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  1. Screamscape is saying the ride rotation program is probably going to return with Iron Wolf likely going to SFA and rumors of Deja Vu going to SFNE. SFMM is getting rid of their DV? I thought the only reason they kept it was for the count. That was never the reason. SFMM kept it around because their ride actually worked.
  2. Holy hell...what is up with 2012? This is like 2000 all over again!
  3. ^ And why would they? Especially after just opening their lowest capacity coaster ever. The park's next coaster should be a people eater IMO.
  4. I hope not. I know Deja Vu is a polarizing coaster, but I like it...a lot. It's probably the most hair raising ride in the park, my first ride on it scared the crap out of me! But I hear there is going to be a whole re-theming of that area, so I do wonder if Deja will make the cut.
  5. Yeah, for this reason I hope it happens. Not to mention, it's the parks best (and probably only) chance to add some major airtime to the park. How can anyone anywhere near SFMM not want airtime on the level of El Toro or Texas Giant?
  6. Yes! Huracan Condor is EASILY the best drop ride on the planet imo. If SFMM built one of those with that level of theming I would lose my mind. One of the few rides that can actually garner the kind of attention any coaster could.
  7. So... anybody have any insight into what SFMM might have up their sleeves for next year? With all of the competition opening MAJOR attractions next year, I suppose the park could just decide to sit it out. But if they do build something, for the first time in a long time I have no clue what it could be. Big year for the waterpark?
  8. Bottom of the first drop has a bad rattle and has been that way since opening. The rest of the ride, while not butter smooth, is not rough at all. People act like if your head touches the OTSR at all, the ride is rough. Stop being such pansies. You want a rough ride? Go across the park to Revolution.
  9. Say what you want about Scream, the ride has some forces, unlike some of its cousins.
  10. My vote is also on the Zacspin. They're fun, unique and compact. Also at that price, I'd guess Six Flags bought more than one, and decided for marketing purposes to open up the SFMM version first. I'd say these things could be the new B:TR or Vertical Velocity.
  11. I agree SFMM needs better food. MUCH better food. There is no excuse in this day and age not to have food options that are at least as good of an alternative as the food you can buy down the street. I know management reads these boards, and I wish to appeal to them to up the food quality across the boards.
  12. ^ And if the cost of continuing to run it every year trumps removal costs, this wouldn't be an issue.
  13. I don't know if I believe this new rumor or not, but I bet it will be on Screamscape this week lol. *IF* the ride is on the chopping block for whatever reason, upcoming thrill ride, parts or maintenance issues ect, I'd have no problem losing it as long as there is another "water" ride in the works as a replacement. I must say though, I prefer Log Jammer to Jet Stream mostly because of it's more "natural" setting.
  14. ^ I would hope that when that time comes, instead of removing it, they transform it like Phantom, if its possible. You listening SFMM?
  15. ^ It sounds like they are no longer balancing the cars on GL before each dispatch. Good news.
  16. ^ Agree 100 percent. Besides, SFMM managed to remove both Psyclone and Flashback and still remain within striking distance. Cedar Point could easily remove a coaster and be fine. The building of roller coasters goes in cycles, and Cedar Point's time is coming.
  17. Anybody else remember the Adams Family Dive coasters that were planned for the Paramount parks? There was artwork and everything.
  18. Several rides were planned for CGA and cancelled at the last minute. Including a huge GCI, Thrust Air 2000, Morgan hyper, Intamin hyper. That park has no luck, and hasn't for over a decade.
  19. True, but they have somehow managed to make X and Superman (soon to be Colossus) awesome again. To me this more than balances out the dwindling mist and music effects.
  20. ^ You're saying Green Lantern and Superman are not quality? I would beg to differ. I think just the opposite. For once the park made "smart" decision that were ALL about shoring up the quality of their line up. You know, every park has their own unique way of providing entertainment for their guests. That doesn't make one park wrong and another right. Which is why this slow burning move towards yet ANOTHER CP vs SFMM debate feels so stale and inane. Can we get back to Cedar Point and leave SFMM out of it?
  21. Rollercoasters are not cheap...period. And I seem to remember CP spending about 8-9 million on Wicked Twister a few years ago. All parks take a break from dropping $20 million on a coaster every so often, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  22. Those who complain that the park has lost some of its "charm" (as I do) aren't saying that the park shouldn't "progress"--they just don't agree with how Cedar Fair has gone about it. For example, I have no issues with something like Xcelerator, which at least adheres to the theme of the Boardwalk area pretty well (and is the best ride in the park). However, Silver Bullet does nothing to complement the theme of Ghost Town--it just overpowers it. Silver Bullet is the the one case where I whole-heartedly agree. It completely destroyed that area, and to me it's sits there as the biggest eyesore in the park. And on top of that it's my least favorite B&M inverted that I've ridden. I do agree attractions in this park need to be impeccably installed, although space issues can complicate that process.
  23. I'm sure it's the latter. I'm just looking for clues that the rumor is true where ever I can find them. How come the California parks never participate in the viral marketing gimmick!? lol
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