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  1. I'm 16 My first coaster was Judge Roy Scream at Six Flags Over Texas
  2. Hello fellow TPR members and fans of Six Flags Gateway Square! I have some new's to report about the status of SFGS. Well, my park will be put on hold due to the fact I now have a job as Ride Attendant at Six Flags Over Texas . So I have a lot of things with SF to do right now until my Basic Training is done. I will let you know when I resume the parks progress . Thank You for you're understanding.
  3. What's coming next season? Six Flags leaked a ad for the park take a look! Looks like Green Lantern is coming! Wonder what type of coaster it will be.... Zac Spin, Flying, or maybe a wing-rider! Oh how exiting! FYI that is not my real voice ahah it was extremely edited! ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Another ad was leaked!!! Wow This time it's a... well see for your self!
  4. Mini Update Ok, I got some people on my FB also vote and 1 on TPR and they have decided to let hurricane go for a new better coaster next year! Hurricane was one of my favorite rides to make! I'm not going to lie I'm happy that the vote came out this way, I really was not proud of the Supports of Hurricane at all! They look so strange to me. But now I can make a new coaster and modernize the park EDIT*********** Unfortunately RCT3 crashed and my data for the rest of the season was lost But I have another file that has the next season under way! So next update will be an add introducing the new ride of the next season!
  5. Poll!!! I have a question for all of y'all! Would you rather see Hurricane get new supports, or would you rather get a "NEW RIDE/COASTER!" in it's place? Comment what you want! Please do it very soon I need the results by Wednesday by 6:00PM "Texas Time" I'm not sure of the time zone we are in
  6. I get it from all over the place heres some links revolutionaryrides.net/index-1.html www.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?action=downloads www.putmeonthenet.net/content/old_spice/index.html I got a lot from another site that is no longer on the web, but some of stuff from that site is on the 2nd link To Matt/AJ/Derek: Do any of you know if we've got permission to show these links? I didn't want to delete this, but wanted to be sure we're 'safe' by cross- posting these here...
  7. Dosnt Gertslauer have the rights or something with Anton Coasters it looks like a Anton track to me, maybe there using that style track?
  8. This portion of the track reminds me of Anton Schwarzkopf (Looping Star) track style.
  9. Here we go, Six Flags Gateway Square is in full swing now for the season! Here's the park's update so far in the season, as well as some things I will show you what I'm in the process of doing Enjoy, while in the park Enjoy a nice Coke-a-cola Shot0724.bmp Look at the riders enjoying the new coaster! Shot0725.bmp Chairswings swingin around Shot0727.bmp Starshape has been closed for the first 2 months of operation. Shot0728.bmp No word on whats wrong, or if it will reopen. It's to bad this is a really thrilling ride, I hope they get it back up and running! Shot0729.bmp A maintenance worker was spotted leaving the ride. Shot0731.bmp More Tree's have grown all around the park mostly by Heatwave. Shot0732.bmp Add's for the new coaster have gone up. Shot0733.bmp a Joker logo is now on top of the tunnel of the ride. Shot0734.bmp The Frog Hopper will be placed here. Shot0737.bmp It went up fairly quickly. Shot0738.bmp Swat has some new plants! They look very nice too! Shot0739.bmp Overview of the new plants Shot0741.bmp Tree Topper was seen testing and opened shortly after. There was no BIG announcement for it. Shot0742.bmp Splash Water Fall's got a nice big renovation over the off season! This is the last picture of the "old" Splash Water Fall's Shot0754.bmp What's new in this picture? Shot0757.bmp Splash Water Fall's renovation, not only did SWF get a new look it also has a NEW name "Tidal Wave" Shot0755.bmp Shot0756.bmp Tidal Wave also got a new bridge! that's the end of the park update! I need some help refer to the picture below Shot0753.bmp Do you guys like the way this is looking, I'm adding CS supports to Hurricane and was wondering if you like the way it's turning out?
  10. Very nice looking! I love the top spin idea. Keep it going
  11. Loved the report!!! Even though I ride this almost every other week it's nice to look at. The only thing I have to say negitive about shockwave is looks like it needs a cleaning and a paint job, same colors just a nice new coat.
  12. It look's really great!! I like the use of the Goliath sign, well done!
  13. I was told the rule was no double posting with in 24 hours and if you look at the times its well within 24 hours. I didn't see a tipple post. And I have been warned 1 time and deleted that one, RD told me and I kindly and respectably deleted it. Thank you for letting me know. I never saw the rule about double posting in the rule section of this form. But now I have been told it, thank you I'll be sure to not do that again. I would delete the one you are talking about, but it won't let me, sorry about this.
  14. Before I make another update I'm going to need to see some feedback or I feel as if I shouldn't continue with the posting of this park if no feedback is given. Please start to "Let me know down below", thank you! EDIT* Sorry if is considered a double post. I though the rule was no double posing within 24 hours I believed I followed that I will go look at the rules of this form once again.
  15. I got -iPhone 4s (I got it in November) -iHome Speaker/Alarm - Domo Calender <3 (I got my self that ahah) It had stickers too!! -Apple Soda -A wall clock - $$$$$$$$$ - Starbucks Card!! Yummm - 70$ of iTunes cards! - and A GREAT new Jacket I been wanting! I had a great X-mas
  16. Happy Holidays this is the Media Day for the new coaster Gotham City Gauntlet. The Tree Topper hasn't been built yet, here ya go. Due to my "double posting" I have been accused of I'm going to put the last post up here. Before I make another update I'm going to need to see some feedback or I feel as if I shouldn't continue with the posting of this park if no feedback is given. Please start to "Let me know down below", thank you! I just want to know how much support I have in this park on here. 111.bmp There it is!!! the new coaster!!! 112.bmp Nice entry way 113.bmp Look's like a great coaster filled with lot's of fun! 114.bmp 115.bmp 122.bmp The park had some places open for the Media Day! heres inside the Coke Freestyle Store 123.bmp Remember this view? Sure has changed! 124.bmp Splash Down was open for us . Rumor has it Splash Down will be getting a new support system that's steel not wood... Not sure if this is true. 125.bmp They had Vortex open! 126.bmp American Thunder was open as well. 127.bmp And many have been wondering about the new Heatwave/old goliath coaster's renovation. Here is the new entrance, rather nice looking. 130.bmp 131.bmp 128.bmp 129.bmp 132.bmp Heatwaves ironic Splash Down! 133.bmp And that the Media Day update!
  17. Now I'm exited for it!! I can't wait to see what the finished project will look like!!! I would just like to see it before 2013.
  18. I'm working on custom supports for Hurricane at this time, Steel Titans are going to be a challenge due to its twisting track. The Splash Down will be getting some nice new realistic supports that I'm working on right now. They will all have Custom Supports soon! Maybe in January they will all have them!
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