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  1. I'm going to SFMM in 2012 and was exited about Deja Vu guess that wont happen
  2. Now that Sky Screamer is closed I'm kinda bumbed out to go, but going anyways to ride V2. Came all the way from Texas to get on that....
  3. I'm going on Thursday!!!!! Giant Dipper here I come I LOVE that coaster!
  4. why did they build it like that with the loops looking all messed up?
  5. WOW, this park looks great lots of unique rides and Disney Sea's Tower of Terror has so much detail its amazing. I think they should just like make it an actual hotel how cool would it be to be right next to a ride and stay at the park, now I realize the ride probably wasn't made for a hotel. Great update
  6. Anyone know a good day to go to SFDK during July. I'm going for my 3rd time and I have no idea what lines are like at this time all the other times I went ROAR had a 1h line both times I went was just wondering whens not a "busy' day
  7. I used to go to this park every year from 2007-now but I think I'll me skipping it. The park gets worse and worse every year I go, and something is always closed. Invertigo was my fav ride there but now that it is gone I really don't want to go I'll just go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom instead.
  8. Interested is an understatement, I have always wanted to go to SFOG. It was my dads home park so I would love to ride a coaster he rode (TGASM) when it was new.
  9. Also Mini Mine Train was running Astroworld's old Serpent train
  10. Batman was running really bad I would say worst B&M I have ever been on. I don't know what happened but it was running way better in 2010
  11. My train from the commercial is a still picture (also in the real commercial at 8 seconds) on the six flags web site if you click on the second tab on the left I'm in the 4th row red shirt!
  12. Superman was having problems yesterday, I went on the blue tower and it was very strange it didn't hold at the top for 5 seconds, only 2 seconds. The breaking at the top was not very soft it was was rough.
  13. I'm going tomorrow even thou I have already rode it 9 times for the commercial shoot its just to fun!
  14. I'll be there even thou I was part of the Commercial Film, I'm going to be there with a friend at like 7
  15. When will you get back? I signed up for CLUB TPR and I'm waiting for the info packet ect. I live in Texas when can I expect to get it? I'm exited for the pen
  16. The Black Train did look very dusty when I saw it while going up the lift so was the teal but the black looks like it hasn't been touched
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