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  1. That big field looks a bit empty! But Goliath looks really nice, well done!
  2. Very nice start! @Sfgam: Not much to see, but it does look promising!
  3. Well the elongated Hypercoaster trains have the same layout as the usual B&M Hypers, so design-wise I don't see how those would be much different. If someone wanted to make the Edgerider trains, chances are they'd use the same trains as we have been using for the B&M Wingriders, and they'd be restricted by the Giga box track, which doesn't have inversions or 90 degree drops programmed within the game. And to make any of these, we'd need hacks/mods/cheats/trainers. Derek's "Alkonost" is a completely new and unique way to interpret the Wingriders, and is much different in execution and style than mine or coasterfreak's. Most of these Wingrider's I've seen have brought a new idea to the way Wingriders can be built, along with new elements as well. I'd like to see what other ideas people have for these types of coasters, as they're just getting started in real life, as in RCT2.
  4. ^Imagine watching and experiencing the same thing for 45 days. Things that normally wouldn't bother you would definitely start to bother you more as time goes. That's happened to me countless times.
  5. Plus, building a wingrider can be one of the most original and creative things we could do right now, since the concept is new and the possibilities for the layout are basically endless. I definitely wouldn't go out and say building a wingrider is unoriginal, especially considering the great queue interaction that coasterfreak's design has!
  6. Here is a Grizzly-inspired woodie layout. All of the screens I've been posting in the past few months are all from the same park, I just don't have enough for a full thread yet! What do you think?
  7. I hate it when people sit on the top handrail, too. I was with a friend who was sitting up on it, and I told him to stop or else the operator would single him out. He just kept sitting there, and 30 seconds later when he went to get down he slipped and nearly landed on his face. Anytime I'm in a line, it's basically a guarantee that I'll hear the words "If you are currently sitting on the top handrails, please get down" at least three times!
  8. ^Exactly. They have tons of room to expand and really don't have a reason to remove rides like Hurler and Shockwave. Really, the only reason we will see them take out a ride, is because of astronomical maintenance costs. We all know what happened to Hypersonic!
  9. I didn't want some of this work to go to waste, so here's some unseen screens! You can see the Giga Coaster that would've debuted in the park for 2011 to be the last update. Also just an overview of most of everything. This is the Intamin Accelerator that would've opened in 2004. -Braztaz
  10. I'm finally getting paid to put videos on YouTube!
  11. What about his new music do you think makes you not like it? I did notice that I didn't like the songs as much when I first listened to them solo, but they all go great together when you just shuffle the album!
  12. The only impulse I like is Wicked Twister at Cedar Point, because of it's location and the double-spike. Possesed, or whatever it's called, at Dorney Park was no fun at all to me... I think in 2014 we'll be getting a hyper. Kind of a reverse of CW (They got Behemoth, then Leviathan. We get i305, then....?)
  13. It's a unique idea, the rest of the layout just needs a little work!
  14. Let's celebrate Columbus Day by walking into someone's house and telling them we live there now.
  15. ^All you gotta keep thinking is that most of them are just teenagers you could scare any day in real life
  16. Who hasn't? Have you spent more than 20 dollars on a meal at an amusement park?
  17. No. Have you been to a Halloween event this year?
  18. I was planning on filling that gap with an restaurant/eating area. Just haven't gotten to it yet! But thank you!
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