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  1. ^^That's something that's always bugged me as well; like when someone says Griffon is better than Sheikra because it's "taller". Do you really notice that you're five feet higher up than before? Do you really say "Oh wow, this definitely feels like 205 feet!". That little of a difference in height has never mattered to me, either.
  2. ^Exactly. It does dip a bit below ground level. Which could be enough to break the record...
  3. ^I think this just suffered from loss of interest, from both the mods and the players.
  4. You can even ask them to remove the graphic design completely if you really want to. I've done that before at Cedar Point when the design cut off a bit of my friend's face.
  5. This is one of my proudest moments. (On Millennium Force)
  6. ^Announcement dates don't have anything to do with it. It's just that KD has never really been as involved in online marketing as a lot of other parks are.
  7. ^Of course opinions are allowed, it's just annoying that you say the same opinion over and over again.
  8. I have worked Raptor, Wicked Twister, DT, Planet, Giant Wheel, Troika, Space spiral, Turnpike cars, and Calypso. Most of the front of the park basically. It is a really cool job; I never have to use public entrances, I get to walk through low zones (the "danger keep out" signed places), I get to hear the electrical room during a launch on Twister, I get to walk the entire track at DT (we have to do that every night), I get to walk to the top of the lift of any ride I happen to work, I get to push buttons, I get to ride rides whenever I want to, I get to experience them with completely empty trains every morning (it doesn't even matter what ride you work, you can test ride others if you want to), I get to meet a lot of cool people who also know a lot about roller coasters...oh yeah, and I get paid to do it all Everytime I go, I just watch the workers and see how much fun they have. They have those employee appreciation nights where they have a certain ride open for them after the park closes, and of course I couldn't ride it, but I watched them on Blue Streak and saw how enthusiastic and excited they were.
  9. I hope they update Cedar Point's satellite image soon- the one they have now was from before Maverick was even built!
  10. I remember Cedar Point put a picture of the Google Street View biker going through the park on their Facebook, so that should be working soon...
  11. Whoa! That's HUGE. Anaconda was one of my first rides with inversions, so I didn't have much experience with all of the "smoother" rides. I didn't find it rough at all (I just thought it was terrifying) and didn't find it rough until I finally started riding the B&M's (Apollo's Chariot) and Intamins (Volcano), which are, as we all know, all smooth rides.
  12. "Marozi", Holiday Thrill's 1990 Arrow Looper (unfinished)
  13. ^^That sounds awful! I would never wait more than a couple trains for it.
  14. I heard that DarKastle won't be open this year because they wanted to use the time Christmas Town takes up for annual maintenance. I think they had some type of problem with downtime this year.
  15. This season went by so fast! Posting in this thread last off-season doesn't seem too long ago.
  16. ^Agreed, MF and Leviathan are definitely similar. Leviathan could definitely end up being better than MF.
  17. I went last Friday, and Doll Factory is definitely my favorite maze this year, by far.
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