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  1. I'm thinking 2013 as well, and I bet it will be big. If Tony Hawk were going in that spot it would have been mentioned.
  2. My thoughts exactly. Couldn't even get one page in without the complaining starting. It's a flat ride, not a coaster. One that everyone was complaining the park needed. And people still aren't happy.
  3. I'm trying to keep my expectations as low as possible, so anything decent will satisfy me. The Green Lantern part of last year's announcement really surprised me, in a good way. Can they do it again?
  4. Wow...the drop towers rumors hit and stuck. Somebody had to have a strong source early on. I'm guessing to tower or towers aren't going in Deja Vu's spot, so the question is, what is?
  5. This thread is a mess... And some of you are going to wind up very disappointed if you keep it up.
  6. Yeah I wish people would stop with the ZacSpin thing. It's a wing rider, the end. Now we just need to see the layout and the stats.
  7. It's funny nobody talks much about Apocalypse, even the locals (probably because the lame ass pre-show zaps all the good will from the riders), but it's easily one of the best rides on the west coast, and would be a star at another park. It still rides great, and night rides are the most fun you can have at SFMM.
  8. ^ Yes, you can clearly see that it's a full train with more than 4 people on it. Wing rider. Besides, as far as I'm concerned, the name X-Flight gives it away.
  9. ^ Yes, you can clearly see that it's a full train with more than 4 people on it. Wing rider.
  10. I bet it's a compact 100ft + wing rider. I wouldn't go off of those clues released so far. SF tends to recycle their advertising. Heck, the picture could be straight from Green Lantern and STILL be a B&M. A lot of the Green Lantern promo we got on the west coast was straight from the stand up at SFGadv. lol
  11. Is it possible we could see a drop tower AND another top secret ride in Deja Vu's spot in the same year? It's not like multiple rides haven't happened before. I'm suddenly having visions of a drop tower, Euro-fighter combo which would be beyond awesome!
  12. I'd LOVE a launch coaster, but I'm not sure Six Flags is ready to spend that kind of money yet, and the LAST thing the park needs is another one trick pony. So it would have to be a lengthy version which can be pretty expensive. In a year where they're recycling coasters around the chain, I think a drop tower is more realistic. I could be wrong... I agree with whoever said a drop tower and maybe a a relocated family coaster for 2012, and the big Colossus remake in 2013. Fingers crossed...
  13. My guess, the drop tower will match the height of Superman, but will be its own structure. Hmmmm... Intamin, or S&S?
  14. So it looks like Six Flags will be announcing all of the new additions on Sept 1st. I do find it interesting that most of the parks are hinting at what is coming, yet SFMM has been completely silent. I don't know if this signals something big on the way, or if it's just a difference in PR styles. With a few of the "mid" range parks receiving used or relocated coasters, and at least one of the "major" parks looking like they will build a spanking new B&M, I'm very curious where this leaves SFMM. Especially having just opening Green Lantern, about to remove a very popular coaster, and about to have some pretty blazing competition from the other So-Cal parks.
  15. Yeah, Neal Thurman even said it at WCB. "We consider Hurricane Harbor our family park".
  16. Even with flats like giant frisbees or scream swings, we're still basically talking about thrill rides which are mostly going to attract teens and thrill seekers. I think we all agree that this is the park's permanent market and that isn't going to change, ever really. So bring on the coaster!
  17. I like what SFMM has been doing. Taking faded coasters and amping them up to better standards. I hope that trend continues with Colossus and eventually Viper. I'll take that over a new coaster any day.
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