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  1. So let's consider the possibilities (rumors) so far: 1) Turn one side around and launch it backwards, themed to Bizarro 2) Hydraulic launch making the ride taller and faster 3) Drop Tower added to the ride 4)Complete re-tracking, allowing the ride to do more (like navigate a giant bunny hill) 5) Possible new coaster, going over or possibly around the existing structure. Do any of these sound realistic?
  2. Holy crap that is a lot of spinning. They would need a clean up crew on stand by at all times. And of course it being California, they would cut the ride cycle down by two thirds! It does look fun though.
  3. Jay Thomas has said that the modern flat ride can be almost as expensive to add as a full blown coaster. So you're not going to see parks "add flats" as people like to casually say. You may see a park add one here or there over several years, but the days of the flat ride "package" is over.
  4. Yeah leave Riddler's alone. lol I can't bring myself to get excited about this news about Superman just yet, although I am curious as to what they're doing. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.
  5. I wouldn't hold your breath on that. Six Flags is still in a huge amount of debt. It's like when you ask your parents for an advance on your allowance, they give it to you, you spend it all, and then you want to buy something else but you can't because you owe your parents first. That doesn't mean they're going to stop investing in their parks. While I wouldn't expect a huge, expensive coaster next year either, I suspect something "marketable" is going to happen next year. Especially going up against what Universal, Disney and Knotts have planned.
  6. ^ yep, there is so much urban legend sorrunding Superman. Years ago I heard people saying the cars fell off the track on the return run, it overshot the tower and that was the reason for the delay. Even more crazy, is for years I believed it!
  7. Tim probably said he is working with Intamin because, you know. Superman IS an Intamin ride. Just a hunch. Um...yeah I know, which I thought was my whole point. Silly me...
  8. Jay Thomas has said that his goal is to draw some of the guests away from X2 and towards another area. Tim also said he is working with Intamin, so perhaps this will be something cool. If not, and they just plan on running a car backwards, that will still be fun, and perhaps it will just be one of a few cool thing they add to the park in the next year or two. I'm still hoping for a giant gyro-frisbee soon...MaxAir is just killer...
  9. I also think it's down to save money. Having said that though, the fact that they would have to shut this ride down mid-summer is an obvious sign that the ride (in it's current form) is no longer a viable option long term. Especially given it's low capacity, power draining, lack of interest and inability to run as intended. Something indeed does need to be done with this ride whether it's next year, or 3 years from now.
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