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  1. The park has been busy, but we have had many events go on before Fright Fest. Last weekend was Season Pass weekend (bring a friend fee and stuff like that) and the weekend before was "Gay Day" and ACE's event so the crowds have been unpredictable. I will say the first weekend of Fright Fest usaly is not that bad. The later into Fright Fest the more busy we get. Fright Fest is our most busy time of the year.
  2. The park didn't want 2 rides closed at the same time is what I believe. At this time the park has no plans for La Vibora to leave the park as its a nice family attraction for all people to enjoy. Like I said the most likely thing I can think of is not having 2 rides down at once.
  3. Update: La Vibora's painting has been called of/delayed at this time. I will let you know if that changes. In other news Shock Wave's paint job is looking nice! It's going to be the same colors as it was before (green and blue)
  4. When I was working at SFoT last week a guest came up to me and said "DAMMNNNNNNNN YOU GOT A BIGGG ASSSS" Just like that too...... I was like "uhhhhh thanks?" Then my supervisor showed up beside me and the girl said to her "DAMN YOU SEE HIS ASS? IT'S BIG AINT IT??" My supervisor just busted out laughing! Then I looked at her with a WTF face and she said to me "That girl was a strange one" I said "Ya think?" Strangest thing any guest ever told me...
  5. I have this picture. I found it on the internet someplace Here ya go a chart of them all
  6. I just thought I'd let everyone know that Shock Wave is Temporally CLOSED, but do not worry! Shock Wave is getting a much needed paint job and will reopen once painting is all completed! Just thought I'd let everyone know that. Also La Vibora (Bobsleds) is also planed to get a fresh paint job, but will not be closed during weekend operations.
  7. Well, I work at SFoT and I KNOW that I work my best to give people a good day! I don't want there visit to be a bad one by no means. I was a LEAD in the operations department aka rides. I have moved to Guest Services and I hope to get into Guest Relations next season or after that. I want to be a VIP Tour guide at the park so bad and that's why I got into Guest Services. I work in the Toll Booths aka Parking Lot ahah. Yes I'm the one that takes your 17$ to park, don't make the prices . So if you see me say hello! I love SFoT with all my heart and I want to work my best to help guests have a GREAT day at SFoT! My only problem is being in a parking booth all day is hard to help many people out! I hope I can get into Guest Relations and help guests days get turned around the best way they can that way they dont have to rant about how they had a bad time, but rather how an empliyie helped them make it better
  8. All I have to say, as not only as a Team Member at SFoT and a guest is, to the people of SFSL is..... SUCKERS!!
  9. Great Job I love it all sooo far!!! I have a question! How did you get the brick walls to slant / for the exit ramp of THHP? I been trying to do that for a long time with Shy Guys set!
  10. I have resided to quit this park... My RCT3 game keeps crashing on it after about 10mins on this park and I can't seem to fix the problem. I had a great new Sky Screamer to show and my Green Lantern coaster to show but I cant get the park to work to finish it all! I'm sad to let go best park I made yet!! I hope to start another park but I'm bad at making layouts of a park sooo we shall see! If you have any suggestions for what my Next Park should be tell me!!! I need ideas!!!!!!!
  11. The event was a lot of fun!!! Thanks Chad for inviting me! Reverse Blast is well...a BLAST the ride is much better then it used to be. The old one was Great but, this one is one of the best coasters I been on!
  12. I'm in!!! Yours truly Sidewinder operator ahah! I went to the Texas Giant one and got 9 rides in They really don't get back to back its get on ride wait 10mins for people to move around to get dif angles. Then go ride again and do that over and over and may get back to back a few times anyways! It went longer than usual then. Sidewinders programed ride time is 2mins and 30secs.
  13. I'm an Operator at Sidewinder and Chaps at SFoT! I'm a ride attendant at Titan I'm hoping to be an Operator on that very soon!!!!
  14. At SFoT we do visual scans but don't do a silly "shied" thing that just looks soo odd. We look back and forth one time left to right. It is like a final safety check called "Dispatch 180" at coasters we just say "Visual Scan" and look for people in the station or in the Danger Areas of the ride. At flats we count down from 5 and go left to right to ensure no people are in danger in the ride area. It looks strange to a guest but to a ride operator it seems very logical to use. I do think they help us catch things that we might not regularly see. At Titan I have caught things I would have never seen if Visual Scan was not in place. It also helps you pay more attention to the ride and not stare into space. At SFoT our scans are slow and not a fast dash from left to right, but we take our time and get in trouble if you do it to fast. Now at Great Adventure I think they have turned that in to an Extreme thing with the shield thing just looks stupid they need to tone it down and go slower.
  15. ^ Ya I live right by that place. I live off Sublett Road so you can tell how close I was to all this www.facebook.com/sixflagsovertexas Ya.... I saw that... They say no damage but I'm sure we will clean it all up I know there must be some trash cans knocked over and might have trash in them....
  16. ^ yup being in my school was frighting! We had power go out and a tornado was in our Senior parking lot and our roof had pieces everywhere on the ground. We are in a state of disaster! My home is fine here just have my swing blow across the backyard. Had big rumbles around the school and all cell services but texting went off. All of my friends on many cell carriers had no services. I'm going to call Six Flags to make sure things are good there and if I have to go to work on Friday. The roads around here are covered with trees, roofs, and ext. Right now it's all calm but lots of damage! When Chad texted me I knew something bad was happening outside. It sure sounded like it!
  17. I have that same wall map, but I have 07 and 06 years! What a great prize though!
  18. Flashback is most likely being removed very soon if not at the end of the season. The ride is unpopular and the space can be used much better. With getting rid of Flashback! Six Flags would have a lot of room for an expansion in that area of the park.
  19. SFoT's web site has not been updated in a while Flashback is open. And Mr.Freezes trains are the same trains
  20. The looping star ship at SFoT is from SFoG not SFAW FYI.
  21. Mr.Freeze is not going to have O:TSR anyways, one of its trains is behind Batman right now with its regular laps bars in place. If its going to be backwards or not, no idea.
  22. ohhhhh my, That's terrible! I'm beginning to think that these Drop Towers are not very safe anymore.....
  23. Hey everybody! This thread is simple! Rather than having a million little threads about everything that goes on at Six Flags over Texas, this thread is designed to consolidate it all into one user-friendly thread. Feel free to use it to post updates, trip reports, questions, comments, and of course, general discussion. For pictures and videos of the park as well as past updates, see TPR's Park Index Page. Official Park Website Below are some links to past updates from the park, you may be interested in. Enjoy! --Robb __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ February 6, 2012 - Welcome Letter from Park President - SEE BELOW! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Original Post: Welcome from Steve Martindale, President of Six Flags Over Texas
  24. I don't get why Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Texas has not made their HUGE announcement for their new ride. Under the "more news' tab it states "New for 2012, Dive Bomber, a 5-story free fall experience that will leave you breathless!" So why isn't there an announcement or any news about it. The front page of their site doesn't have any info on it ether? Strange... www.sixflags.com/hurricaneHarborTexas/info/news.aspx
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