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  1. It's so awesome. They're now running the ride the way people had hoped they would when it was announced. GL is now one of my top 3-4 coaster experiences in the park, and a worthy replacement for the departing Deja Vu.
  2. I agree that the park will begin to "balance" out over the next few years. But I will not rest until SFMM has the one coaster they have been missing since Colossus opened back in '78, an airtime machine. SFGadv has one, SFOT has one and I want SFMM to have one. After that I don't care if they never build another coaster. But right now there are too many inversions and not enough airtime.
  3. Not if it's done right. But it doesn't matter, if a park half SFMM's size can creatively build year after year, so can SFMM. I'm sorry but Elissa is right. His comments are silly, and we've heard these kinds of things as much as a decade ago, and they've added several coaster since then.
  4. ^ I agree. It's silly to think otherwise. Why do people always forget that it's always possible to build OVER things. Look at Tatsu or even Goliath (which goes right over Colossus). Even that small space where Deja Vu sits can lead over and out of that area. I'm so sick of the "park is out of room" nonsense.
  5. What's the average cost of an Intamin, Moser or S&S drop tower. 5-6 million I'm guessing. I smell another multi-ride installation next year.
  6. What a crazy ass year (2012) so far. Let's see: - First B&M Giga coaster, and it's going to Canada to share space with Behemoth. -Hershey Park finally gets their Intamin hyper, all 3,600ft of it. -SFA gets a new coaster, a 20 year old stand up. -SFMM removes Deja Vu, 4 months after making a big deal out of having 18 coasters. -SFNE receives Deja Vu, to sit right next to their Vekoma boomerang coaster. It seems as if, at least here in the US, parks are indeed preparing for the end of the world next year!
  7. I think SFMM may surprise us again next year as they did this year by throwing in a Zac spin along with backwards Superman. A drop tower, along with a compact coaster and a kiddie ride of some sort. I like the idea of multiple mid-range additions.
  8. Actually, it makes a very bizarre kind of sense. lol They can guarantee that at least one of them will be open.
  9. I think it is a good, fun family ride. It used to be GREAT, until they killed the airtime hills at the end.
  10. ^ oh please. Green Lantern is awesome, but its pretty much a flat ride with trains. If were dreaming here, I'd love a slightly larger, longer mega-lite type design in the back area. I would never leave that corner.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's a VERY recent final decision considering a PR person from SFNE just recently decided to make the addition public. I'm sorry, but Deja Vu is as good as gone from SFMM as Iron Wolf is from SFGam. And based on what I heard from another source close to the park, this will be a VERY good thing for both parks!
  12. Yeah, cause after removing 2 of them from their parks, now they want to buy an even larger one? Just 2 weeks ago no one believed Iron Wolf was leaving SFGam, and here we go again. I just hope we get a closing date So I can ride it one last time.
  13. I love how enthusiasts brains work. Everything needs to somehow "make sense", when we know darn well its hardly ever the case where Six Flags is concerned. And for the record, boomerangs and Deja Vu while similar, offer a completely different thrill level. It also gives SFNE the option to now remove it now that they'll have giant version.
  14. Yeah I think we need to stop thinking like enthusiasts when it comes to SFI or Cedar Fair. Both companies are making decisions that benefit them as a company during a rebuilding and shaky economy phase. Who cares if SFNE already had a boomerang. The GP will see a big, scary looking ride and line up to ride it. The end.
  15. I'm about 99% sure SFMM will have 18 coasters by next summer. My guess is a used one from another park, and a drop tower. One used ride, one new one, just like this year.
  16. Seems like more things will be coming out of SFMM this fall than going in!
  17. then there isnt one. The only single rider thing i get is after your on the stairs sometimes they will call for single people to balance the car. But since they wernt running balanced it wasnt an issue and therefore didnt get me special treatment. Um...that's what a single riders line is, at least at SFMM. You wait by the exit stairs until a single rider is needed. Obviously the wait varies depending on what is needed, just like Deja Vu's. However my friends and I got several rides on GL in less than an hour.
  18. I also rode GL yesterday and had some awesome rides on it. The midcourse was slowing the train down but not stopping it completely. Also, the crews were kicking butt yesterday.
  19. Also keep in mind that not every aspect of the park needs to be finished before opening. They can stagger the openings of certain rides to keep interest. I REALLY hope this happens. Las Vegas without a waterpark is like a TPR trip without an Intamin!
  20. Right, but we're talking just a few months after telling the world they have the most coasters.
  21. Assuming this rumor is true, I wonder if the loss of Deja Vu will alter the park's plans for 2012, or if they are basically being forced to give up the "coaster capitol" title just a few months after declaring it.
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