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  1. Here's the full layout. What do you think? In game, it's only about 120ft tall. It's not too big,
  2. There's also a loop, corkscrew, and another zero-g roll. And thanks!
  3. I haven't posted a screen in a while, so here's a work-in-progress screenshot of my B&M wing coaster...
  4. ^They had it up for sale, I don't know if there were any buyers though.
  5. I've just been listening to Owl City's album, "All Things Bright and Beautiful". I seriously have no trouble falling asleep anymore, I just put my headphones in, play this album, and doze off within 15 minutes.
  6. Windseeker will look amazing in that spot. In my opinion, it's the best place they could've put it.
  7. I have this awful recurring dream. Although what takes place in the dream is usually different, everything in the dream feels like it's in slow-motion, and when someone talks it sounds delayed and it echos for a very long time, even if someone else starts talking.
  8. ^I'm surprised he can spell "Denominator" but not Shockwave!
  9. Posting on this site on a computer? Thank Steve Jobs. (partially anyways) Posting on this site from an iPod Touch? Thank Steve Jobs. Posting on this site from a smart phone? Thank Steve Jobs. Watched a Pixar movie? Thank Steve Jobs. I can say he has affected everyone's life in some way or another.
  10. Would this be the first quote to go into the dumbest thread that was originally posted in the dumbest thread? Yeah, I think Maverick is an amazing coaster. But I guess having an opinion is dumb now.
  11. I love how a coaster brought two people together!
  12. I don't have a link, but I'm watching it on Fox News right now. Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, died today...
  13. I think it would be a great idea to only open the park later in the day. When I went, it actually got a little crowded after 4 or 5 pm...and it was empty before then.
  14. Ad in the signature. Aww man. I was so flattered at first.
  15. I don't think they'll be doing much work on it this season since people still have to get through that area, and when I was there last week there wasn't any progress.
  16. ^Normally, the minimum temperature would be in the lowish 40s... I know this is the case for most coasters at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, but every coaster is different...
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