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  1. I brought up that idea on there FB page a while back looks like they really do lison to the GP
  2. I felt the same way when i got off of it it was something new, and it was a quiet ride not a lot of noise came from it except the screams.
  3. I was on that train that got trimmed and it did slow it down the coaster and made it a little less fun as the final air times weren't as big. I asked the ride operator why it happened she said "it just depended on how fast it was going"
  4. It was great airtime i have never rode El Toro but this now the best ride at SFOT they did it right and needed this ride to get the thrills back at the park
  5. I also rode the Texas Giant coaster on Thursday to. and it was very smooth and quite you can barley hear the ride at all. It is now my favorite coaster.
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