in the hot sun will be unbearable with a ride like this. I hope at least part of the queue is covered. Also a DJ and big screen TVs will help.
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